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  1. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-06-17/trump-i-think-i-know-who-was-behind-911-attacks Also arrested in the aftermath of the attacks were the so-called five "Dancing Israelis" which locals reported were celebrating around New Jersey. U.S. arrests of Israelis a mysteryMost charged with immigration violations either have been deported or will beBy DOUG SAUNDERS With a report from Associated Press Monday, December 17, 2001 – Print Edition, Page A7 LOS ANGELES -- U.S. officials have arrested, detained and questioned hundreds of people on vague suspicions of ties to terrorism since Sept. 11, but a few dozen cases are especially mysterious: They are Israelis, young and apparently Jewish, working in the United States on temporary visas and have little obvious connection to Islamic extremism.... ===== I do not doubt it. Cutting or snipping the private parts of your children, as appears to be the prevalent practice in modern-day Israel, does not endear them to you or engender their loyalty.
  2. The USPS gave me an alternate address for delivery. Assuming I had rented a post office box, say, P.O. Box 123, Anytown, USA 99999 They allowed me to use [street address of post office], Unit 123, Anytown, USA 99999 Then they will supposedly accept a package via FedEx or UPS or DHL etc. from any shipper, not just Amazon, and hold it for me there. But that's the federal government, and there is the risk of USPIS peeking inside and/or planting stuff in my packages. Come to think about it, DHL is federal government, too. German.
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    I am EON

    Matrix is Latin for womb; specifically, that part of the uterus in which the embyo implants itself. It is a metaphor, of course, Mafia, Omertà, Respect for Mary the mother of Jesus, and the Roman Catholic empire, the Vatican, Rome, Italy. For some reason they are so evil that cannot cut the umbilical cord without circumcising the child & subjecting the mother to Caesarean section, oophorectomy, hysterectomy, and all sorts of other unnecessary slaughter, massacre, and butchery. The old ones spoke of the beast with seven horns which are the seven hills of Rome; and his number is 666. The matrix of the world is punished for its own iniquity, truly, but this is not sufficient to put an end to the world's institutions of evil in their modern form. We call upon a higher power for that.
  4. Some of the old Finns fancied themselves to be Asians and interpreted the stoey of Creation from the Holy Bible in a certain way, with a little too much finesse and emotion. When the Bible says "darkness was upon the face of the deep," they said that that was when the Sun set upon the primordial Sabbath, and God began His work. They said that that darkness was so horrible and so deep that not even God could bear the thought of being alone; And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness… They talked about how God worked night and day without resting until the morning dew had fallen and the Sun was rising on the following Sabbath. God wanted to have a joy-companion in heaven and broke the eternal Sabbath to create one. That's the Yin-Yang. Night and day. A 24-hour clock. The Chinese concept of 24-hour surveillance. There was a German Übermensch who stole or took over that idea in Finland at that time: 1800s, pre-WWI, when the Chinese were still struggling with heroin addiction folllowing the Opium Wars, and certainly some of them had immigrated to Finland. When I talk about some of these preachers who are a little bit off, I'm talking about Almighty Vice Lord Nation, of course. A huge gang problem in the US military & among Protestant churches, I'm told. I have heard that “joy-companion in heaven” business a lot, and it is very crass, not at all heavenly. There's a preacher jacking off at the nightclub, as if God were the Omnipotent locker-room jock. There's an Allahu Akhbar in church.
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    Yin-Yang Creationism

    AVLN is Islam in disguise, with that Sharia theme of something a little bit off or wrong with the preaching throughout Christian churches and Jewish synagogues of all denominations. Even the pope of the Roman Catholic Church is getting the Lord's Prayer a little bit off. https://www.foxnews.com/world/pope-francis-lords-prayer-our-father-change.amp Islamic Law or Islamified Christianity is oh-so-conveniently “the solution” offered by the political left to all the religious rot on the right. Preachers are out in left field actualizing eternal hell and damnation as earthly global warming, especially of the Jehovah's Witnesses and Seventh-Day Adventist sects who patronize “natural” or “organic” food stores. Their political liberalism is a trap, a web of lies that has ensnared all major religions of the world.
  6. Foreign customers sit & chit-chat at all the foreign coffee shops in D.C. patronized by Congress + staff. Le Pain Quotidien Panera Bread Prêt à Manger Au Bon Pain Congressmen listen subconsciously to the talk of their foreign “constituents” at the coffee shop. You got a little coffee bread to dip in your coffee or are you too caffeinated to pass laws? And then you have all the wealthy American ex-patriates in Europe evading taxes. Noun. panera f (plural paneras) breadbasket. Tomó tres hogazas de pan de la panera. He took three loaves of bread from the breadbasket. If it weren't an actual word in Spanish, one might think of Finnish verb «panna» with the Swedish verb suffix «-era» — a fucking Swede trying to say “fuck” in Finnish.
  7. The transgender conspiracy the excessive spirituality & heavy breathing of church-goers This is the greatest obstacle to the transgender. People become too spiritual, which means, literally, that they breathe too heavily, of that sort of spirituality which usually comes out of the bottle, however strenuously they deny it on Sunday. The body is the body. It does not, and cannot have sexual intercourse in any pleasurable manner, and its existence is scarcely tolerable as it is. Others pleasure themselves gratuitously at the misery of the transgender while they read the Holy Bible. The Bible speaks of “the whole body, fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplieth.” Obviously it is not so for the transgender. Something is wrong, but this is a place where doctors amd parents must stand with their knees quaking in mortal fear of the capital and eternal punishment to be imposed on them for every error, mistake, or transgression, no matter how slight or insignificant it may have seemed to them at the time. They must now be made to see the handwriting on the wall, and they must be made to understand those symbols of judgment written on the masonry by that disembodied hand. the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth The truth is not told in those skinhead Aryan white supremacist churches, which demand so much of works six days of the week and service on the seventh day. Too much service causes churches to become cults: they have broken the Sabbath and they worship other gods in their close-shaven skulls and graven images, while they take the name of the Holy One of Israel in vain. actus reus Chromosomes almost always do correspond to a true inner sense of gender identity. Doctors of the white circumcision sometimes give parents a “choice” of whether to bear a male or female child after conception has already occurred. female-to-male in utero This is often done if the father desires a young “male” companion fuckable in the butt, rather than a daughter. A massive dose of bovine testosterone, administered by amniocentesis directly into the fetus’ body, is known to accomplish this on a female fetus. The testosterone causes the labia to close up during fetal development and elongate with the clitoris to form a “penis,” and non-fertile but testosterone-producing testicles to descend into a scrotum: there is less testosterone than the average male and ovaries remain with a female period. male-to-female in utero This is also done deliberately, but less often. There is some sort of testosterone “blocker” but not so much any great dose of particular “female” hormones that will have the desired effect on a male fetus. The outer “vulva” appears normal with labia and clitoris: sit-down to urinate like a female, but the vagina proper (along with the cervix and uterus) is missing, and a male prostate gland remains in its place, which can definitely obstruct urination. The breasts remain rather flat in this “experiment.” It’s another butt-fucker. mens rea of women Most women do not directly desire the transgender per se, and in fact most viciously exclude them from their social circles, but they do take sexual pleasure in cutting hair, grooming, and offering other “services” in such a feminine manner of caring for the sick, elderly, and disabled. of men For men, it seems to be a primitive overriding dominant homosexual desire to fuck butt rather than pussy. Obviously, not all men are “like that,” but the thing is, the sort of men who are attracted to or allowed to enter medical specialties and other areas of arcane knowledge have always tended to be the most vicious buttfuckers. casus belli We prove these things as crimes, and we are horrified and appalled at the evil which has been allowed to go on unredressed for so long. The failure of the civil and criminal courts of the land to address and resolve our complaints of medical malpractice, fraud, and other serious wrongdoing has left us no option but to acquiesce in the necessity of war, and to seek our rectification and justification in victory as the spoils of war, not as a hollow and meek judgment from the parochial courts of justice where traffic tickets and other mundane matters are decided. The charges we bring here are far too heavy to weigh on scales of earthly justice, and they motivate us to total war in the sole and unwavering objective of completely annihilating our enemy in order to totally eradicate that evil from the face of the earth and make way for that slow and painful process of regeneration, reconstruction, and healing from the damages and destruction, which they have so viciously and unjustly wrought, and continue to work, upon us. There shall be no rest, day nor night, for our enemies who broke the Sabbath in eternity.
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    Project Orion, Project Soulcatcher

    CIA spoon benders. The spoon is a metaphor. The spooks project their thoughts into your head & bend your “appetites” to impute something horrible to your sexuality that they might get a D.A. to degrade & humiliate you in court for some kind of false criminal charge or another. The CIA boys party with the Cuban girls and slander men who don't “get it.” MK-ULTRA is the usual drug-alcohol-marijuana-and-sex party. People are doing drugs & they want someone else, always male subject, out of respect for the Virgin Mary, to take the fall for it. Omertà, the Thieves' Code, etc.
  9. What about all the contractors hired to ship Amazon's stuff? Have you ever heard of TNT Bulk Mailing Services? 360 E International Airport Road, Suite 6, Anchorage, AK 99518, +1(907)-562-6901 Yelp, Yellow Pages, social media, even an actual brick-and-mortar storefront downtown, but no business website. People do drugs, need their fix, whatever, and they get funny business ideas. Controlled substances, explosives? It's a bad neighborhood, I can tell you that.
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    The supernatural realm in Finnish

    I had to correct the table above. My memory is vague, recalling the speech patterns of the old ones from when I was a child, as a tape recorder, although I did not understand the words and grammar at that time, and those who now ought to know better do not tell the truth. It is: he eivät olleet puhuneet = they had not spoken and he ei olleet puhuva = they were not [supposed] to speak This seems correct, as I have heard it before, but it sounds rather rude to me to say, he ei ollut puhuva as I put it initially on the table, although this form is probably as acceptable as the other anymore these days.
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    The supernatural realm in Finnish

    the progressive tenses in Finnish Finnish has progressive tenses, much as English does, but there are some differences. The progressive is limited to the present and imperfect, as it does not indicate a completed action. It is somewhat archaic and informal, poetic, perhaps, and it is a mistake to try to be too proper or correct with it: the conjugation is singular only and never pluralized. For the verb puhua, to speak: Liittopreesens minä olen puhuva // en ole puhuva sinä olet puhuva // et ole puhuva hän on puhuva // ei ole puhuva me olemme puhuva // emme ole puhuva te olette puhuva // ette ole puhuva he on puhuva // ei ole puhuva on puhuttava // ei ole puhuttava Liittoimperfekti minä olin puhuva // en ollut puhuva sinä olit puhuva // et ollut puhuva hän on puhuva // ei ollut puhuva me olimme puhuva // emme olleet puhuva te olitte puhuva // ette olleet puhuva he oli puhuva // ei olleet puhuva oli puhuttava // ei ollut puhuttava The third person plural conjugation is rather rudely dropped to singular, which some people object to, but the «-vat» or «-vät» ending is much too formal, and more than redundant and unnecessary for the progessive tenses. The meaning is not exactly the same as that of the progressive tenses in English, that something is happening, but more that something is supposed to happen or expected to happen or about to happen. Laki on sitova. == The law is binding. Not that one is already being arrested or placed in handcuffs, but that one can fully expect to be if one is doing anything wrong. Pojat on alkava käymään koulussa. == The boys are supposed to start going to school. Not that they aren’t playing hooky or being held back by their mothers for some cause or another. On satava tänään. == It’s raining today. In the sense that one might have just checked the weather forecast and expect it to rain; not a comment on present continually pouring rain. Ei ollut satava tänään. == It wasn’t raining today. That is, not according to the forecast; but now it’s pouring. the potential mood Koira puree. == The dog bites. Koira purree. == The dog might bite. Minä puhunen. == On a peur que je ne parle… Minä en puhune. == On a peur que je ne parle pas… Might or might not. A fine distinction, actually little more than a mark of hesitation or fear in the conjugation of the verb.
  12. A lot of it is Jew on Jew. They say Adolf Hitler was part Jewish. The synagogue is a cult. Too much religious fervor develops, and some people are left out and shunned by an exclusive close-knit community in which they grew up and socialized. It's like a gang, but worse. They don't let an outcaste leave, and they don't let him/her stay in the cult either. Stoning to death, not literally, but no exaggeration. One social snub or slight after another from the established Jewish community. https://www.schneier.com/blog/archives/2019/05/germany_talking.html Remove the headgear. Encryption is banned, too. Jews are supposed to be slaves & serve an established Rabbi.
  13. The Televangelism Conspiracy Remember Billy Graham? He was before my time, very popular in the so-called Bible Belt area of the United States, that is, throughout the mid to deep Southeast, including Alabama and Georgia, but not so far as certain of the more “wicked” and “sinful” cities and places of Louisiana and Florida. I was not brought up in the Southeast or in a household that watched television. There were certain main points that never made it across to a receptive audience before the entire movement fell to the same old vicious cult of sex, drugs, alcohol, and lies. “The Lord magnifies His people” This is from the very last verse of the last chapter of the Wisdom of Solomon in the Apocrypha, where it is written how the children of Israel escaped the bondage of Egypt and the circumcision of Pharaoh's cruel and vindictive midwives. When it is said that the Lord magnifies his people, it is meant that they are no more a little people, but a great people: the Lord has magnified them, or made them bigger. Isaiah explains that the barren and destitute woman may enlarge the borders of her tent, that her children would no more be cut off or cut down or cut about every which way. The conflict of belief and practice People believed what was preached on television, and they still do, inasmuch as the teachings themselves were morally right and correct, but they did not experience the realization of the beliefs that were preached, and the practice of those beliefs never came to fruition. People were left helpless, so to speak, with the television remote in their hands, when they were allowed to see a glimpse of an abstract truth and joy, but they were not moved or inspired to move off the couch to seek or obtain for themselves that which is true or authentic in this life. Some of the older ones who lived through that era explained that those people were satisfied with little believing. They saw an explanation of truth and love and joy on television, but they had no need of the Lord to “magnify” them beyond the comfort of the very couch on which they sat in front of the television. Who is the Lord? In a primal, physical sense, a lord is male and intact; his female counterpart is a lady. The Lord of hosts is the Lord of lords, not the Lord of serfs and tillers of the ground such as the murderer Cain, who was of that wicked one and slew his brother Abel. God is the God of gods, not the God of household idols, menservants or womenservants. “Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil…” “I have said, ye are gods, and all of you are children of the most high…” Should the Lord of Lords and God of Gods require in His holy and just and perfect Law the desecration, mayhem and mutilation of that which He has already created, formed and perfected from His implanted seed in the tender virgin womb in His own image? No. Absolutely not. Almighty Vice Lord Nation People fell in a religious trance when Billy Graham was on television, or else they left their homes to attend church, and were burglarized by thieves from the very religious networks in which they at one time fervently believed. A nearby “sin city” with the casinos and the girls, and a ready-made “confession” at church were all part of it, for the men. the religion Some people are uncircumcised, and they ask the Jews for salvation, but if they're not circumcised, then what do they want from the Jews? It is not the Jews who circumcise themselves, but the world that imposes such a hideous evil on them. When people say that they are not circumcised or do not practice circumcision, they are not telling the truth, because if they are not circumcised in the flesh of the foreskin, then they are cut up in the heart or elsewhere — oh yes, surely they have both eyes with perfect 20/20 vision and all 32 teeth with no cavities — but no, the enemy was a liar from the beginning, and those people are not so righteous. Or if one were to ask the Christians how to be saved without the crucifixion, we are similarly at a loss for words. If we are not crucified unto the world, and we bear no sign of the cross, then how can we be saved? the drug problem This is the law part. Drug Enforcement Agency among others in the United States. It is a serious problem, a catch-22, where the NA/AA paradigm fails. If you have a drug problem, then you cannot work for the federal government in any capacity, let alone DEA. If you don’t have a drug problem, then “you’re golden.” The cards are dealt thus. The “ace of clubs” has no drug problem, gets along well with people at the club, the coffee shop, restaurants, etc., and suffers none of the social ills of drug use. The “deuce of clubs” is the arch-nemesis, always in trouble with the law on some trumped-up charge, can’t even have a glass of water or a cup of coffee anywhere and stay clean and sober.
  14. https://www.cnn.com/travel/amp/hidden-spy-cam-airbnb-scli-intl/index.html Should we be searching for hidden spy cameras in Airbnbs and hotels? — Bard Wilkinson, Marnie Hunter and Barry Neild, CNN • Updated 6th April 2019 https://www.washingtonpost.com/amphtml/world/2019/03/20/spy-cameras-secretly-live-streamed-hotel-guests-subscribers-then-police-caught/ Spy cameras secretly live-streamed 1,600 hotel guests for subscribers. Then police caught on. —Deanna Paul. March 20, 2019 at 9:44 AM https://www.kgw.com/amp/article?section=news&subsection=local&headline=clever-ways-creeps-hide-spy-cameras-from-water-bottles-to-usb-chargers&contentId=283-fcc7f1eb-541d-4510-b439-5d3865002be2 CLEVER WAYS CREEPS HIDE SPY CAMERAS, FROM WATER BOTTLES TO USB CHARGERS: Do you think you can spot a hidden camera? It's harder than you think. Lindsay Nadrich 02/07/19 It's a deep problem, and bodycammed city hall cops are not helping. They are not clean & sober on the force, and they've got their private parts worked up just like that hot couple in bed. It's a plant-and-bust “child pornography” regime where only professional “stock” photos are permitted online, private photography is prohibited, and public photographs by professionals are strictly controlled by copyright law. The ladies of the street poke out our eyeballs, while the gentlemen jack off to pornographic photos of us. Leave my camera and my photos alone, and keep your camera out of my house. The thieves in law want some sort of “compromise” or “middle ground” with more and more hideously complex government regulation of photography in general, but they refuse to address the basic problem of arbitrary searches and seizures that are taking place wholesale without a warrant and without the due process of law.
  15. They did not intend for me to get away alive, and they certainly did not want this information to become public… The Democrat Drug Deal in America Alaska, like many other states, is overrun with drug-&-sex tourists in the summer. I scarcely bother to mention alcohol, because most people can drink enough of it at home wherever they live and are well aware of its effects when they go to work. There's a milk operation at all the grocery stores & gas stations. The milk is adulterated with methamphetamine, as are the paper cups used by Starbucks and “independent” little coffee shops everywhere, especially during the summer, when methamphatamine is highly popular in conjunction with the long daylight hours. There is a bakery operation at the same mainstream or upscale grocery and convenience stores everywhere. Baked and deep-fried sweet goods are adulterated with marijuana, CBD, and/or opiates in the cooking oil. There is a fruit operation as well. Fresh fruit at the produce department is adulterated with some rotgut alcohol liquor injected by common insulin needles. There is a meat operation, too. Meat is injected before or after slaughter with growth and/or sex hormones and other unknown adulterants. Guns are banned, and hunting and fishing are all but prohibited except for the privileged few wealthy tourists and their professional guides. The Satanist Cult of the Dead Cow along with Beto O'Rourke in Congress, Warren Buffett, Michael Bloomberg, Wells Fargo, local credit unions, and the whole Democratic Party are responsible for this deal with the devil. City cops in solid Democrat blue enforce the deal with a gun and a badge, and Democrat prosecutors, Democrat public defenders, and Democrat judges all work together to put away anyone who rats out a Democrat drug deal. SERVED The Democrat cops have to be served, and after they've been SERVED, they must be PUNISHEDfor dealing drugs in uniform blue. We are at war to resist their hostile occupation, and we cannot afford them the due process and civil rights that they denied us in their drug-addled court system.
  16. The word “Federal,” whether it's the Reserve or the Bureau of Investigation, is part and parcel of it. https://www.policeone.com/investigations/articles/483476006-Chicago-mayor-elect-wants-re-examination-of-code-of-silence-case/ Beat cops are enforcing the Mafia's Code of Omertà in Chicago. https://www.foxbusiness.com/media/chicago-polices-vote-no-confidence-in-citys-top-prosecutor.amp City Hall's extortion racket is fully backed by the Feds. https://insider.foxnews.com/amp/article/65621 The Fraternal Order of Police in Chicago on Monday is planning to protest outside Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx's office over her handling of the Jussie Smollett case. We cannot allow this to take place. For every violation of the due process of law, no matter how minor or insignificant, we the people need a dead cop to show for it. The Fraternal Order of Police, and every police union and guild throughout the nation, is in rebellion and insurrection against the United States of America. Such conditions of involuntary servitude and slavery have not existed since before the Civil War, and nothing short of a second Civil War can serve to exact the reparations that are due from City Hall's mob bosses and police chiefs. Police and other law enforcement officers need to learn of a certain bright red line. Thus far shalt thou come and no further. We the people have guns, and we will shoot and kill with total impunity when you cross that bright red line, namely, to take our lives, liberty, and property without the due process of law. We cannot express ouselves any more honestly and clearly than it has already been laid out in the Constitution. We can no longer tolerate the lies and deception of government and law enforcement officers. The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. So says Jesus in the Gospel according to John. We are not Jesus. We cannot restore life to dead cops. They died in the deadness of the letter of the law, and they earned their reward under the law. Theirs is not the reward of righteousness and eternal life, but of the damnation and eternal destruction of their souls.
  17. the mainstream media’s Jew problem The mainstream “media” have a Jewish problem. “Media” are witches, if one is willing to be precise. They “frame” white nationalism and gun rights on the so-called far right while they assert their liberalism, gun-banning protectionism of Jews, and safety and security for all at the cost of our freedoms, rights, and individualism. Any talk of Jews or Judaism outside the narrow way it is framed by the mainstream media is stridently and harshly rebuked and silenced as anti-Semitism. the Jewish religion The Jewish religion is that of the Holy Bible. Not just the Old Testament, but Jesus was a Jew, and so was Paul who wrote many of the epistles of the New Testament. the white nationalist religion The white nationalist religion is, technically, Wicca, the religion white people had before they were proselytized and converted to Christianity. Odin and Thor, etc., Väinämöinen and Ilmarinenfor the Finns. There is evil, and a certain unspecified rivalry or opposition to that evil, but it is not immediately apparent that good arises from that conflict, as two wrongs do not make a right. These religions are characterized by certain general beliefs, or superstitions, as they are sometimes called, not to invalidate them. One such belief is that burning the body sends the soul into hell. It should not even be necessary to clarify any further, but no, not the soul whose body is burned, but the soul that burns the body. Both the German // Polish Holocaust of the 1930s and cremation as a funeral practice are absolutely forbidden under such religions, and in both cases it is the perpetrators, not the victims, who are condemned. societies, non-profits & putrefaction of law The Anti-Defamation League is very secretive, and not entirely trustworthy as a formal organization. It is too close to AIPAC, NRA, JPFOetc., who eork together behind the scenes and very subtly spread a certain conception of gun rights in principle only, as rights that never come into effect because they are never deemed to have been sufficiently incorporatedinto case law with respect to every conceivable technicality that could possibly be raised at the level of the Supreme Court of the United States. Jews In Name Only (JINO) Republicans In Name Only (RINO) The lower courts have cleverly refused to consider gun rights in a sufficiently broad interpretation, that is, in a liberal construction,having confused the construction of rights with the denial of them under a pre-conceived and prejudiced political liberalism. This denial is cleverly engineered to place a seemingly unbearable load on the higher courts by the refusal of the lower courts to consider matters of restoration of gun rights. Judges all read the text of the Second Amendment, but they refuse to interpret or apply it or rule on it in a plain reading as the supreme law of the land, choosing instead to apply “the letter of the law” of the Gun Control Act of 1968, even though it was passed in direct defiance of the Constitution without the due process of ratification by the respective States, which would be necessary to properly repeal the Second Amendment. the limited intelligence of cops It is said that applicants who score too high on an intelligence test are not hired on the police force. There are “too many” reasons for this, connected with Ashkenazi Jewish perceptions or stereotypes of intelligence. Intelligence Quotient = Developmental Age ÷ Chronological Age Childhood IQ: used either to characterize a male defendant as a monster or to exonerate a female defendant. μ=100, σ=15, standardized bell curve, Marilyn vos Savant, etc., applied to adults regardless of age. Cops want to avoid the public perception of “intelligence” in the sense of unwarranted surveillance. Cops don’t want to appear to “outsmart” a jury of 12 with an average IQ of 100. Cops in solid blue uniforms want to cultivate the sympathies of a typical blue-collar jury of randomly selected registered Democratic Party voters. Cops see it as their job to impose an intelligence cap on the population at large by “picking up” individuals who either have an “attitude” or are “too smart for their own good.” Cops cultivate a general “mental health warrant” to pick up anyone for anything unusual or out of the ordinary that might be characterized as “abnormal” by authorities. Einstein was Jewish and had too much hair on his head, and the cops don’t want anyone getting that smart. Cops cut hair at law. It’s a barbershop and a half in solid Democrat blue. possession of stolen property Considered a crime even if one has acquired the property lawfully and exercised due diligence to avoid complicity in any theft. Even David in the Holy Bible laments that he was required to pay restitution for what he did not steal, even in wartime necessity and privation.
  18. State Farm = state-owned farm = communism // communal slavery // migrant labor. Progressive = socialism = a “collective responsibility” haircut for young men + the communist red line on drugs & alcohol. GEICO = government employees. Prudential = not just financial prudence, but a general sense of old ladies’ prudery or prudishness. The big companies really “put people in their place” as drivers, and they do not hesitate to avail themselves of various off-the-books methods to slur an “unsafe” person’s reputation beyond repair to further insulate themselves from civil liability. Established folks got extra insurance and shit, guns are banned, and there’s no work once the agents and claims reps start pushing papers across their desk.
  19. F-22

    Political insurance

    Lloyd's of London is just as bad and does operate in the United States. There is something of the overentitled, overly solicitous gentleman to that name. https://www.insurancejournal.com/news/east/2019/05/13/526157.htm https://www.insurancejournal.com/news/east/2019/05/13/526160.htm ancient philosophy The ancients had an insurance industry, and they knew of its pernicious, insidious, and endemic corruption. It is precisely this “yearning to secure the good” on the part of the modern insurance industry that leads to their liberal gun-banning politics, but the law of God rules with a rod of iron, that is, a hollow rod of iron capable of discharging a projectile and stoning an opponent to death. The ancients understood very well why gun control is so wicked and evil. The problem is that it is the evildoers who need to be secured or locked up, not the good.
  20. I have got to agree somewhat with that. Mossad has gone left, just like the United States CIA with the Deep State. Hamas, then, is a strawman creation of Mossad to justify the foreign spying, the oppression of Palestinians, and the imposition of a total police state within Israel itself.
  21. https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2019/05/08/tech/instagram-vaccine-misinformation/index.html “Instagram still doesn't have vaccine misinformation under control”
  22. F-22

    Month of Return to Allah

    The ancient Jewish astronomers built fires and sent smoke signals from mountaintop to mountaintop to signal the sighting of the new moon, so that it would supposedly occur on the same evening throughout the entire evening. But some people built false fires for the new moon one or two nights before its lawful sighting to confound the astrologers. How inhospitable, rude, and hypocritical! The poor have already fasted eight moons by the time of Ramadan, and nothing is left for the sustenance of their souls until the tenth month, let alone the eleventh and twelfth.
  23. And now Attorney General William Barr is being forced to resign from the federal prosecutors’ office, apparently for not toeing the Democratic Party communist-socialist line, which is absolutely mandatory for the one-party system of government to which the United States have devolved since the presumed death and dissolution of the political right. There is a resistance, of course, but it appears to have gone deep underground. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/biden-barr-resign-praised-previously.amp Democratic Party transgender hate We (transgender) lack the proper organs to procreate, and we cannot obtain proper medical care under any circumstances, least of all Genital Reconstructive Surgery from the same doctors who senselessly mutilate newborns in the genital organs by the routine practice of circumcision. The Democratic Party’s only interest in us is to sell us out as sex for money at the LGBT rainbow hair dye and marijuana party. We hate parties. We hate being drugged and forced to endure unwanted anal or oral sex against our will. The Democratic Party only laughs at us and makes light of our “situation” or “predicament” as the case may be. They are always making plans on our behalf, but their plans for us do not include any options for our livelihood or independence, or even mere survival for that matter. We have been maliciously “served” time and time again by “the girls” in court with false accusations of harassment, criminal trespass, danger or threat to self or others, and various other unfounded restraining orders, no-contact orders, and protective orders of a vague sexually suggestive nature. Guns are banned for us if for no other reason than that being transgender is always considered prima facie to be a mental illness if not in so many words as to be admitted thus openly in court. We have no legal protection against rape and sexual assault whatsoever, because that is deemed the exclusive right of documented birth-gender-only girls and women. We feel, along with others who are similarly persecuted, that we have patiently exhausted all equitable, civil, and non-lethal remedies at law to save our own lives. We are not willing to lay down our lives in submission to the murderous hate of a Democratic Party communist-socialist regime, but we are willing to take to arms, inasmuch as we are able, to fight these foreign and domestic enemies who have deprived us of our natural rights, and to put down their insurrection. Nonetheless, the Democratic Party government Wicca cult continues to obsess supernaturally over birth; documentation; travel; destiny; and sex; bringing in court a brutal and vicious five-point Pagan denial of transgender rights. We do not take the steps of our opposition lightly as we tread forth before the judgment-seat of a foreign religion, and however unnatural we may feel it is to be compelled to war against our own country-men and women over these matters, we do feel it is unquestionably natural for us to retain the rights and means of waging war on our mortal enemies within and without in the assurance of our own survival and proper care for our own bodies.
  24. F-22

    Offshoots of Wicca or Paganism

    Men over 40: The OALC cannot seem to rid itself of that pernicious and insidious mysticism of men over 40, no matter what. The dictums and dogma of church doctrine are stated as such only for men, and in practice applied only to young men, who are strictly forbidden from dating. Meanwhile the girls and young women are kept under a Code of Omertà or silence and obedience to older men, to whom they are compelled to cater in order to retain the favors and blessings of the church. One might as well mourn the “lost boys,” circumcised and rejected, as by the time the girls reach the age of majority, they are far too much the professional players at romantic relationships, who in their companionship with other women and older men have completely shut out their male peers as a socially excluded group. In effect, girls reach adulthood by church law at 14–15 while boys must wait until 40–45. The younger men are kept as slaves while the younger women are married off to husbands old enough to be their fathers. That is the vicious brotherhood of the Establishment, of which we shall not leave one stone atop another, when we come to destroy: for the abominable evil of that “church” must be destroyed and set at nought to make way for that which is just and right and honorable before God. We do not deny our faith, but we condemn the false faith of those false teachers and preachers of heresy and false doctrine.