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  1. In times of recessions, bitcoin rises in price. It became popular in 2008 last time, and it will do the same again.
  2. You are your mind. Sometimes it can be difficult to control it though, check out the other posts. Might help.
  3. bogdan9310

    Spiritual Leaders And Political Leaders

    I agree.
  4. I recommend reading this article:
  5. bogdan9310

    Spiritual Leaders And Political Leaders

    Right, yet so many people follow them.
  6. bogdan9310

    Spiritual Leaders And Political Leaders

    You could also call them cult leaders.
  7. A targeted individual is an ordinary person who is exposed to forms of psychological torture carried out by The Others. These attacks are occurring everywhere around the globe, and it’s being done out in the open: through electronic harassment, gang stalking and constant scrutiny. I became a targeted individual about one year ago, and since then I learned a lot of tricks, then decided to create a website so I can share them with other TIs who might need some help in coping with the harassment.My content is focused on the psychological side of things, not on chip implants and unverifiable knowledge.Homepage: Exposing The Others - Targeted IndividualsSome ideas I talk about are NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), raising awareness about psychological torture, mass-hypnosis, and mind control tricks.Gang stalking is not something you can easily overcome, but I think that, with a bit of training, you can shup em' up. You won't be able to stop them messing with your life, but you can own your mind. Your mind is the most valuable asset you have, don't let them take that away from you. The posts about the mind, are useful to targeted individuals and "normal" people alike.Let me know what do you think about mind control, and what difficulties do you have in controlling your brain.
  8. bogdan9310

    Have the rich and powerful lost their altruistic instincts?

    Does it seem like they care about that at the moment? The world needs more people like you and me.
  9. Looks like a not very well made Photobomb.
  10. bogdan9310

    Have the rich and powerful lost their altruistic instincts?

    Yes, It depends on the person. But generally, once a person gets power, they change. And the amount of stress you are exposed to, changes you too. It's better not to feel once you have that responsibility.
  11. They have been watching since the Sumerian times, they are the Anunnaki.
  12. bogdan9310

    World Banking Conspiracy - Karen Hudes

    Money are not real, banking is the biggest conspiracy of them all.
  13. bogdan9310

    Power Centralization in Japan

    If you are looking at what's happening in Estonia, and the France protests, you will see where the world in heading.
  14. The moon landing is just ridiculous, if it was possible to land, why the Russians never did it?