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    Ancient links that may prove mars connection

    I just found another picture which adds to this and it's of Baphomet with two children at his feet like the two owls and the two angels. There's definitely a connection here, what do you think?
  2. Hi guys first post, The first picture is of Inanna which is dated 4000 bc and you can see a pedestal of two lions, two owls and she is holding two semicircles, one light and one dark. The second picture is of "our lady of arabia" which is dated around 1949 and in the picture you can see the two owls have been replaced with two angels ant the lions into an actual pedestal. In the picture you can see a young Jesus making a pose which connects to the third picture of Baphomet which dates to the 19th century and in the picture you can see Baphomet make the same pose as Jesus but pointing to two moons like the two semicircles in the first picture. To me there's a blatant connection, but as mars has two moons is this some sort of hand down of information or some sort of hidden meaning behind the connection. Thanks.