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  1. Defiant Science Synopsis This book contains theories of light, gravity, magnetism, atomic structure, matter, energy, the Sun, etc. ten new theories in physics, plus two ways to win the Nobel Prize, an open letter to Nobel and Breakthrough Prize, and more. Everyone can understand this material; no math proficiency is needed, but an open mind and rational thinking are required. Preface There is much theoretical nonsense being portrayed as science. The standard model, electromagnetism, quantum mechanics, relativity, the big bang theory, time travel, and simulation are examples. Maxwell was wrong. There is no transverse wave moving at light speed in the vacuum due to there being no force carrier in existence. Computer simulations can only produce digital signals; the real world is based on matter and energy. Time is not a place, as it has no location. Where is the past or future? How do we time travel? These are simple facts, can you see it? NASA faked the moon landing. Some shadows are right under the objects in the videos, meaning they made the videos at noontime. They would have had to land on the moon in the morning to avoid high heat at noontime. NASA, China, Japan all generate fake news about solar sails working in space, and how photons are able to transfer momentum to solar sails to accelerate spaceships. They lied right in front of your eyes. If the light/photon has momentum, why does a Navy laser weapon have no momentum impact? Why does the Crookes radiometer not spin in a hard vacuum? All space missions are fake, since time delay for space radio transmission is impossible. Light is instantaneous in space. All scientists think light speed is 3 x 10^8 m/s in the vacuum of space, but they are all wrong. If light speed is not infinite, all of the stars and galaxies we see are from the past, so how can scientists map the universe and measure the total mass? It is all lies. There is no solar wind. What's its mechanism? Why would protons and electrons not attract each other and form into hydrogen atoms on the way to earth? Why would gravity not pull them back into the Sun? There is no Van Allen Belts. What's its mechanism? Since the Sun's energy/radiation/light strength decays at 1/R^2, the only way to find stronger radiation is to get closer to the sun. Near and around earth, radiation strength is the same. EM drive? It is powered by quantum vacuum virtual plasma. It is pseudoscience, quantum anything is imaginary. LIGO detected a gravity wave from 1.3 billion years ago? Gravity is instantaneous, otherwise, no planets could have a stable orbit. Why can't LIGO detect CME or an earthquake? Voyager is fake, how can a 23-watt radio transmitter send pictures over billions of miles? Einstein was wrong about time dilation. Put the same atomic clocks in the sun, earth, Mars, and flying on an airplane for 24 hours, and each clock will have a different reading. Which time is dilated, and which clock has the correct time? They all spent the same 24 hours simultaneously. Time dilation is a misinterpretation of timer's moving rate/reading affected by gravity/acceleration/force upon it. Time is not a thing; time has no location, and cannot be touched, so what is dilating what? How? All things happening are now; all existence is now, time is forever ongoing now, all past became now, and all future will become now. What is space? Void, emptiness, nothingness - therefore, no property, no boundary, nor anything else can fit in it. How can gravity curve space? What is curving? Gravity is the attraction force between matter/masses, so there is no matter in space that can be curved. How can gravity slow down light? Light cannot escape from a big star, so it becomes a black hole? If gravity can slow down light, why do Sunlight and a flashlight beams have the same speed? They took a picture of stars behind the Sun at the time of the solar eclipse, to prove gravity bends light path, but it is another misinterpretation. Hot plasma on the sun deflected star lights. Our atmosphere deflects star lights by the same principle. The most famous equation E=MC^2 is a math trick, not a fact. Mass is condensed charged particles. Energy is electromotive force that matter carried. These are totally different, and cannot be equivalent. A 1 kg matter at rest has no energy but thermal energy; for it to carry 1kgC^2 energy, it must move at 1.414 C speed. How fast can we move a bullet? Nuclear energy? With 1 kg of the best fuel, how much of it, percentage wise, can produce heat? The most famous experiment in modern physics, the double slit, is a misinterpretation, as all waves are within a medium/matter waves, there is no light/wave in space. A light is not a wave and not a particle in space. Light is high frequency alternating current in the medium. Do a double slit experiment in a vacuum chamber, and light's wave property will disappear. The fabric of space-time? Ripples of gravity wave? Distortion? What is the compound of the fabric or ripples? What is distorting what? What is the mechanism? Why do protons in an atom stick together, but an electron and proton don't stick together? Why did all scientists fall for such nonsense and make it mainstream? Science today is controlled religion. In this book, I pointed out some scientific mistakes and lies in my view. I introduced my ideas and theories about the physical universe. Enjoy it. Be well. Chapter 1 Theory Of Light Light is visible alternating current. Lightwaves must exist within matter. Lightwaves are longitudinal waves. Light is not a photon particle. Light cannot become matter. Light is the universe's free electricity. Sunlight stays in Sun's plasma. Sunlight on earth stays in Sun facing atmosphere. How does sunlight travel through space to reach us? Sunlight stays within the plasma on the Sun; sunlight does not travel in space. Sunlight transfers its energy to earth instantly through an invisible giant rigid rod. One end of the rod sets on the Sun's plasma and covers half of the Sun, while one end sets on earth's atmosphere and covers half of the earth. That rod is made of the repulsion force between the line of sight electrons on the surface of the Sun's plasma and on the surface of the earth's outer atmosphere. That rod of force is, in fact, billions of times stronger than a steel rod; it locks the atoms touched on both ends as one, conducts electrical resonance between the Sun and the earth, and keeps alternating current on the Sun and on earth oscillating at the same frequency. The same rod of repulsion force connected all the stars, moons, planets and every mass in the universe altogether, just like gravity connected them all together. Gravity pulls all matters together, while repulsion force pushes all matter apart. Coulomb discovered repulsion force and attraction forces are like the hands of God. God holds the universe with his left hand and plays a love song with his right hand. Chapter 2 Theory Of Gravity Gravity is the induced electrostatic attraction force between neutrally charged matter. It is similar to sexual attraction outside of marriage. All matter is formed from atoms. All atoms are formed from charged particles. Since a charge's force has no boundary, any matter 1 and matter 2 at a distance R, all positive charges in matter 1 will attract all negative charges in matter 2 and repel all positive charges. All positive charges in matter 2 will attract all negative charges in matter 1 and repel all positive charges. Due to nature’s wonderful structure of the atoms, the net force is always an attractive force which is proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to their distance squared, and we call it gravity. F=G x M1M2/R^2. Gravity is an electrostatic force at nature’s special arrangement, similar to magnetic force is an electrostatic force at nature’s circular arrangement. Chapter 3 Theory Of Magnetism And Electromagnetic Induction Ferromagnetic material has a special property – it can be magnetizing to create temporary magnetic domains. Every magnetic domain contains two atoms. When an electron moves from an atom to the next atom and stays there temporarily, the two atoms become a temporary magnetic domain. Magnetic domain carries a negative charge on one end and a positive charge on the other end, so we can call a magnetic domain an electric arrow. Due to electric arrows carrying positive charge on the head and a negative charge on the tail, it has special properties: 1. Same direction electric arrows attract each other from head to tail, and by side to side. 2. Opposite direction electric arrows repel each other from head to head, tail to tail, and by side to side. Temporary electric arrows in magnets’ Ferro material cannot exist by themselves, but rather must all be linked into concentric rings and fill up the whole magnet, for a magnet to be stabilized and magnetized. Therefore, on the poles of a bar magnet, there are concentric rings of electric arrows, with one pole clockwise, and the other pole counterclockwise. On the body/surface of the bar magnet, there are parallel electric arrow rings all over. A current in a wire does not create a circular magnetic field in space. It induces the electric arrows in the compass to be parallel to its current direction; therefore, the compass moves to 90 degrees to the wire. Between two parallel conducting wires at distance R, line of sight electrons on the surfaces of the two wires are repelling each other with electrostatic force F=Ke x ee/R^2. This repulsion force is billions of times stronger than a steel rod. Because it connects all of those repelling electrons as one, they must move together as one. Therefore, if there is a current alternating in one wire, it will induce an alternating current in another wire instantly. This is the true mechanism of so-called electromagnetic induction. It is, in fact, electrostatic induction. Magnetic force is a misinterpretation of circular electric force. Magnetic field is a misinterpretation of circular electric field. Electromagnetic induction is a misinterpretation of electrostatic induction. Electromagnetic wave is a misinterpretation of electrostatic wave. Chapter 4 Atomic Structure Theory An atom is an alternating current generator and a two-way antenna. Every electron carries 1 negative charge. If we split the electron into 1,000,000 equal pieces, each piece will carry 1/1,000,000 negative charge. Let's name it enertron. If we have a perfect bottle, which means no leakage, and no reaction with enertron, like a glass bottle and air, and we put 1,000,000 enertrons into the perfect bottle, since they repel each other with Coulomb's force, they will equally distribute in the bottle. Now if we put a proton into the perfect bottle, what will happen? Enertrons should be attracted by the proton, colliding on its surface and keep bouncing up and down, forming a vibrating elastic ball around it. The closer to the positive charge the denser the enertron cloud is, the density of the enertron cloud decays at 1/R^3 due to the repulsion force between enertrons decays at 1/R^2. We can call it an atom ball. Imagine many perfect balls with a total mass equal to earth’s mass, fall on the perfect earth surface and bounce up and down forever. Assume the earth is a giant positive charge and perfect balls are small negative charges. Theoretically, mathematically, and logically speaking, this system is a perpetual machine, and it could be real. Imagine the enertron is a real particle that it carries a tiny negative charge, but it has a stronger electric force than compared to electron, similar to neodymium magnet compared to ceramic magnet. Imagine a proton actually carries 918 positive charges, and it attracted 917 negative charges of enertrons to form an atom ball that carries 1 negative net charge. Add 1 electron to the atom ball to form a neutrally charged hydrogen atom. One atomic weight equals to 1,836 total charges, no matter whether these are positive charge or negative charges. This is the only logically possible atomic structure that could make any sense in reality. The negatively charged particles in the atom are constantly oscillating at radius direction. This is the alternating current within the atom, therefore the atom is an alternating current generator. Atoms can exchange their inner alternating current by contact and by radiation at a distance, so atoms are two-way antennas. Chapter 5 Theory Of Matter And Energy Energy is the motive force carried by moving matter (kinetic energy) and the alternating current carried in atoms (thermal energy). An atom is formed from charged particles, therefore energy in the atom is electric energy. The matter is formed from atoms, therefore energy in matter is electric energy. The universe is formed from matters, therefore all of the energy in the universe is electric energy. Since charged particles are indestructible, therefore an atom is indestructible, therefore the matter is conserved. Since energy coexists with matter, energy is conserved. All matters are constantly vibrating, moving, acting, changing, reforming, and evolving. All the energy comes from atom formation. When oppositely charged particles attract each other to form an atom, their potential energy transfers into kinetic energy and is stored within the atom in the form of alternating current between the positively charged nucleus and the negatively charged atom ball. This inherited current is oscillating at radius direction. Energy can move from matter to matter, but energy cannot transform into the matter, and energy cannot vanish into the vacuum. Chapter 6 Theory Of The Sun The Sun is an alternating current generator and a two-way antenna. Its electric energy oscillates at radius direction. The Sun's alternating current simultaneously induces alternating current on earth and on the moon and on all of the stars in the universe. Induced alternating current on earth oscillates in the atmosphere at the Sun-earth direction, and the visible part of it is Sunlight. Between the earth and moon, there is weaker induced alternating current oscillating in the earth-moon direction atmosphere and on the moon’s surface. Due to electric induction, all induction currents are self-balancing; input and output energy must be equal, therefore all energy is shared between all masses equally. The energy in the Sun is inherited from the atom formation and star formation. Every atom has its own formation energy. When atoms form into a star, their energy gathers together. The more mass that gets together, the stronger the gravity it has; the higher the energy density it has, the higher the temperature it is; the higher the oscillating frequency it has, the higher voltage alternating current it carries. The energy in the Sun is renewable AC current, coming from atom formation and star formation. The Sun shares its energy with planets and also works as a heat sink, keeping planets’ temperatures stable. All of the extra energy humans produce is radiating into the Sun, but because of the Sun's huge mass, its temperature change will not be noticed. The Sun is immortal due to its energy and matter being conserved. The Sun is stable, and the Sun is not a fusion reactor. The universe is electrified; every star, planet, mass, and atom is an alternating current generator and a two-way antenna, and they all work together as one. Chapter 7 Radiation And Antenna Mechanism Radio waves are invisible alternating current in the atmosphere. Light waves are visible alternating current in the atmosphere. The antenna is a terminal of electric current; there is no current passing through an antenna, only the voltage oscillates with the input current. This oscillating voltage in the transmitter antenna induces an alternating current in the air, propagating away from the surface of the antenna at a 90-degree angle, passing through the air to reach receiver antenna and to induce oscillating voltage in it. In the process, the antenna is like a balloon, the current is like air, and the voltage is like air pressure. When air is pumping in and out of the balloon, the pressure in the balloon will keep changing and producing longitudinal sound waves in the air. Similarly, when electrons are pumping in and out of the antenna, the voltage in the antenna will keep changing and producing longitudinal electrostatic waves in the air. This is, in fact, alternating current in the air. In the vacuum space, Coulomb's force is the conductor of electric energy. The line of sight electrons on the surfaces of the antennas are constantly repelling each other with Coulomb's force. F=Ke x Q1Q2/R^2. This repulsion force acts as a rigid rod without mass and body, and instantly transfers electric energy freely back and forth between the two antennas. Hold a magnet in each hand, with the same poles facing each other. Do you feel the strong repulsion force? Yes. Wave one hand in and out. Feel the kinetic energy instantly transferred to the other hand? Yes. Are the two hands waving at the same frequency? Yes. Is there any magnetic wave traveling between the two hands? No. The repulsion magnetic force is the conductor of kinetic energy between the two hands, enabling kinetic energy to freely transfer instantly. We can call this phenomenon magnetic radiation. If we hold electrons in our hands instead of magnets, it is electrostatic radiation, a misinterpretation of electromagnetic radiation by scientists. The alternating current direction is always perpendicular to the surface of the antenna, and it propagates in the air as a longitudinal wave. Chapter 8 Universal Repulsion - A New Fundamental Force Similar to universal gravitational force between two distant masses, there is a universal repulsion force between the line of sight electrons on the surfaces of two distant masses. Without gravitational force, we cannot orbit the Sun. Without repulsion force, Sun and earth cannot share their light. Since electrons are on the surface of all matter, due to the fact that line of sight electrons are constantly repelling each other with Coulomb's force, therefore between the surfaces of matter A and matter B there exists a universal repulsion force F=Ke x qAqB2/R^2. In the equation, qA is the total charge of the line of sight electrons on the surface of matter A, qB is the total charge of the line of sight electrons on the surface of matter B; R is the distance. This universal repulsion force is always existing at any distance; therefore, the line of sight electrons are constantly connected by this force, therefore they can share their electric energy instantly at any distance. This universal repulsion force is the conductor of light energy in the vacuum space between the stars and planets. Light energy is instantly shared between the line of sight vibrating electrons on the surface of the plasma on the Sun and the electrons on the surface of earth’s outer atmosphere. Then it becomes alternating current in the outer atmosphere and travels in the air at light speed heading to the ground. Due to the existence of this universal repulsion force, all of the stars’ lights shine simultaneously throughout the universe. The universe is but one unity, and all matters are electrically entangled. Chapter 9 Fundamental Forces All matters are made from atoms, and all atoms are made from charged particles. Charged particles only carry electrostatic force; therefore, all forces must be an electrostatic force in nature. Same charged particles repel each other, while oppositely charged particles attract each other. Strong and weak forces are imaginary, as they never can be measured or calculated. If there is a strong force that can make protons stick together, there must be a strong force carrier, and it must be negatively charged. If there is a weak force, what is the force carrier? What is its charge? How can all atoms be neutrally charged? Magnetic force is circular electric force. From Coulomb's Law, we can calculate the universal repulsion force between line of sight electrons on the surfaces of matter 1 and matter 2. F=Ke x q1q2/R^2. In the equation, q1 is the total charge of the line of sight electrons on the surface of matter 1, and q2 is the total charge of the line of sight electrons on the surface of matter 2, with R being the distance. Repulsion force is 10^36 times stronger than gravity, so how is it that masses are still attracting each other with gravity? This is because gravity is the net electrostatic force between neutrally charged bodies. All positively charged particles in matter 1 attract all negatively charged particles in matter 2 and repel all positively charged particles; all negatively charged particles in matter 1 attract all positively charged particles in matter 2 and repel all negatively charged particles. Due to induction and the unique structure of the atoms of the nature, the net force is always a weak attraction force we call gravity F=G x m1m2/R^2. Gravity causes matter formation and keeps the planets in orbit. Repulsion causes all other natural phenomena, such as quantum entanglement, induction, radiation, and light. Chapter 10 Earth Magnetic Field Mechanism Sunlight on earth is alternating current in the atmosphere induced by the light on the Sun. Sunlight on earth is moving westward at 1,000 mi/hr at the equator as the earth spins. This movement induces an east-west direction current in the atmosphere. This current in the atmosphere induces compasses to point to the north. This current also accelerates away from the equator to the poles to create polar lights. The earth’s magnetic field is not from the molten iron core. There will be no magnetic pole reverse unless the earth spins the other way. Earth’s magnetic field is a misinterpretation of this circular electric current on earth. Earth has this special east-west direction electric current in the atmosphere. Birds sense this current to navigate. We, too, use compasses to sense this current to navigate. Chapter 11 The Standard Model Before we understand atoms, how can we learn about the universe? If the standard model is wrong, then fundamental science will be wrong. The standard model is recognized by nearly all particle physicists as wrong in the sense that it is incomplete and only correct in a phenomenological sense. When scientists give up and call things the strong force, weak force, up, down, bottom, top, strange and charming, it says it all. Scientists think 1 electron and 1 proton are able to form a hydrogen atom. That is impossible. The 2 particles attract each other with the strongest attraction force in nature F=Ke x pe/R^2. The attraction force between an electron and proton is 10^33 times stronger than 2 neodymium magnets. What force can separate a proton and an electron? Therefore, they must stick together under that force. The electron is impossible to orbit, or become a wave or cloud around the proton to form a stable atom. Scientists invented a force called the strong force, which holds protons together. They forgot to invent another force that keeps electron away from proton, so atoms are able to form. Why do protons stick together, but an electron and a proton don't stick together? They invented the uncertainty principle, wave-particle duality, wave function collapse, electron shell, orbital, quantum state, energy level, electron-hole, and the electron cloud. These are all imaginary made up word puzzles that have nothing to do with reality. The standard model is like a monkey story. It is so sad. You’ve got to follow that story to get a degree. You’ve got to teach that story to become a teacher. Chapter 12 Theoretical Physics Theoretical physics has been totally messed up since Einstein's relativity became mainstream. Science became a religion; relativity, quantum mechanics, string theory, the standard model, the big bang theory and cosmology are all based on imaginary made up word puzzles, impossible assumptions, misinterpretations, and false mathematical equations. No theory is based on fact and logic; no theory has a precise mechanism, or cause and effect explained. There is no such thing in reality as a photon particle, quantum state, quantum energy, quantum field, quantum gravity, energy level, electron shell, electron-hole, electron cloud, wave-particle duality, wave function collapse, uncertainty principle, black hole, dark matter, dark energy, graviton, virtual particle, space-time, time dilation, gravitational lensing, quantum entanglement, or photoelectric effect. Space cannot tell matter how to move, and matter cannot tell space how to curve. There is no fabric of space-time, no ripples of gravity wave in the vacuum of space. For example, time dilation is a misinterpretation of the timer’s reading charged at a different speed, gravity, or temperature. Put the same clocks in the Sun, Mars, earth, and flying on a plane, and in a freezer for 24 hours, and every clock will have a different reading, but all spent the same 24 hours. Gravitational lensing is a misinterpretation of the hot gas on the Sun’s deflected light, not gravity. Quantum entanglement is a misinterpretation of Coulomb's force at work. All lines of sight charged particles are connected by F=Ke x PQ/R^2, and therefore, act as entangled. No theory, no scientist can explain how 1 electron and 1 proton can form into a stable hydrogen atom, yet, look at the pictures of the hydrogen atom, and what do you see? The standard model is absolutely incorrect. Fusion is impossible and imaginary, and the stars are not fusion reactors. That's why scientists wasted 80 years and lots of money to research and develop fusion without any success. Scientists don't know exactly what energy is yet. How could E=MC^2 be correct? What is energy? Energy is the motive force carried by moving matter (kinetic energy) and the alternating current carried in atoms (thermal energy). Energy must coexist with the matter. Therefore, there is no light wave, and no energy traveling in space at light speed. All theories based on light propagating in the vacuum of space are mistaken. All energy came from atom formation. Oppositely charged particles attract each other and same charged particles repel each other to form an atom, and the atom carries charged particles’ kinetic energy and is constantly vibrating. It is important to realize that in physics today, we have no knowledge of what energy is. We do not have a picture that energy comes in little blobs of a definite amount. It is not that way. -Feynman All these fifty years of conscious brooding have brought me no nearer to the answer to the question, “What are light quanta?” Nowadays every Tom, Dick, and Harry thinks he knows it, but he is mistaken. - Einstein Chapter 13 Two Easiest Ways To Win the Nobel Prize 1. Prove light must coexist with matter, and there is no light wave in the vacuum of space. The most famous double slit experiment is a misinterpretation. Do a new double slit experiment in a vacuum, and the light will not show wave property. The first person to do a double slit experiment in a vacuum, to prove there is no light wave in the vacuum of space, can win a Nobel and change history. If you have the tools, you should take this unique opportunity. Put the slits and screen on the inside walls of a square glass container. Point a laser beam on the slits, video the light wave interference on the screen. Then vacuum seal the container, video the interference disappear and leave two bright lines on the screen as if light acts as a particle. In fact, light is not a wave, not a particle in the vacuum of space. A light wave is a vibrating electrostatic force carried by vibrating electrons/atoms propagating in a matter/medium. Crookes radiometer spins in a low vacuum, but it does not spin in a hard/high vacuum. This proves light is not photon particles that have momentum. Scientists denied to see the fact. 2. Measure light speed in a vacuum glass bottle to prove it is infinite. Using an MIT 10 trillion frames per second camera to measure light speed in a vacuum glass bottle, we can prove light speed in vacuum is infinite, and there is no light propagating in the vacuum of space at light speed. Chapter 14 An Open Letter To Nobel Prize and Breakthrough Prize What is the speed of gravity? The speed of gravity is light speed. Why? Because all scientists say so. Textbooks say so. Everyone thinks so. Therefore, gravity’s speed is 3 x 10^8 m/s. This is a common mistake due to bad high education. Gravity has no speed-- it is an eternal property of mass. The fact is gravity has no speed, gravity does not propagate from Sun to earth at light speed, gravity is coexisting and constantly attracting the Sun and earth, and therefore gravity has no speed, it is instantaneous. Force has the attitude, direction, and carrier. Force has no speed. This is a simple fact and logical, so why are all scientists confused? Our science education is severely lacking. Scientists lied about detecting a gravity wave a few years ago. Today they lied about taking a picture of a black hole. What is going on? Why do they think people are all stupid? You guys should drain the science swamp, otherwise, who else can do it?