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  1. Oh the Irony, the bill they tried to push through was SOPA and later PIPA which Aaron Swartz himself helped spearhead against. The gov hated him enough for that to charge him with felonies so that he was facing 50 years in prison for violating a harvard website terms of service agreement, for which Harvard didn't even want to press charges. To put that in perspective - Had Aaron raped a young child he'd face 20 years max, he has no criminal record. Had he helped Al-Qaida make a nuclear weapon he'd have faced 20 years max. But breaking TOS on a website when nobody got hurt and the site does
  2. Obama is a liar Or at least he will be if he succeeds in pressing through his current agenda. Also, the recent school shooting leaving 20 kids dead was a tragedy carried out by a criminal with a diseased mind but Connecticut is already the 4th hardest state in which to get a gun of the type that was used, and that kid would not qualify for that gun in ANY state, so that's just the excuse to further the agenda of disarming America.
  3. Lol, dude, if you think your wife might be an alien you'd best get ready for a straight jacket. While it's possible that you notice changes in behavior the rational thing to do is to talk to her about it and ask for professional advice. Going around saying you think she might be an alien won't help anyone, lol.
  4. Some facts that a lot of people don't know about Hitler and the world war, these aren't popular to talk about in the U.S. - The United States refused to allow germany to regain self sufficience after the great War, Germans were kept on their knees. - Germany responded to this by becoming self sufficient, out of neccesity, and with the help of leaders who were seen as non forgiving - Adolph inherited much of the situation he was presented with and at first Jews weren't disrespected at all. - Jewish interest began to take center stage when they started to side with the U.S. and democracy - Ger
  5. I guarantee that we won't fix the 16 trillion dollar debt because we ignore spending limits and keep raising the debt limit and it's already over 100% of all tax revenue the U.S. takes in so even if ALL of your taxes went to the debt, along with everyone else's, the debt would still grow. We can't knock out the balance, let alone take care of the interest, so the U.S. requires higher taxes and more people just to maintain... and they aren't even doing that. When the system crumbles it will be catastrophic, forget recession it will be full on depression.
  6. Fake, right at the end there is a zig that is unlike the others, one that is more like a mouse jerk than a possible flight path. Remember, there is no air on the moon and so to change course you must slow down first or thrust sideways which will result in an arcing turn. The last zigs were mouse movement, imo.
  7. True story: Back in the 50s and 60's the U.S. government released radioactive toxic clouds over small towns at night just to test the effects on the people and to track the fallout over the rest of the U.S. It's very common for mass scale and unhealthy tests like this to be run, how do you think they figured out how to alter people's mood with signals from a distance? They can do it, they have done it so why wouldn't they do it again? and again?
  8. I think it's creepy but coincidence. I think it's possible that the movie props guy knew about the school or possibly even went to it but in no way does the movie tie in to what happened at Sandy Hook. The shooter was a raving lunatic but he's not likely to have noticed that in the movie. If he did he hasn't written about it. If there is more to the story it has a free mason or Knights Templar feel to it.
  9. The United States comtinually laments the Chinese government for being controlling and yet here they go deleting posts right and left and employing an army of people to do nothing but find threads like this one and spin them. Disgusting! Google refused to take down the video, I'm glad they stood up for freedom of speach though I'm sure someone will get fired as a result.
  10. All mirrors listed in the video are also offline. Look, people, every page like this one is being monitored on a global scale and anyone posting on them is added to a list of interest. Government is tasked with controlling the people and control them they will. As I told neo the only way to secure our future is to show government that tolerance, peace and understanding do work, otherwise what are we fighting for? Anonymous has a different agenda, to show up the government, and that's a fight that can't end well. WAR DOES NOT DECIDE WHO IS RIGHT, IT DECIDES WHO IS LEFT.
  11. Google stops reporting clicks around the 300 visitor mark to perform an evaluation of the type of traffic received. They do that so that they can decide how/where to rank the video. When they've evaluated the video, and run it through their voice to text and image facial recognition apis they re-activate the video counter and allow it to rank as it should. Videos like this one which contain potentially illegal content will not be ranked and/or will be deemed adult in nature. This video won't last long, regardless. As for my take on the video.... - The gov has already admited a war on ter
  12. This is actually 10+ year old technology, some say it's been in military use for 30 years. You can buy a camera today that recognize faces and adjusts pictures accordingly. What's REALLY creepy is that these cameras can also connect to the internet, supposedly to look for software updates or to email your pics, but that they can also upload copies of images to places that might get harvested by the gov. Even your own pictures in your camera may no longer be private, you don't even need to share them anymore.
  13. I saw that report, a guy put a bunch of different mcdonals foods into glass jars and the fries just wouldn't go bad. They got a little dry but were still bacteria free two months later. The filet-o-fish wasn't looking so hot though. Did you know it takes the human body an entire day longer to reach liquification stages than it did just 40 years ago because of the chemicals we put in food? There's a reason Obama increased the number of chemicals that don't have to appear on food labels from 12 to 30 a couple of years ago! EVERYTHING should be on the food labels or what's the point, ya know?
  14. Your right NEO but why would government want to allow or encourage that? If people were free to leave society here then it would cause problems if it happened in mass. Not only that but being in contact with even just one other planet, if/when people live on two, opens up a whole new can of worms. - Interplanetary war, you know it would happen. - Capitalism dictates that one planet would become rich, the other poor, it wasn't built with multiple planets in mind. - Resource prices would change drastically, each planet would have needs and greed would cause wars. - I won't even get into religi
  15. Hey, if there is a site out there that aggregates a lot of real user data then you can bet the feds want and have access. There was a law passed under Obama that states that internet service providers must make individual browsing habits accessible to authorities and so I don't see why Facebook would not be second on that list, after Google. Google has already admited having ties with the department of national defense and homeland security I think.
  16. Everyone is a suspect in our governments eyes otherwise there would not need to be 30,000 drones in the skies. Living in a surveillance society empowers those in control so it's not surprising that it's happening. I guess they forgot that giving up a measure of freedon in order to gain a measure of security means you deserve neither freedom nor security. Benjamin Franklin made that quote, smart man. I guess today's leaders fancy themselves smarter?
  17. I'm not an an age where I can expect problems so it feels like I'm being forced to spend more than I would otherwise. What really burns my chaps is that this is coming about because of goverment incompetence and over-spending. Just this week Obama decided to ignore the debt ceiling and instead he went right past it and issued an order making it impossible to question that in court.
  18. It's their right to believe what they want too, it's nobody's place to say they can't. We all live for a relative short amount of time before we die, and die we all will, so some choose to enjoy it how they see fit. I don't condone violence at all but many are not violent, they just don't care about following rules set out by others and so will never believe in other religions.
  19. Morpheus, if people were dying from it the vaccine would be useless against it. The reason for that is that the CDC collects flu viruses 9 months earlier than flu season so that they can make enough vaccinations. Obviously people weren't dying 9 months earlier and so the vaccine would not protect you from the deadly strain, it wasn't a problem then.
  20. It's governments job to handle threats and part of that involves not creating mass panic and confusion so it's highly unlikely they would tell the public you are about to die. Since there is nothing you can do about it anyway, if it ever happens, why panic for days needlessly? I also highly doubt they'd be able to keep it a secret. They are human and humans talk to people while others eavesdrop, it would spread like wildfire.
  21. I knew this thread would bring out a hardline pro-god response. Lucy, to which God are you referring? Your tone leads me to believe you are Islamic. If I'm right, can I ask you why Islam has no tolerance for other people's beliefs? "even if you don't believe" is a strong statement to make.
  22. You weren't wrong. People have survived for thousands of year without the drugs that have just been developed in the past few years. Nature wins, people tend to make things worse!
  23. I'm more concerned about Obama's order last year in which he said he will allow private companies to have drones in U.S. skies. They estimate that by 2020 we'll have over 30,000 in U.S. skies alone. Take away our guns and make us live in a surveillance society? That's not freedom.
  24. I think we're in trouble anyway. Too many greedy people wanting too much control and power and resources is destroying our life support system, earth.
  25. Actually that's what Muslims believe, not Christians or Catholics or Jews. It's an Islamic thing not to have tolerance for other religions and not to tolerate those who don't believe in Alah. I'm not racist but I watch the news. radical muslims took pickaxes to a Bhudist temple recently while saying that anything not for Alah must be against him and that is not allowed. Tolerance, it's a virtue.