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  1. I think antibiotics have a place, especially when someone has a serious infection. But these aren't to be taken for any type of virus. The reason because antibiotics will attack all the bacteria in the body and that includes the good bacteria that a body needs to function well. I remember when my mother had a serious bladder infection then went into secondary infections. She was on several different antibiotics over the course of a few months. After this was over though she had other issues, and it turned out that the good bacteria in her body was also eliminated from the antibiotics along
  2. First of all do we still know if Jolie continues to smoke? She may have been a smoker in the past, but maybe she could of quit, people do it all the time. Second Jolie saw a beloved family member her own mother died from ovarian cancer. Yes, she could of had regular screenings but maybe she opted for the mastectomy after discussing it with doctors. Maybe an extreme measure but given her family history I can't say I blame her for doing so. I have to wonder if she will also have her ovaries removed since this gene also causes ovarian cancer which is what killed her mother.
  3. I have to admit the timing is very odd. In fact, when it first happened even I had to wonder if North Korea was a part of this. Even some of my family members wondered. Heck there was even those on the news who wondered because of the threats from North Korea during this time. But then it came out about the two brothers, and apparently they had zero connection to North Korea. So apparently this was just a very wild coincidence.
  4. Oh come on this is getting ridiculous. Obama and Clinton were the main candidates in 2008. It was going to be one of them on the ballot and Obama won the appointment due to the Democratic Convention that year. Seriously, I am so sick of hearing how Obama wasn't born in this country (yes, he was Hawaii has produced his birth certificate more then once), Obama didn't get on the ballot fairly, yeah and George W. Bush stole not one but two elections (hey I have my own conspiracies). Obama won the presidency twice and those who are sour grapes, AKA the GOP party need to just get over it. They ne
  5. To be honest I have never given this much thought. I knew all too well that 666 was the mark of the beast and considered by many to be satanic. But the theory of 7 11 being satanic I never heard of before, but as odd as it is you make a good point. Both of these group of numbers add up to 18. The funny thing is I never thought of the number 18 as satanic either, but then 666 does add up to this. Have to admit though that when I first read you subject line I though you were talking about the numbers, 7, 1, 1 and didn't understand how anyone could consider that sequence satanic in any way.
  6. You have got to be kidding me. How can anyone state that collecting rain water is against the law. Then to further say its the property of someone else. Who is this person? Well, mother nature or say God if you believe there is a God. Well, the last time I checked both of these entities shared with man kind so why should this be an issue. I believe this is a grand stand play to continue to get people to use water that has to be paid for and nothing more. After all why else would this be an issue, rain water comes from the sky, if it isn't preserved it falls to the ground and becomes mud
  7. Yes, I have heard about this. Mainly because my brothers were all stirred up the GOP wanted the United States to support the protesters in Syria, only to find out they are in league with Al Qaeda. So in other words we have members of Congress in the US wanting us to support those who are in league with our biggest enemy. Needless to say that is definitely a game changer, now that we know this how can we want to support them? I say we get our people out of that country and fast, these are our sworn enemies. So, we need to definitely stay out of this fight.
  8. You know its stuff like this that lead to people believing that incidences are actually a hoax. I realize the new media is in a rush to be the first ones to have a story or an interview. But staging stuff is ridiculous, and like I said only starts creating doubt that this stuff is true. I have no doubt Newtown happened, I have no doubt these three poor girls were held captive for all those years (I pray for them to find peace) but stuff like this can lead to the doubts and the hoax's. I wish the news media would buy a clue and stop staging this sort of stuff, it does't fair well for those
  9. Don't think think this is so silly, my sister actually does believe there is some truth behind this theory that some of the human race once populated Mars. As for me I don't know if this actually true, because how did we manage to get off Mars and get to the Earth. That is a question that she is unable to answer, of course. I do tend to think there was indeed life on Mars at one point. I also think its a good idea that we are studying Mars right now. Who knows maybe we can stop the Earth from going down the same destructive path by finding out what did life on this planet in.
  10. I tend to think of alien life as being what can be sustained on the planet in which the being comes from. In other words, I laugh when scientist say that some planets can't sustain life. Well, maybe not life as they know it to be on earth, but whose to say that life for that planet wasn't created to be sustained there. Yes, we have sent probes to Mars and have found no life. But maybe its possible that at one time there was life on Mars and it was destroyed for one reason or another. Maybe its a good thing we are studying Mars, because you never know this could very well be the case,
  11. I think there is evidence that primitive man did indeed exist. There are fossil remains that date back thousands of years, that show that man could of walked the planet along with the dinosaurs. Some scientist believe they have even found proof of the missing link. Also, there are primitive drawings that have been found in cave dwellings, if there was no such thing as primitive man where did these come from. Yes, man did evolve, but then so did living creatures, don't see dinosaurs walking around anymore do we. No, instead there are lizards and birds which are more or less ancestors of th
  12. I understand what you are saying. It does seem in times of tragedy people come together more then they do on average. So, in a catastrophe it does seem as if everyone pulls together. Its kind of sad that we can't come together in average day to day life. That we haven't learned to reach out to one another, to be there for one another no matter what. No, it always seems to take something bad happening for us to all be there for one another.
  13. The last time I checked George Bush and his son were no longer president. Something I am quite grateful for especially where his son is concern. So, there is no way that Bush Senior or Junior for that matter would know anything about this. As for the Government being involved, I have to ask what did they have to gain by doing this? Nothing from where I sit, so there was no reason do it. This is kind of like these culprits mother saying in an interview that this was all an act to frame her sons. That all these people were actors and no one died. Yeah right, as if we have nothing bet
  14. Well, I do believe in Heaven, I can't explain why I believe. I just have this feeling that tells me that it does indeed exist. I also think that we are so powerful in our mind sets, that when we dies we tend to see what we believe we will see. In other words the after life, gives us what we are expecting, but then this is just my opinion. As for calculators going to Heaven, tell me do PC's also go to Heaven I would like to think that my PC that crashed two years ago did, all right just joking. Actually its in a brain dead coma hoping for the day it will get a new hard drive and live again
  15. Well, first of all I am not 100% convinced there is a hell. After all if there is a hell, who technically runs it. Think about this for a moment before you answer the devil. Because doesn't God supposedly condemn people to hell, so wouldn't that mean that God would have some say in how hell is ran. With this in mind, I have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that hell does indeed exist. I can't see a forgiving and loving God condemning people to such a place. Now, I do think that there are different levels of Heaven and there is such a thing as resurrection. In other words if