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    Did The British Government Plan The London Bombings?

    Hi all, first post. This is Peter Powers of Visor Consultants at the time. He states they were running drills underground at the same location and time of the three simultaneous explosions that apparently occurred in the London Underground at 08:50am. Next is a panorama UK show shown on May 16th 2004 just over a year before 7/7. Peter Powers is there, talking about 3 explosions on the underground and also a chlorine tanker spill. They discuss how the media will be controlled & informed. Peter Power is second from the left, with glasses on. Also to add Peter Powers on 8th July appeared in the Manchester Evening news stating they (The Drill) were also running fake broadcasts in London at the Same time as the whole incident happened. Makes me think of the whole 9/11 exercises that were running on that day .. & as Peter Power says: "People began to say how realistic our exercise was, not realising there really was an attack"