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    Pearl Harbor Update .. There Were No Japanese Planes

    You know not everything is a conspericy.
  2. I have a 2000 Jeep 4L straight 6 4 ×4. Wouldn't trade it for any other car, truck or other. Looks like heck really needs a paint job but its the guy with the fancy car on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck I feel bad for. So here's my question, and I'm not tring to be a smart rear here, I just really like to learn about people and why they do what they do. Why did you choose to worship a man who turned a god as apposed to a God who was always God? I am assuming you at one point didn't know a lot about Islam so why when you learned this did you choose to follow the teachings? I do want to make clear I am an evangelical christian. I do not attend church. I have a hard time finding one that truly follows God and his word. I love every soul. I don't care what a person is. I care who a person is. There aren't enough nice people in the word to be picky about sexual orientation, race or what the heck ever else man has labeled folkes with. So, I'm not trying to pick a fight I am just interested.
  3. I clicked the link and read it. To tell you the truth it sounds like being a mom. Haha. Seriously, I don't know what to think. I've been around long enough to know "anything can happen, anything can be", to quote Shel Silverstein. I am not sold on much easily. I'm a gen-xer so I don't count on much besides God, myself and my coffee but, l do have to wonder, since all we know is what our mind tells us, than how do we know we are we or I am I. Then how do I count on me? Anywho.... I have a ton of thoughts but I think my first step should be cutting off my arms just above where I got the shots. No really just kidding. I just really need to figure this out and then see where that points me. Thank you for the link. Unnerving to say the very least.
  4. Hello, I'm extremely nervous here so please forgive me. I don't care much for computers and technology but I have come to a point where I need answers and I hope someone out there can answer my questions. I served in the Military just post Gulf War, enlisted July 1991 to be exact. Does anyone know or have reason to believe that we (US Army soldiers) where being microchipped? I remember clearly a sargent at the recruiting office make comment of the military being about 10 years ahead of the general public in any and all technology. He told me this as he loaded a c/d the size of a record into a box that to me at the time looked like a vcr, to watch a video on how wonderful my life would be if i joined. Anyway, several shots with an airgun latter I had a unshakable gut feeling that there was more to those shots than black plague and tetanus. To this day that gut feeling is still in my gut. Most folks say the tech. Wasn't there then but I remember what that sargent said. And, he wouldn't of had to say that for me to know better. Thanks for listen and for maybe answering.