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  1. Come on, I'm saying hook a telescope to a camera and show us what you get whether you get anything or not. If you're watching they will crawl back into their cracks. I'm looking at some Dobsonain scopes myself. I am wondering how more effective it would be with a 50 meg camera hooked to it. I have to put it on hold a bit now. First hospital did nothing and second tried but I will now have to ween myself off this medicine that is not working out. So the rest of my fall is shot.
  2. Come on people, this is a pay to play country and this did not start and end with HRC. Those that pay are just as guilty as those that monetary gain through corruption. It is everywhere spread by the government. There is a lot to say about this, let's get a discussion going. How much do the banksters pay?
  3. Another company with suicidal actions taken, Dicks. Out door clothing bashing gun owners was not a good idea. Thinking these people will come back to do business did not happen.
  4. Yes let's mention eyes. Have you noticed that some of these new LED lights produce a visible field? I have not noticed this from traffic but, area lighting. If you look at them for a full minute a sparkling mess appears. If it is very humid the energy field is much larger. I saw one cover two parking lots. I don't know about coffee problems and have to rely on people that drink it. I do know that drugs are contaminating our paper money. The report of opiates can be found easily. If fentanyl that can kill by touch alone builds up on our cash we can wind up with a very big problem.
  5. You may be aware of LED grow lights. Might know the blue lights in homes everywhere are suspected of damaging eyes. There is no reason that they cannot produce full spectrum lighting with LEDs. Matter of fact they can produce a sun bulb with a little effort. Be aware that sunlight bulbs have been produced for years in fluorescent lighting. They know and can synthesize the light from the sun when the atmosphere was healthy and the suns output was optimal for life to flourish and this planet. They have all this data and there is no excuse not to use it.
  6. The deep state and shadow government get everything out of an action they can. Listing the lucrative that cost 3000 lives and the suffering of many. Missing 2.3 trillion dollars War with several countries Air travel company stocks insurance fraud Poppy fields illegal stock trading Huge bank hiest Way to cause destruction to the Constitution Appease oil cartels Shore up the dollar Get the UN to deploy on the Russian border cover up crimes under investigation Well this is the main ones. There are small ones like moving some innocents into a blackmail able position. Further the reach of the pay to play system. Let's just say they really got their bang for the buck
  7. Yes they admit publicly both Soros and Gates fund Chemtrails. Just wish we knew how many HAARP like devices they have now. It's not hard to imagine many other countries have developed programs. Remember the videos that showed energy broadcasts from Antarctica? I can't prove it but, Katrina was likely a ship to shore weapons test. Hurricanes do not sit still. Their weather front is so large and the pressure differences so great they take a path of least resistance. There is always a path of least resistance. Now we have had a second hurricane that sat still. How many of these are they going to fly over peoples heads before people awaken?
  8. Not surprising, the modern education system does not deal with reality or teach the use of common sense. Then the government steps in and tries to force the rhetoric of children so confused they do not know what sex they are unto the older educated mass as words we should live by. Children should be listening to adults and not the other way around.
  9. They interpret laws to suit their agendas too. Did you notice that a federal court ruled it was constitutional for cops to steal assets under the forfeiture law? This amounts to highway robbery and the Constitution says you are to be secure in you person. The real truth about Constitutional right are being bashed daily.
  10. These theories are turning out to be facts so fast I can't keep up right now. All these documents to read. Warp drive, Dark energy, and Dimensional ---, I'm still busy looking over the variables for dimensional math. It seems like there are some variables missing and a couple that have little sway on the outcome. The formulas they give in the document are easy to work but, I have been using a free calculus program that was written for XP. I would like to question the math they derived these equations from. Just checking it out for disinformation's sake.
  11. Right now is the biggest war to watch between the Rothschilds and the Rockafellers. Best case scenario is they both are defeated. I am watching more manipulation of gold now than before. It's a bubble, tons of gold sold on paper that does not exist. That is all the proof you need, creating a demand to jack the price. All those people saying gold will go through the roof. They have people running from a bubble after another. You can put some into commodities, everyone can't put it all into one commodity. There are many rare metals. Some with industrial uses that will always be in demand. Lithium and Tantalum to name 2.
  12. Business is not finished, I have to go back. Somethings you should have noticed. If you can see it there is a figure standing behind the buffalo, not doing the X-rated stuff for you on purpose. Let's get this on it's side! In the top left corner there is a face that the small figure has it's hand on the nose of. It is on another layer from the small one.I really hope you see it. Remember you can see through the highlights. I am hiding nothing, look the original over. There is a body for every head on the picture above also. Sorry had to decrease the size to post. ZOOOM in!
  13. Have to change plans a little, Will be out doing business the 20th. So as a teaser I give you the original image untouched. If you look at it you are going to see somethings. That is because the art is there and it is real. Download it. Studying it is the wrong way. Keep in mind that there are tons of hidden images and just look at it for 5 minutes, let it happen. Well here,
  14. Not about pot, it's about control and cash. This started long before Rock and Roll. The CIA had control of the Grand Ol' Opry and the beginnings of Rock and Roll was not under their control. Woodstock was a thorn in their side. They did not have complete control for some time, one notable was Tommy Roe, Tommy James and the Shondells controlled by the Mafia. The independents are a hush hush situation like Sugarloaf. They do not want mention of groups like them. The music companies finally took control of Rock and Roll through large media companies. No one can cut their own records anymore but, in the past there was a period when they could do this right from the stage. The cash flow goes to the same puppeteers that have control of the government. They have found blackmail far more convenient than purchasing control so they targeted the media industry the same way they target government officials. Special little side note was a video " what pi sounds like ", they were having grapenuts because they did not have copywrite on the material keeping it out of their control.
  15. First off children have not the education to lead the parents. Second the pole shift will have made it easy for the government to arrange the new data on global temperatures by picking the probes that fit their agenda. So, they can put their report in the ass bin where it belongs. I suppose they wasted millions on it and the buying of main stream medias collective entourage, silence is golden for the 1%.
  16. I'm a happy go luck that doesn't think. Do you believe that? : 8K movies coming, will that effect the speed of their real time editing of videos. AI for the common citizens, setting up our own think tanks, the collective IQ of those, the government fear of us having this tech. How long have they been using computer networked AI for design and development? Alien mummy with 3 eggs inside, 22 foot giant in Peruvian museum. Is Alzheimer's disease cause by the Mandela Effect? Denver craft caught on camera moving to fast to be seen by eye, News tried to disprove and found proof of its existence. Antarctica spaceport. Super conducting oxides. Ultra-violet ionized pathways. Collection of DNA of giants and aliens. Whisked the giant from Afghanistan and for sure recovered small blond from the moon. What ever they are doing is not for the benefit of the human species. Previous space wars and the 40,000 year old UFO. Hutchison Effect observed and hijacked by Los Alamos and transmutation of materials. Regeneration breakthroughs and growing transplantable organs. Time dilation of subjects. Dark matter exciter signals for antennas (collector arrays). Brain drain into space, we weren't supposed to notice. New materials constructed under extreme pressure. Hot scandals = illegal activities. Hidden tech, Tesla is not alone Gabriel Kron and others have developments hidden with no expiration date. New world Solunar maps of the worlds oceans are worthless. Pot for study, will anyone believe their report? New species - Mandela Effect. Lie by omission of previous civilizations, AI and storage still in existence. 4th and 5th dimensional math and the current physics the government is using. See, I'm not thinking about anything.
  17. OK, I am not going to fill with pictures, right click these and save them in a couple of weeks. I have some ready to put up, 3 or 4 at a time. They are close to 300K each so, save them as you get them. All of these coming soon are second generation art. The best and toughest 2nd generation. There are over all themes to these. Depends mostly on how many layers were stamped. The one selected has 4 major layers right side up. One is birds flying in the jungle, 2 lions stalking you through the brush, 3 smut and, 4 random pick of wild animals. There is a collection of strange little scenes in the smallest size figures. A mansion at the edge of a lake, a circle of traffic that includes 3 or 4 figures on a motorcycle, well many things and then I will start rotating the picture to show you other things are stamped on it. Save them as I put them up or you won't have them. I will add them after the 20th. Grab these now.
  18. When you hear this is being recorded for your own protection, what goes through your mind?
  19. Zoom in after downloading. Small humans make bigger humans that make larger humans still. Look at the figure on the West coast. Just below it notice the butt and 2 legs. That is the bigger figure. The edge is gone, the Silhouette. Let me give you the original to look at. The same is true for the figure next to it. I highlighted the figures in the first picture I gave you with an air brush. Highlighted in a fashion you can see through the air brush and see the underlying artwork. Out in the green it is very well hidden but it is still there. Well here is the picture and I will find you a link. https://cdn.hswstatic.com/gif/google-earth-17.jpg It is a google ad and who would produce a google ad? I answered a question and forgot to make my post. Let's do NASA next. They admit to airbrushing and even have had airbrushers retire. It goes beyond that. I don't know if this picture can still be found on their site. They may have jerked it because I revealed what it is. There is more than one layer. This was fought over on the net and caused a controversy over Mars water. I will tell you what it is and hope you can see it on your own. This is a bare breasted girl crouching. for those that can't see it I will give you a highlighted picture later. I needed a few minutes to decide what to say. You have people seeing things in these pictures. They are there, it's just artwork. Pictures of space is what they are, they certainly are not photos. I have giants in Antarctica and thousands of things in space pictures. Yes you see a face, why didn't they see the rest of the body? What can I say about the disgusting people that lied in pictures to the whole world? If you see an image and you did not take it with your own camera don't trust it. Actually look at it long enough to realize what they clanked down in front of you. I have a picture from NASA I have to show you. This stuff was developed by psychiatrists, the kind they brought over here with Project Paperclip. The art forms they used are ancient. Photo-mosaics is pictures within pictures. History goes back to luciferian art and bamboo art and beyond. Damn it! The picture is 68KB, to large to show you here. It is the most intricate 2nd generation picture. Talk about history I found these pictures on: http://www.marsanomalyresearch.com/evidence-reports/2001/019/colossal-trees.htm The site was different then. The first 3 stills on the present page are exactly the same size being part of a mosaic that makes the long strip picture on the bottom of the page. Also the NASA source of the picture is listed in the text. The author of this site is a out of the box scientist that is bright and very sincere about his work. His problem is he does not believe the government would ever lie to him. Anyway the still I took from this site in the past not only has several layers of art work on it but, they rotated the frame and stamped it all 4 directions. Yes I sampled the art in several layers. In 2010 I had all the information collected to sink the credibility of NASA forever. I still have it, The axis of evil countries (so called) included Iran. I went and joined a file sharing dump at 180 dollars for 6 months. At the time touted as enemies of the U.S. I thought the files of pictures I highlighted would be shared to the general public. I thought wrong, apparently Iran is not such and enemy of the state because, I could go in there several times a day and find the files set to share only with members or don't share. I would set them back to share with all. Very few copies got out. The Russians did get the files however and they were chuckling on the net, yes they did do this didn't they. In stead here is this, small enough. Notice the blue one. 3 images there in one spot. Little girl hiding behind rock, 2 others, tried to do so you can see all layers in this spot.
  20. Fake pictures are everywhere. Sitting here wondering why people can see the face but can't figure out how the artwork works to see the rest of the figure. I started this post elsewhere and the people couldn't take the wake up call. NASA is great for this one. The like to hide things in clouds, foliage, ice, water, and, blank backgrounds. Go to the pallet in Photoshop or any good art program and see that all colors at the darkest look black. The conscience mind does not separate red (black) or yellow (black) but, your sub conscience does. If you look at a picture and it does not look right there is a reason. The prevailing computer generated images are abstract humans. This art is then reduced in transparency to zero and stamped on the image. In other words, the Silhouette is gone but the image is there complete with shading. You should see what they have done to ads, google earth, space, and general articles. I will try to find some examples, limited by the .49MB it will be a challenge. I have a picture here somewhere of a rope from an article about trash in the ocean. I will not go threw back saved disks to find it but, it was small. There should be a ton of other examples. I will put this page in favorites and be back. To keep it from becoming confusing I only highlighted a couple of the hidden images on this one.
  21. https://youtu.be/jXYodMWT-Po There is an agreement made with 2 countries to take US citizens after some event. Chaney bought a lot of land in Uruguay so I ask what's up rabbit.
  22. You might not hear or see anything, it could be outside the visible spectrum. IE - invisible lasers.
  23. What do they expect? Indicators are the economy is tanking. The economy was such that young men are living in their parents basements. They have been programed to be lousy fathers and husbands. Marriage has been cheapened to the point that a woman does not expect the father to help raise a child. Single mothers do not want to spend the days waiting in food lines carrying a child. It is common sense that birth rates are falling. That everything for the 1% is biting them where it hurts. They asked for everything they get. I don't have a dog in the race, to old to raise children. The campaigns for the government to raise children is a complete failure. In fact all of their programs are a complete failure because they worry about consequences after the horse left the barn.
  24. If you are looking for something specific? I found the best printable guns there and the Anarcist's Cook Books. You will not find browsing fun or effective. Forums there can point you in the right direction sometimes also dark web has it's own style BBS. Was actually looking for the formula for platinum gray powder and found it on WWW. in a Marine manual. So, yes I found stuff but, nothing I was looking for.