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  1. r_burgeson

    Movie remakes

    I know they need good writers but, the CIA and Deep State direct the movies seen. I don't believe many of these remakes are benign. Take Total recall for instance. What was in the original movie about programming they do not want you watching? Those red shoes have been around a long time. They want them viewed as being worn by people that are in power and invincible. The programming starts with the very young. If you don't believe this then make a list of all the super heroes that wear them.
  2. r_burgeson

    Hidden spycams & police porn

    Anyone have the skinny on their fake cell towers? I know they collect phone calls but, do they collect security and nanny cams through them?
  3. r_burgeson

    Cumputerized mental health records

    Yes, and if you are not licking their boots you have poor mental health.
  4. r_burgeson

    Who likes electronic music?

    I'm not a fan. So many good videos have... Don't get me wrong, I like techno and an artist creating it can do a good job editing. This computer generated crap that is being pushed on us is not fit to listen to. A good artist can't be replaced. There are a couple artists at this link.
  5. r_burgeson

    What's happening 5-18-19

    Oh my, all this rhetoric about China stealing and spying. What seems to be behind this is a cancer cure. Search duckduckgo " China steals cancer research". Notice that China has been stealing and spying and not a word has been said. Sorry about a days worth of reading from that search. This research gets hidden of the shelf and the public never sees the results. I hope they have it and market it. It will save lives and stop the death cult other governments have been running. In fact I hope they have all the hidden patents and release them. If this is what it takes to advance into the new millennium then so be it. I consider this a political move to continue to kill citizens by withholding a cure to a deadly disease. May the destruction of the agenda die quickly.