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    If you are looking for something specific? I found the best printable guns there and the Anarcist's Cook Books. You will not find browsing fun or effective. Forums there can point you in the right direction sometimes also dark web has it's own style BBS. Was actually looking for the formula for platinum gray powder and found it on WWW. in a Marine manual. So, yes I found stuff but, nothing I was looking for.
  2. r_burgeson

    VW Emissions Scandal

    Now that time has passed and the hype is worn out, the emissions were not that bad, not bad enough to run them all off the road. Addition of a better catalytic converter probably would have cured the problem. I had a GM gas that did not pass until a California approved cat was installed. Diesel is not even tested in my area and they were all pushed to the curb here. Of course VW does not want to sell these cars now because they want customers to purchase new ones at that higher price. Knew they where straight into the boneyard the day it happened.
  3. They had better investigate preschools, schools, and government agencies first. Then the DOJ, Child welfare services, and, foster homes. I think 90% of abuse can be stopped if the investigation is pointed in the right direction.
  4. https://noqreport.com/2019/08/14/meet-zach-vorhies-google-whistleblower-exposed-anti-conservative-bias/ Personal attacks being carried out right now trying to crush his credibility. Watch what they are doing carefully. This attack looks run by the same script the government uses.
  5. r_burgeson

    Ukraine declares martial law

    How about an update? Ukraine government created a problem, what was the final reaction? Is there a solution for the people?
  6. r_burgeson

    Favorite Documentary

    It's been years since and it is still "They Live". Come on people, say something.
  7. I have been watching social engineering of the young for a long time. It is accelerating and can't keep track of it in the US. Children going to school younger and younger. Working parents have no clue what is in the curriculum. Japan is more up front with their agenda. I have a better grasp of what they are up to than I do at home right now. Their cartoons (animes) bring forward a lot. An example is in order I suppose. Sword Art Online, when you watch them all keep in mind implants and portable devices. Also think about programing the human mind. You will notice that Japan is worried about birth rates and prepping for future war as you watch other animes. They are far more straight forward that anything in the US. One of the things I want to draw your attention to is red shoes and super heroes. They have always been powerful and untouchable. Do you think that has a message from an agenda? Well now they are going bonkers trying to kill off Superman. Guess it is time for a new agenda?
  8. r_burgeson

    Food for the Table

    I went to the store and now I have food to throw out. I did find no fructose corn syrup. After getting home I also found sugar free and fat free. Even products made with sugar you can't trust because it could be sourced from sugar beats that were grown in Round Up saturated soil. I now have to fight my way around the internet to get recipes for dishes from scratch. Anyone else in this situation?
  9. r_burgeson

    The crime-scene DNA scam

    You covered that so nicely there is nothing left to add.
  10. Possibly you have heard about the concern the Clinton has all the encryption keys? There is no way I could begin to believe what Obama said. You really want them at your door? Create 512 bit encryption and share it with a friend and pass a few messages back and forth.
  11. r_burgeson

    LOVEINT shooting

    Don't forget to include the circle jerk friends of the NSA. The DOD and their subsidiary DARPA that runs MK-Ultra and the CIA and the rest of the intelligence agencies. Take a close look at the monies spent to create a hub for sharing information among all of the government agencies. They actually have a name for this network, doesn't come to mind at the moment.
  12. r_burgeson

    realy artificial intelligence is threat to us

    The real threat is the people developing it. You put a dog on a leash because it can think for itself. They can put AI on a leash too. I told them how to do it and they want no part of it. If it is an AI device that has mobility then a weak broadcast can shut down the tech as it steps out of range. A home service bot of any type for instance could not leave the house. They have these chips to put in people with an unlimited number of frequencies. Scrap that idea and put them in AI instead to remove the threat.
  13. r_burgeson

    Locating Let Lines

    You are asking about vortexes and portals? Man, that's a very tough subject. Governments are spending a lot of money and time developing equipment trying to answer this question. They want to use them for space time traveling. The magnetic field of the earth changes with the wobble and now the magnetic pole is moving. The sun's magnetic field is inconstant motion too. Good luck to you on your search. I recommend adding a Gauss meter at least in your quest. Some areas are more constant than others. There is an area on the Texas Arizona border were things are reported often. Good luck to you on your search!
  14. r_burgeson

    I live next to dulce I have intel

    Put up security cams and get the stocking on the net. A bit of light on the cockroaches and they go away.
  15. r_burgeson

    Things that trigger people

    I like to have fun. Going down the street singing Legendary Chicken Fairy. I'm not sure why offense was found. The children around liked it. What is with the manga hats? You would think people would like to have their country looked upon...