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  1. How do you feel about Socialism? I think it actually had a few good points to it. This anarchy and hysteria that has become commonplace would come to an end. Is this what ultimetly needs to happen to stop the insanity that this world has become?
  2. Some people are afraid of what they do not understand. Or if something is beyond their comprehension instead of blaming their own inadept brain they blame others. Maybe someday when he passes his kindergarten class he can come back and play. It takes all kinds of people and all kinds of different theories and beliefs to make this world go round. So maybe he will grow up and gain some wisdom or even tolerance or understanding. Until then he is going to be forever lost in his own little world of hate and ignorance.
  3. This is a perfect beginning to mass hysteria. Why don't they just hand everyone guns and tell them to shoot first and ask questions later. This is ridiculous, and I cannot believe this concept or idea was put out to the public. So lets say there is a neighbor or person whom someone does not like. Can they then turn around and cry there is a communist in their midst. This is more like an open invitation to condemn and slaughter anyone who does not conform to your ideals or beliefs. Is this really happening in Florida? I thought it was Salem Massachusetts for a second there. Let the witch hunti
  4. In 1964 I know they did not have all the technology and photshops that we have today. So in my opinion that gives this photo credibility as far as its realism. Add to it the fact that the father of the child was approached by the men in black. If this was no more than tomfoolery than why was there so much interest in this photograph? And why was there a cover up and the photo came up missing? There is to much mystery around this to just dismiss it. This is very interesting, and the odds are that back in 1964 the government had more of a stranglehold on the people. Maybe back then they did not
  5. The government does not need to go through all that trouble. They are doing just fine with their psychological welfare. People are so beyond paranoid it is ridiculous. The bombing in Boston was automatically assumed to be terrorists. The explosion in Texas was thought to be terrorists. And even Sandy Hook is some sort of inside warfare according to some. Now the government is turning us all into babbling schizophrenics. It is infiltrating our own homes. We are sabotaging ourselves. We are making ourselves paranoid, and full of deliriums. Maybe part of the blame should go to the media for causi
  6. Because to have an open mind is key. And to gain knowledge and wisdom we have to look outside of our own beliefs and thoughts. If we are to obtain any degree of intelligence we have to pursue all theories. No matter how obsurd they may sound. Even if you think it is all bull, at least read and listen and try to have an understanding of other people and their cultures. At the very least you will learn something. Whether you end up believing it or not. You still will have learned something new. And maybe you will laugh or think it is pure bunk but you have just expanded your mind nontheless.
  7. There is a law that is trying to get passed that would make all recipients who recieve state aid including the bridge card to be drug tested. Obviously if you fail the test you will be denied benefits. I have no problem with this. However what I do have a problem with is the fact that poor people are being singled out and stereotyped. If this law passes I think they should do drug tests for people geting there drivers license renewed, or for people who open a checking account at the bank...ETC. What is fair for one group of people should go for all of us. What do you think of this? Oh and let
  8. Do exorcisms still occur n this day and age? I have been told by some that demons and spirits cannot inhabit or harm a living soul. but some cases of alleged demon possesion do seem convincing. What are your thoughts on this subject?
  9. Overall these are practical and wise concepts. The thing about this is, this is just another law that man has tried to put into place. Not unlike the bible that Christians follow. These rules or guidelines are one mans opinion written down for all to see. Just as we look at the bible and all that is written in it. We need to look at the guidestones with a grain of salt. As I said some of these guides and words are filled with wisdom. And these guides should actually be a common knowledge. There truly is a basic mantra here. And that is respect for the earth and all its people. This seems to be
  10. I have heard of this. But as others have said why give them the password. If you tell them you do not have a facebook page, they can catch you in a lie. Because even though you cant access someones page you can tell if they have an account or not. As far as I know they cannot legally deny you employment if you refuse to give up that information. As of right now I think we still have that right to privacy. And as far as the comments from people who say do not post bad things or pictures you do not want your boss to see. This is a country where we sill have the right of free speech. Social netw
  11. Other then the obvious catalysts such as nicotine and asbestos. Nobody really knows the exact nature of cancer. Some people can be chain smokers and live to be 90 with no signs of cancer. Other people can live a healthy life. Filled with fruits and veggies and exercise daily. They become riddled with cancer to which there is no cure for them. Some people seek a traditional cure, filled with chemo treatments and radiation. It is a gamble that may work or it may not. Other people do try holistic methods. If they had chosen to take a more traditional route would they survive? I do not know, and n
  12. Because I believe that there are several dimensions. That we are not the only race or entity that ever was or will be. I believe we all have the gift of a third eye. We all have telekinetic powers within us. If we open our minds and let go of fear than it is amazing what we will see. To many people are so arrogant in their own beliefs and intelligence. They refuse to look outside the box and see that they may not be the only intelligent life. Or it is a case of just being to frightened to even want to understand the concept of ghosts and spirits. For some they are held back by a religious beli
  13. We will someday in our life times see a female president. I truly believe that. How woud you feel about that? This person may be a political genius and all around goodwill ambassador. But because she is female will she be treated the same as the first black presdent? With hostility and anger?
  14. Have you ever read the book by Stephen King, The Stand. I think this is pretty true to life what would happen if we saw a complete catastrophe. The world would not live as one. We would not all come together and find peace and love. The world would divide into two seperate sides. The greedy and self-serving people would take full advantage of everyone around them. Their survival instincts would kick in to something beyond animalistic levels. You certainly would have people that would do everything they could to help his/her fellow human beings. There would be some people who would understand
  15. Well first of all I do not believe in the death penalty. I feel like to judge and then legally justify executing another human being is a grevious error on the whole of humanity. Peope used to accuse woman of being witches and drowining them until a confession was given. Later men were hanged in front of all the town to see. This was barberic and wrong back then. And it still is to this day. I know there are men and women who commit foul dispicable acts. But to turn around and play God is wrong. Put these people in jail or prison but there is no way to justify murdering them. As far as this