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  1. Come on, I'm saying hook a telescope to a camera and show us what you get whether you get anything or not. If you're watching they will crawl back into their cracks. I'm looking at some Dobsonain scopes myself. I am wondering how more effective it would be with a 50 meg camera hooked to it. I have to put it on hold a bit now. First hospital did nothing and second tried but I will now have to ween myself off this medicine that is not working out. So the rest of my fall is shot.
  2. Come on people, this is a pay to play country and this did not start and end with HRC. Those that pay are just as guilty as those that monetary gain through corruption. It is everywhere spread by the government. There is a lot to say about this, let's get a discussion going. How much do the banksters pay?
  3. Another company with suicidal actions taken, Dicks. Out door clothing bashing gun owners was not a good idea. Thinking these people will come back to do business did not happen.
  4. Yes let's mention eyes. Have you noticed that some of these new LED lights produce a visible field? I have not noticed this from traffic but, area lighting. If you look at them for a full minute a sparkling mess appears. If it is very humid the energy field is much larger. I saw one cover two parking lots. I don't know about coffee problems and have to rely on people that drink it. I do know that drugs are contaminating our paper money. The report of opiates can be found easily. If fentanyl that can kill by touch alone builds up on our cash we can wind up with a very big problem.
  5. You may be aware of LED grow lights. Might know the blue lights in homes everywhere are suspected of damaging eyes. There is no reason that they cannot produce full spectrum lighting with LEDs. Matter of fact they can produce a sun bulb with a little effort. Be aware that sunlight bulbs have been produced for years in fluorescent lighting. They know and can synthesize the light from the sun when the atmosphere was healthy and the suns output was optimal for life to flourish and this planet. They have all this data and there is no excuse not to use it.
  6. The deep state and shadow government get everything out of an action they can. Listing the lucrative that cost 3000 lives and the suffering of many. Missing 2.3 trillion dollars War with several countries Air travel company stocks insurance fraud Poppy fields illegal stock trading Huge bank hiest Way to cause destruction to the Constitution Appease oil cartels Shore up the dollar Get the UN to deploy on the Russian border cover up crimes under investigation Well this is the main ones. There are small ones like moving some innocen
  7. Yes they admit publicly both Soros and Gates fund Chemtrails. Just wish we knew how many HAARP like devices they have now. It's not hard to imagine many other countries have developed programs. Remember the videos that showed energy broadcasts from Antarctica? I can't prove it but, Katrina was likely a ship to shore weapons test. Hurricanes do not sit still. Their weather front is so large and the pressure differences so great they take a path of least resistance. There is always a path of least resistance. Now we have had a second hurricane that sat still. How many of these are they going to
  8. Not surprising, the modern education system does not deal with reality or teach the use of common sense. Then the government steps in and tries to force the rhetoric of children so confused they do not know what sex they are unto the older educated mass as words we should live by. Children should be listening to adults and not the other way around.
  9. They interpret laws to suit their agendas too. Did you notice that a federal court ruled it was constitutional for cops to steal assets under the forfeiture law? This amounts to highway robbery and the Constitution says you are to be secure in you person. The real truth about Constitutional right are being bashed daily.
  10. These theories are turning out to be facts so fast I can't keep up right now. All these documents to read. Warp drive, Dark energy, and Dimensional ---, I'm still busy looking over the variables for dimensional math. It seems like there are some variables missing and a couple that have little sway on the outcome. The formulas they give in the document are easy to work but, I have been using a free calculus program that was written for XP. I would like to question the math they derived these equations from. Just checking it out for disinformation's sake.
  11. Right now is the biggest war to watch between the Rothschilds and the Rockafellers. Best case scenario is they both are defeated. I am watching more manipulation of gold now than before. It's a bubble, tons of gold sold on paper that does not exist. That is all the proof you need, creating a demand to jack the price. All those people saying gold will go through the roof. They have people running from a bubble after another. You can put some into commodities, everyone can't put it all into one commodity. There are many rare metals. Some with industrial uses that will always be in demand. Lithiu
  12. Business is not finished, I have to go back. Somethings you should have noticed. If you can see it there is a figure standing behind the buffalo, not doing the X-rated stuff for you on purpose. Let's get this on it's side! In the top left corner there is a face that the small figure has it's hand on the nose of. It is on another layer from the small one.I really hope you see it. Remember you can see through the highlights. I am hiding nothing, look the original over. There is a body for every head on the picture above also. Sorry had to decrease the size to post. ZOOOM in!
  13. Have to change plans a little, Will be out doing business the 20th. So as a teaser I give you the original image untouched. If you look at it you are going to see somethings. That is because the art is there and it is real. Download it. Studying it is the wrong way. Keep in mind that there are tons of hidden images and just look at it for 5 minutes, let it happen. Well here,
  14. Not about pot, it's about control and cash. This started long before Rock and Roll. The CIA had control of the Grand Ol' Opry and the beginnings of Rock and Roll was not under their control. Woodstock was a thorn in their side. They did not have complete control for some time, one notable was Tommy Roe, Tommy James and the Shondells controlled by the Mafia. The independents are a hush hush situation like Sugarloaf. They do not want mention of groups like them. The music companies finally took control of Rock and Roll through large media companies. No one can cut their own records anymore but,