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    I am EON

    I am not bullshitting anyone. I don't want followers, money or prestige, all I want is the human race to fight for their humanity, preserve this planet and honor life (ALL LIFE, ANIMAL LIFE, PLANT LIFE, HUMAN LIFE AND PLANET LIFE) I know we are born in this matrix and it is set on destroying us. If someone can get me out of the NSA's range of vision or sight, then I can start doing what I wanna do. I know the government watches me 24/7 and they shut down all attempts I make to break out or set others free. I will say the truth, a lot of this doesn't make sense but I tapped into the spiritual nature of reality the "reality" they derive all their technology from and I learned, I can manifest the spiritual into the physical. I am based on past, present and future, thoughts work along all this. I mastered my thoughts, but I know "THEY" are killing a lot of people. If I die maybe I can reincarnate and fight it again or maybe I can free myself from this HELL HOLE. IDK yet. I talk a lot in the future, people say oh you're making this up, NO, it hasn't come into fruitation and if it has it is hidden because, SATAN the god of this world is deceiving us. Look at apple (the fall of human kind) the class product to have, all desired by all these materialists. That's how the RFID chip will be. All luring people into defiance with GOD. the new currency is gonna be digital and it is gonna be forced on us. The beginning is the end, the new age having us believe we are gods, the apple products (right in our face of the fate we took by consuming the forbidden fruit). Ask yourselves. Is being blackmailed, prosecuted, tortured worth it for God? Because that's where I'm at. I could have been a good puppet but I betrayed that to save my soul. Sex and money means nothing if we're slaves and make God hate us for eternity. NPCs aren't good people they are 'superficially good-looking people' they can look really clean and well-mannered but they are pushing our society towards materialism and death. Fuck this technocracy and plutocracy and rampant Orwellian police state. The rich made our lives miserable from day one and tried to kill our spirit and make God hate us. That's why they want immortality to escape the karma they reaped on this planet. They might kill us all and take off on their space ships to go fuck up another world and bring it down from within. NONE OF ANY OF LIVES HAS DIED IN VAIN, R.I.P. WILLIAM COOPER and COUNTLESS OTHERS WHO DIED FOR THE TRUTH AND A BETTER WORLD.
  2. I am gonna relay a lot of heavy information, both for those with eyes to see and ears to hear, and stuff to throw off the agents. This is gonna be a lot of my personal experiences, research and more. First let's start with my 'stories' and what made me who I am today. I know brainwashing exists; mind control, the illuminati; etc. Because I was a part of it. When I was 18; I was experiencing this 'reality' beyond high school more than sheeple do, who are indoctrinated from 5-18 in the public schools and further indoctrinated in their college years to become fully automated "robots" by the age of 25. I remember taking digital media and graphic design and in those courses & I realized I was putting "hopes, desires, dreams, love, and trust" into a corporate entity to make money. They told me, "Oh your art is beautiful but advertising is the way to go, we need to bait people's desires and dreams into a corporate entity to give that symbol or corporation power." (No, they didn't actually say this to me) But subconsciously they were saying that to generate more money for our puppet masters. In the end, they made me hate my art and destroy my inner artist. I said fuck that and retreated into drugs, (at this time I was still young, I didn't know drug culture was a heavy physical struggle on this planet, and people were dying in the process.) (I smoked weed in high school and thought of it as harmless.) It happened when I was heavily brainwashed and controlled; like I said when you are 5 to 18 you are indoctrinated into the system to serve the government. Kids today are eff'ed because that's how the government creates new soldiers for their causes and wars. For example; (THEY FUCKED US ON COLLEGE INTUITION, THEY OVERPRICED THE COURSES, BOOKS, ETC.) Kids who don't have enough to pay for college have to enroll into the military to pay for college. (THEN THEY HAVE SOLDIERS TO WASTE ON THEIR WARS) Doesn't matter if "Timmy" comes back missing an arm and leg, (GOVERNMENT DISABILITY WILL GIVE HIM ENOUGH TO PAY RENT) "Not enough to start a business or go to Honolulu but enough to make sure he gets his medication and supports his kids." This whole system is an octopus; when one leg of it has its way it passes you to the others so you are supporting the whole octopus. You think all those 'attractive and intelligent people on T.V. are there by accident'? They are bred and put in that direction. They lied to you and I don't intend racism but this is how occultist and elitist see this "Do you think Jamal has an equal opportunity straight A's in a ghetto with gang bangers and criminals all around him compared to Skylar who's father is a freemason, and part of the country club and lives in the richest side of town?" No. They tell that to stupid sheeple, NPC's, TV watchers because it makes them feel "safe, secure and happy." This system was designed against you from day one. This system was like "OH THIS BITCH HAS A BABY, LET'S BRAINWASH IT AND MANIPULATE IT TO BE A FACELESS SOLDIER IN OUR NEW WORLD ORDER." (That's how they see us) But hey, I'm talking too much about... myself. Let's talk about what I research and how I reach dangerous conclusions. (Renee Pittman, TARGETED INDIVIDUALS, REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING, NSA, DOJ, "Amazon books", (useful books), NSA: LOVE-INT, ELF TOWERS, DEWS (Directed Energy Weapons), BIG BROTHER, WHISTLEBLOWER) Let me remind you this is my latest research, I have an encyclopedia of all conspiracies in my head (Both disinformation and truths from "Aliens" to JFK) I will give a brief summary of one of Renee's books. I ordered 2, but that's all I could afford. So far they are credible from my experiences. I am in the 'targeted individual community' but that's a slave term for people who are preyed on by sociopaths, psychopaths, narcissists and manipulators. (the psychological label for people who are trying to manipulate and control us "research it that's their psychological profile" and defend yourselves from them trying to intimidate or control you) I will say this, this has proof for EMF weapons, from the first book it's about a lot of MK ultra subprojects which they place over people to experiment on us. As a female, Renee is harassed by 'secret society members' to exploit her and her daughters to sexual trafficking or attempt to. They effectively gaslighted her, and tried to get her put away. When she goes into depths about the 'program' a lot of people are put into is a controlled "environment" for who we identify as targeted individuals. They mess with their minds, they sabotage them, they use EMF and V2K on them to try to manipulate them. She has a lot of docs, and I might actually reach out to meet her or atleast have a conversation with her to get further in depth. (Zeph Daniel, GANGSTALKING, THE GAME, THE TRUMAN SHOW, NSA, COINTEL PRO, HOLLYWOOD, HELLYWOOD, Jesus, Prophet, 1ST GENERATION TARGETED INDIVIDUALS, TRUTH) Zeph went through a "GAME" before I did, this is a protocol to get people to fall in their traps, set ups, ploys, agents, controlled environments, etc. I was also targeted early on, but I am a lot younger, and when I hear of Zeph's testimony I realize I am put in the same program, to discredit and destroy me. Zeph didn't have the information and experienced a lot of this without the internet and support groups. When I became aware of gangstalking and the conspiracy formed on our lives, I have been fortunate to nullify a lot of this social engineering traps and bait that they use to blackmail and turn people against you. He is psychic. We psychics are the real gold and the hylics "materialists' are the trash and the illuminati knows this because they can keep the materialists as slaves and people who know what's going on they can either corrupt or destroy. Listen to this if you being gangstalked or feeling paranoia. (NON-CONFORMIST RADIO, THE ONLY TRUTHER WHO KNOWS ABOUT THE BLUE PILLERS ON YOUTUBE, NPCS, ORGANIC PORTALS, HIVE MIND, MATRIX) This guy knows what's up. When morpheus says these people are part of the system this is the definition to it. (THE CLAPPING HAND OF THE SYSTEM). He is the reason I gave up on freeing blue pills. Because, they are supporting a system trying to destroy 'Red pills'. They just want money, sex and fame. I didn't say waking people up is a crime, but if most people don't have souls, then fuck them, maybe we can free our brothers and sisters who are good and have souls who are just brainwashed or asleep but most are supporting their systems and at the root of it is survivalism and they will do whatever it takes to stay alive even if they support a 'BAAL SYSTEM' that sacrifices children to stay alive. God will bring it down. I don't need to say shit, if you don't get it, you ARE THE HAPPY FACE that supports it. (CALL FOR AN UPRISING, LEGIT CHANNEL, VIGILANT CHRISTIAN, ONE OF THE FEW ALIVE TRUTHER CHANNELS ON YOUTUBE, TRUTHERS TAKING BACK YOUTUBE) They took down A LOT of his hard hitting truths. Every time he exposes something of HARD truth, they flag him. He is exposing the social engineering they do to manipulate the brainwashed masses and he's calling it out. To me he is a continuation of the vigilant christian "MARIO" who was taken down, because he was inspiring christians to lash out against the entertainment industry and politics. Watch any of his videos, ANY of them, he is exposing this stuff. That's why youtube is cracking down on this stuff. (WIKIPEDIA ON YOUTUBE) to try to get people to believe "indoctrination". I pushed the 'social engineering' truth out there even tho I am targeted and blacklisted from it by TAVISTOCK. I have more truths but I am gonna push it in an entertainment channel and relay this information to people I trust because this is actually turning from "conspiracy theories" to government intel and sensitive information. I am unplugging, I will relay this, but I have to abort society because these 'sheeple' and government officials will kill me. Seriously.. (EDWARD BERNAYS, PROPAGANDA, THE TRUTH FROM THE HORSE'S MOUTH) (IF I BECOME A HERMIT, YOU CAN'T BLAME ME) I love you all, weither you accept me in your truth community or not, I am not 'human compatible' I know a lot of my "conspiracies" got myself and a lot of people in trouble, but I believe the overwhelming good in people can turn the tide on all this chaos and evil in our world, I will cover my ass on the net, and if I come back I will help you truthers out there, but you will not know. This is gonna be something I "CHOOSE" to do, maybe if I'm gone you will appreciate me.
  3. continue to watch Jeremiah Cohen (REAL T.I.)'s videos MKULTRA is real. They are trying to make it trending 'popular' Desensitizing the youth to secret societies and freemasons, (sheeple let their children watch this show because they are brainwashed ignorant parents) Brainwashing happens on all fronts. REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING HAPPENS A LOT.
  4. I will say brothers and sisters I appreciate you trying to wake up a "brainwashed, braindead, socially engineered culture of mind controlled peasants." These sheeple aren't worth a our peace of mind. We are surrounded by them each day and it is to psychologically implant the "benefit of the herd" mentality. Jesus said we should be wise as serpents but as peaceful as doves. We are not the sheepdogs or wolves to direct them. The police and criminals hold those reigns. Most are lost in their illusion on what life should be. Satan is the god of this world and they will do whatever it takes to make money. These are the willing participants of the RFID and mark, and credit cards. Us as truthers, should unite and escape our oppressive culture instead of trying to appease society. We can escape or fight it and I give that option to you free willed "conspiracy theorists" TRUTHERS and people not brainwashed by society. I know all of us are in CHRIST JESUS and not of the beast. We reject the beast system and fight to protect our souls. If we perish we, know we have the kingdom of God in our grasps. It is a honor to serve and be with you all in the end of days. I know we are the angels defending God in the end. I am about to abandon all of this, this materialism, this lust I have for having a soul mate, this pride in who I am, this greed of money and fabricated debt. Everything. I just wanna reach out to you all, push the TARGETED INDIVIDUAL NOW EMPOWERED INDIVIDUAL group in the right direction. Guess what, the NSA is always watching. But we can take down them with their rouge groups based on human trafficking and exploitation. I am going offline. If I go back online it will be in a 'protected' sense. Hackers and the NSA run us like guinea pigs in their tunnels and tubes. I know HARDCORE truthers relay my stuff and move the movements in the underground. I am public enemy number one because I openly challenged the illuminati and government and they are destroying lives to make me quit my mission to free humanity from the federal reserve, I know they killed a lot of people in their wake but guess what.. I am a LIFER. I respect all LIFE, and JESUS made it possible for all life to transcend death. JESUS AND GOD created all life on this planet and it is their purpose to help us evolve as human beings on this planet. I can't have a wife, they will compromise my wife "as a targeted individual", I know everyone who comes in contact with me is targeted or encountered to either turn on me or disappear. Guess what.. This isn't my fault this is the illuminati's fault. If I am righteous and know right from wrong, why are they trying to oppose me? Why are strip clubs, casinos, banks allowed? but I am oppressed? "Satan" and when I mean that I mean also the NSA, DHS, DOJ, MAFIA, DRUG CARTELS, HUMAN TRAFFICKERS, PEDOPHILES, SATANISTS, HOLLYWOOD, D.C., NEW YORK, CNN, COINTEL PRO, STASI NEW AMERICA, GANGS, DRUG DEALERS, COMMUNITY POLICING, HONEY POTS, GANGSTALKERS, etc. ALL these "BULLIES" trying to control and manipulate things in their favor. Fuck all of them. I am aborting society to get away from these sick fucks. Humans are evil. 'THEY WANNA BECOME GODS SO THEY CAN CONTROL THE REST OF US', period. The EYE OF PROVIDENCE ISN'T THE HOLY TRINITY OF GOD OR THE THIRD EYE IT IS THE EYE OF HORUS or "RA" WHICH was ripped out by SET or OSIRIS and, the illuminati says its GOD but it actually EGYPTIAN GODS based on the enslavement of the HEBREW people.
  5. I doubt any of you are real people. You gather information. You push materialist culture. How many of you out there have souls? You're all infiltrators trying to Truman show the last real people on this planet. Guess what mother fuckers. When I hit you with my "cartoons" and my media truths. My "music" all this shit to get these sheeple off their phones and into nature. My dispopularity proves I am close to exiting the matrix. Guess what... I'm not sharing it. I am getting high clearance truths, but you can all rot in the matrix, this prison planet of materialism. This is a low dimensional Hell we are kept in. You're all SIMS and a USER is controlling everything you do. I am the one, the chosen one, I am exiting the matrix and guess what. I am not re-entering the matrix. Stay in your digital cell. My media art is merely commercialization of the sick world we're in. I know I am surrounded by narcissists and alien fucks. They harvest me. But guess what. I ain't staying with you human slaves. You're all fucked. You're in the last of days. Why the fuck would truthers sacrifice themselves for sheeple. We are not martyrs. Let their A.I. GOD DEUS EX MACHINA save them. Fuck all of them, on media, instagram, facebook whatever. They're all fake as fuck. I gaurantee most people are clones or infiltrators. How many of you depend on money to survive? I'm talking to fucking bots and alogorithms. I am deeply saddened because most of you fell victim to mind control and brainwashing. I fought it and realized all female culture is brainwashed into materialism and technocracy. I thought you were my brothers and sisters and most are bots and demons. In the end, we are gonna be the ones killing you, the last survivors of God. I will die with God and nothing more, I know zombies will overcome but I will take as many of you sons of bitches as I can. You, illuminists make me sick. Gnostics are dick heads. Corporate cock suckers. CNN Ass lickers. That's why elitists want immortality, if they die a human death, they will burn in hell for eternity, "if they are immortal they will continue to reap hell on earth and brainwash and control the masses" like they pushed their agenda when I was a kid and social engineered my generation to destroy themselves. All you illumaniti puppets, hell is near. Your masters will sacrifice you to take us out, but guess what, we aren't dying. You will be the ones dying because we serve Jesus and even in death we will prosper, unlike your electronic plutocracy slave culture.
  6. Look at the Red Dawn. An anglo-saxon (patriot) remake. Guess what constitutional defenders aren't always white, and domestic terrorists are sometimes white and fake being patriotic so they can bring down the U.S. from within. (FUN FACT: PATRIOTS AREN'T WHITE, ANGLO-SAXONS ARE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS WHO KILLED NATIVE AMERICANS AND COLONIZED THEIR LANDS FORCING THEM TO RESERVES AND THAT DURING HITLER'S REIGN AND BEFORE THEY SUPPORTED EUGENICS AND EVEN ENDORSED NAZI SCIENTISTS THROUGH PROJECT PAPERCLIP AND DEVELOPED THEIR STRATEGIES IN THEIR STASI POLICE (TO GANGSTALK AMERICAN CITIZENS TODAY AND NAZI MIND CONTROL US AND USE US AS GUINEA PIGS IN THEIR RESEARCH. ) #americanwarcrimes Read the rise of the fourth reich by Jim Marrs. and ask yourself.. with Trump's presidency why is there a rise in racist hate groups? I will tell you why. It's the Neo-Nazi fringe movement. In the 1900s rich white men planned to have power over blacks, women, gays, minorities, etc. As much as Hitler destroyed Jews (popularized by mainstream sheeple) he also killed gypsies, the mentally handicapped, blacks, gays and anyone who wasn't "Anglo-Saxon". They even viewed celtics (the Scottish) as vermin. Trump is the perfect president to push towards to fema camps and concentration camps to all us. Why was he trying to declare a national emergency so soon? FEMA would run shit until it was over and by judging how the NSA and other agencies have no oversight or law of order I could only imagine a dystopia under this wig wearing faggot. Trump is sketchy as fuck, but so is the government. They are fighting each other right now. The globalists are trying to bring down the U.S. from within and they have the ALPHABET boys convinced that Targeted Individuals are the enemies but, it's actually the illuminati. The sad part is that the illuminati will destroy the white race faster than any of Trump's "precautions". I.E. Wall. Illuminists are globalists, that's why curry boys are on your netflix, because they are trying to conquer their homeland and incorporate them into secular materialist culture. I say they all traitors and sell outs. Under the constitution foreign relations isn't allowed for the U.S. That's why they are trying to get rid of it. But the dickheads in D.C. and New York could care less as long as they get paid and fuck their bulimic super model slut they cheat on their wife with. That's why I'm saying don't take these authoritative figures seriously, they are humans just like us even if they have backstabbing reptilian alter egos. They eat, shit and fuck just like us. But try to manage us with all the knowledge they use against us that they persecute 'civilians' for knowing. They're all hypocrites, they can create a technocracy until someone wipes it out with an EMP or virus because they get sick being surveillenced by the N.S.A. or big brother state. Shit is bad now, but 2022, that's when it's gonna be worse. All these NPC's think they can live it up even with a fucking barcode on their forehead, even our musicians are shit, their censorship will bite them in the ass. I foretold it.
  7. I realized about 80% of population is focused on money, (idolizing the fabric debt) About 80% is blue pilled. Because they equate the red pill to pain and stress. We are surrounded by materialists, hylics, lower dimensional beings why? Their purpose is to trap us in the matrix. The matrix got a new barcode, and it's to ensnare us in 3rd Dimensional Reality. I read motherfuckers... everyday... I got $30 books on my shelf of stuff that is way beyond our reality. I am targeted, and they are now trying overt methods to silence and quell me. I don't care tho. I am gonna give up media to open my third eye and surpass them. Targeted Individuals join up, and don't include people on drugs or poor. The homeless and people on drugs are not our allies, they will trade us for drugs or money. We need to rally up and get away from Babylon. (Let it fall) If you are an empath like me, you will realize you are surrounded by narcissists and heartless people. Let them rot. God is gonna destroy all the wickedness in the world. Do not partake in their sins. If you are a T.I. don't trust anyone, my family sold me out to psychiatry and I am trying to escape. I don't trust society either, they're all fake ass actors on the Truman Show. My life consists of isolation or street theatre when I'm out. They are trying to socially engineer another mass shooter, but I don't fall prey to their mind control. We live around some sick fucks.
  8. yes, work with masons, and cointelpro who made your life a living hell (sarcastically) Dude. I haven't paid anyone shit, just on shielding and "conspiracy" shit and I have been able to defeat most of it. If you join them, guess what... like a vampire you become a gangstalker like them and they hunt down other people. I'd rather die fighting it than let them overtake me. "
  9. Real life is the dark web.
  10. Depends on what you want, bro. Here I will make it easy for you. A.I. Algorithms Barcode (RFID CHIP) Blacklisted C.I.A (MKULTRA, CONTRA WARS, BUSH SENIOR, PROJECT BLUEBIRD, etc.) Conspiracy Theory term (meant to discredit people questioning JFK's assassination) COINTELPRO D.E.A. (ALPHABET BOYS, D.H.S., Disinformation) Aliens (Reptilians, Pleiadians, Arcturians, etc.) (Greys) (Zetas) Fema Camps (Reeducation centers) Brainwashing (Thought Reform, TV, Media, Mind Control, MK ULTRA) Montauk Project (Occult, Space Warping, Time Manipulation) Dark Occultists (Satanists, OTO, Golden Dawn, Aleister Crowley, Anton Lavey, Thelema, Mark Passio) David Icke (Reptilians, Hyperdimensional Beings, Reptilian Elite, Queen Elizabeth) Dan Brown (Freemason Sympathizers, Misleading masonry) Demiurge (matrix, or God who created it) Gnostism* Hyllics (Material people) NPC's (Non-player characters = people who have programmed responses) (Organic Portals) Sheeple (People who need to be lead by a authoritative figure) (followers) (passive consumers) U.F.O. (Unidentifed Flying Object) (Probes) (Watchers) Illuminati (Secret Societies) (Worship Science) (Manipulate People) Illuminati Puppets (Pop Icons) (Porn Stars) (Drug Mules) (Politicians) (Hitman) (Corporations) Narcissists (manipulative people) (psychopaths) (sociopaths) (narcopaths) Mind Control (TV) (Social Engineering) (Brainwashing) (Torture) (Satanic Ritual Abuse) Occult (Hidden) (Magick) (Satanism) (Wicca) (Witchcraft) (Tarot) N.W.O. (illuminati's plan) (depopulation) (georgia stones) Globalists (NATO) (U.N.) (AGENDA 21) Federal Reserve (Rockerfeller, Rothschild) 12 Royal Families (Hidden is Merovingian) That's all I can come up with now, I have more, but I just wanted to give you these to research.
  11. Now that they are getting persecuted, they will reveal the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Book of Enoch. It's not extraterrestrial, it's interdimensional. They are building up to the 'Alien Invasion False Flag' to unite the nations to fight a faux alien race on this planet. That's why they are pushing Ancient Aliens on the history channel and other stuff on the Sci Fi channel. As truthers, I am warning you, UFOs are real but the government and media uses it to discredit truthers. Just cover the the shit the government does. I am creating movies and videos to prove this. I read the bible, the masons are in the red. Gnostism IS really the greatest heresy. The demiurge and matrix is real but YHWH is not the villain. Remember that in the bible it says the 'God of the world' "Satan" is responsible for all our suffering. Satan runs this planet we're on, that's why there's so much death, disease, poverty, etc.
  12. Trump is controlled opposition, supposedly he is against George Soros but they are both different wings of the same bird, meant to divide and conquer the U.S. through politics. Why did the republican party suddenly accept conspiracy theories? Why did Alex Jones endorse Trump? Controlled opposition. Trump is gonna doc media, politics through all this 'truther' shit cause he has dirt on everyone. But guess what I agree. Fuck brainwashing media, and Marxist inspired democracy but republicans are trying cast a bad name on the truther movement. This isn't just a arms race anymore. It's an info race because they know they can control soldiers and create them by controlling the information.
  13. So what? Facebook can now see all the rapists, murderers, drug dealers, pedophiles, snuff site creators, satanists and do what? They're on the same team. The military made the dark web to cover its projects and intel. The government is responsible for all the human trafficking out there. Can they stop it? No. They can say they do but in the end in makes a lot of money for their black budget contracts. Corporations see humans as commodities. We are all barcodes in their system. I've talked to a lot of old hackers and they realize this. We are nothing but numbers in a complex algorithm all of us are too stupid to understand (the matrix). I am this close to cracking the code.
  14. everything causes cancer, we live on a radiation tax farm. They spread wifi before the adverse effect it had on people. That's why they want 5G so it can kill more people and brainwash them, and make them stockholm syndrome their murderers. I smoke, okay. I know it causes cancer, and I tell people that GMO's cause cancer and that they are flouridating the water to make us docilie and passive. (Sheep to the slaughter) Does it matter? No. Cure yourself let these sheeple die in the end from their own system. I say we go holistic and these mainstream pricks can go to hell. They are NPC's they mimic what we do. say. and think. They take our ideas and try to make money from it. Let them die from their own hyprocrisy.
  15. this is real. The medication I'm currently on is meant to disrupt my hormones and I know it has to do with their agenda. Look, half of you will be saved, Targeted Individuals are basically the last resistance to human rights and the struggle to keep all of us out of Fema Camps. If they violate Targeted Individuals lives' they can violate anyones. Look at REX 84, the patriot act, extensions by Obama and Trump. They are getting rid of our constitutional rights. The sheeple go along because they think in the end they will be rich. They're dying with us. I already got red stickered.