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  1. Hi, my name is MICHAEL -THIS IS---MY CURE- I found a way to get RID OF THE NANOTECHNOLOGY that THEY* CHOSE to infect me and MANY others with... I QUIT using THE METHAMPHETAMINE THAT THEY* make/sell....... 6 YEARS AGO....I HAVE NEVER MADE OR SOLD ANY METH AT ALL...>>>> NOR HAVE I EVER WANTED OR TRIED TO<<<<, I developed an addiction when THEY*/... "FRIENDS" continually came around offering it (normalizing it)...... 6 years ago, I stopped using it at all, and had a persistant ear ringing that wouldn't go away..... (unless i grounded myself g
  2. HI MY NAME IS MICHAEL THIS IS THE CURE antioxidants kill Fungus/Nano? Start the day with lots of water and antioxidants (I used olive leaf extract, turmeric, and cinnamon pills). Get ramped-up/energized. when you feel the attacks peaking, run bathtub with 3-6 inches of VERY hot water. Put cocoa or cinnamon powder all over and under your tongue. Shakeup dark chocolate (high orac level) half filled container. inhale cocoa dust through mouth and nose 2 or three times. Just seconds before stepping (not laying) into hot water nude– (or the fungus/nano? will enter your clothing) pour or squeez