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  1. This afternoon, I watched in horror as live coverage on MSNBC showed a tornado, about a mile wide, spent an hour going through a city, in Oklahoma ripping up trees, destroying schools, and obliterating homes. Students are trapped in a school while casualties, possibly from a small hospital, start showing up. You should have seen this. I remember scientists saying we'll see more of these as climate change works its magic, but I bet we have already gone too far and waited too long. We'll see more of these per day, not per year, than we have seen before and they will be more devastating.
  2. So true. It looks like the IRS was overwhelmed by the tsunami of applications following the Supreme Court's helping corporations buy politicians, while not clarifying limits on how "social welfare" organizations spend their time and money. I bet the IRS has seen almost every conservative and his kissin' cousins hopping on the charity band wagon. This investigation is wise, but will it yield viable solutions to an already overloaded department? Will investigations reveal the same types of questionnaires being sent to liberal or minority run organizations? For me, those questions
  3. Chapman was a lone, crazy gunman. People supporting gun control are missing a great opportunity to use his crime in their arguments for universal weapons registration and a better mental health care system. The government had no reason to want Lennon dead and, if any government had, Lennon would have simply disappeared, just like Jimmy Hoffa!.
  4. A meteor struck the moon in March, but the end of this month is more interesting. Several meteors will pass by, but I do not have the room, or time, to mention them. A geomagnetic storm warning was issued for May 19, with a 75% chance of our seeing Auroras, at higher latitudes, before the full 24 hours passes. This makes me want to unplug everything in my house... . If you really enjoy space weather, I suggest you look at the Jet Propulsion Lab's small-body database. I use the database, periodically, when researching rumors. Sometimes, the information is a comfort but there are times
  5. Maybe, since people are up in arms about losing their assault rifles, they should be taken away from their owners. The right to own guns was based on those single shot, stop and load blunderbusses, not guns able to clear paths through jungles, not guns that amputate the arms and legs from screaming kindergarteners. Maybe requiring all assault rifles and man-killers be stored at firing ranges would be a better idea. This way, gun owners can play out their Rambo fantasies while making access harder for criminals and the mentally ill. Seems like a "win/win" to me. That would leave
  6. And...that is what Republicans want everyone to forget! With each scandal, I take a little time to see what conservatives are saying. They almost bend over backwards building stories and ignoring facts. Republicans denied funding for more security in Benghazi. The blood is on their hands and they keep washing....and washing....
  7. I have several friends who have had double mastectomies based on their genetic risk factors. Let me say this is the genetic risk factor, not one's smoking habits, where the concern lies. Mammography does not end a risk factor. Removing the tissues inside the mammary globe does. With all of the attention given smoking as a risk factor for cancer, people have forgotten that you don't have to be a smoker to develop cancer. As long as you have cells, you can develop cancer and, yes, non-smokers, living among non-smokers all of their lives, can develop lung cancer.
  8. Something tells me that Ms. Rivera joined the army thinking there would be no war while she served. Her goals may have been truly financial - a college education, financial security for her children, and any other useful benefits. Also, I have heard what some recruiters tell people considering a stint in the armed forces. The incentives range from an overly optimistic "serve your country" pitch, to promising recruits a post boot camp job yielding experience easily transferred from the armed forces to post enlistment employment. That being said, I harbour little sympathy for her plight.
  9. The hubby and I, along with everyone else on the face of the earth, watch and shake our heads. Yes, congress should be dealing with gun safety, jobs, and education but manage to find some new distraction every 48 hours. One reason behind their panic is their failure at making Obama a one term president,. Another is deeply embedded racism, but these things tend to run in "threes". What is the third leg of the panic stool? "2013 Deficit To Shrink To $642 Billion...." I think Republicans are losing the deficit argument faster than before sequestration kicked in. At this rate, any
  10. Republicans have opened a new can of questionable complaints about the IRS having targeted conservative organizations with unfair investigations during their 501(3)( application process and performing more investigations of conservative 501(3)( groups' tax returns. Conservatives also allege that liberal organizations, submitting the same applications, were not subjected to the same scrutiny. Once again, we hear the "except for pigs" outrage at conservative organization being subjected to the same treatment they dish out to others. Since the Citizen's United decision, a fiasco rising to
  11. I have not seen the movie, because I'm waiting for its being release for Pay Per View programming, but slavery was a violent institution as was, and still is, its aftermath. I really cannot stand Farrakhan so I'm typing without having heard him talk about the movie and its affects. I am pretty sure that some of the hysteria surrounding Django is based in America's discomfort with its own history. Many people, both Afro-Americans and Whites, want slavery swept under the table with the media softening its presentation. Apparently, Django ripped the scab right off this unhealed wound. Fear of
  12. Well the husband just flew in and out of DIA, and he found nothing amiss... , like he'd know! I think the only "conspiracy associated with our airport is that which brings foreign money directly into our state. They have direct flights from DIA to the UK and I heard talk of direct flights to Asia. I am not sure if the flights to Asia have begun, though. I have never heard about murals with gargoyles, so I will assume you are kidding about that.
  13. "Israel cannot continue to pretend that it is a country of culture, technology and enlightenment while millions of Palestinians live invisibly under the brutal rule of bullets, bulldozers and armed settlers." So much truth in once sentence! I do not believe Israel intends to ever make peace with Palestinians. Every "peace effort" is simply a stall tactic, allowing Israel to continue the slow genocide they perpetrate against Palestine. While my views are not very popular, I want the United States to stop "helping" Israel as it has in the past. Instead, We should refuse to intervene
  14. It is amazing how racism allows government officials to prevent their citizens benefiting from laws their own income taxes pay for. Should a white president take office, and allow Obamacare to continue, South Carolina's government will embrace it as if it was their own idea. In the meantime, other industrialized nations will point and laugh at our nation's refusal to provide healthcare while claiming "greatest country on earth" status.
  15. Opening one's mouth and drinking raindrops is not "collection". It is "consumption". The laws address storing rainwater for later use preventing its completing a natural cycle that adds water to streams and rivers. I have a feeling that, at least in my state, droughts will force changes is water use law,