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    bigbigfan got a reaction from MisterMassive1 in Anonymous hack the United States Sentencing Commission website!   
    The United States comtinually laments the Chinese government for being controlling and yet here they go deleting posts right and left and employing an army of people to do nothing but find threads like this one and spin them.
    Google refused to take down the video, I'm glad they stood up for freedom of speach though I'm sure someone will get fired as a result.
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    bigbigfan got a reaction from warmweatherwoman in Paganism/Wicca/Satanism... the "scary" religions   
    Ah well then, I'm screwed. I want no part in religion and I pass no judgment on those who do want to believe but that apparently doesn't stop them from wanting me gone. I wonder what makes me such a threat, the fact that I am a free thinker?
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    bigbigfan got a reaction from Dante848 in What is your Religious Standpoint?   
    The other thing Google will tell you, Dante, is that religion has been the cause of more deaths, torture and suffering than any other cause on the planet, bar none. Wars have been waged solely based on religion and today many wars are raging where one side is fighting for their religious beliefs while the other wants natural resources and oil. Religion is evil when used to control others.
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    bigbigfan got a reaction from Neo in Bundesbank to pull gold from New York and Paris in watershed moment   
    Hah, I love that your avatar is of Capone with that poiint of view definitionlife. Still, it's your right not to trust the beaurocracy and your worries are unfortunately documented as being very real and a recurring event.
    It's a good move for Germany, there is no really good reason to be storing your gold in the United States in 2013 if you have your own military. I think the United States has lost all credibility as being the world's top country by flying drones wherever they want and killing people without a hearing or trial.
    Obama will shortly boost the credit limit as a means of controlling the debt and any 6 year old can tell you that's not a way to get things under control, in fact it will lead to things being completely out of control. It will also mean we won't have a recession when the entire plan crumbles, we'll have a depression the likes of which the world has rarely seen. It NEEDS to happen at this point but is just being delayed. It's guaranteed under current leadership, imo.
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    bigbigfan got a reaction from Neo in Here's how you are being profoundly manipulated by political parlor tricks and media sleight of hand   
    Are your sheeple getting fat? Make food more expensive so that they lose weight or give you more money.
    Are your medical suggestions to get a flu shot being ignored? Put out some scary infomercials and fear monger.
    Are you having a hard time tracking certain individuals online? Make it mandatory for all ISPs to give the feds a back door.
    Oh the things that are happening all around us...  I am reminded of a saying: "He who gives up freedom for a measure of security deserves neither freedom nor security".