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  1. On my blog I will share my most important research about these topics (in this order as in title). Blog: I want all to read it and share about it with others if you fully agreed with me.
  2. I'm new here, but I'd like to search for other sites like this one. How many forums and sites (when you can leave a comment) about conspiracy theories, that are not political correct, you know and like to read? I would gladly check them out. Here is my blog: It's not fully ready yet, "leave a comment" is hard to find, but I'm working on how to improve that. Suggestions are welcome.
  3. Hi, I just create an account. I've always been a big fan of conspiracy theories and I've learned a lot about them. I create a blog that you guys & gals should check. This forum is like a red pill, and my blog is like a blue pill. I will soon give some info about it, so you can read it, and give me opinions about my articles and some tips how to make it better. Thanks.