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  1. Obama care isn't perfect but from what I've read it will be beneficial to many people. There are a handful of countries that successfully fund subsidized health care. The idea that you will only recieve care if you have expensive insurance or have to file for bankruptcy to pay for medical bills is astounding. In some european countries even dental is included and free to everyone. Why would you want to fight against this?
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    Hemp oil has also been shown to cure cancer but again the pharmaceutical companies want nothing to do with it. Cancer is a money making business! They feed the population crap food devoid of nutrients and then charge them for chemotherapy and radiation treatment when their bodies become ill. If we cure the disease they wont be able to raise money "for the cure" and continue on this path of money making destruction. I have heard all sorts of fantastic things about vitamin C and other supplements aiding in the cure of cancer. I support anything that kills the cancer without killing the rest of
  3. I don't agree with that at all!!! I think the latest statistic is that one in four women will be raped. Rape doesn't happen without the participation of men. I don't know if the campaign would be effective and actually reaches it's real target market but I don't think it is a hate campaign. I wasn't offended by any of the profiles that were switched to women. Wrongly accusing someone of rape is as bad as committing the act. I think the child abuse add could be very effective. I am slightly appalled by the comments towards women in the work place. Men can also take maternity leave when thei
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    Hitler was not a clone but I think cloning will be possible very soon. They are already growing organs and testing on mice. These lungs were grown in a test tube...
  5. I think there will be a lot of privacy issues when they become more mainstream. I think they will end up being one more thing that distracts people from real life. Personally I am not a huge fan and don't really want to be around them. It is too easy for someone to video you without your consent and then upload it.
  6. I think that this is possible theory. Our ancestors would have no reference or proper way to explain a flying being other than some kind of magic and 'Gods' would help explain away all of the mystery sorrounding an alien visit. There are many ancient drawings of flying beings some with wings and others without. Perhaps all religion is Alien founded? who knows...
  7. These kinds of experiences are why I believe that there is something out there that visits earth periodically. There are too many people with too many similar stories for it to all be a hoax. There is no reason for most people to make up a story like this which would lead me to believe that something out of the ordinary happened!
  8. I want to believe that the moon is our natural sattelite but having seen some interesting things I am open to other concepts. I particularily like this theory! If you believe that we have been visited and influenced by aliens it would make sense that they would build a sattelite or base to make it easier to monitor us. If the moon is hollow (like some believe) then this theory is incredibly possible! We don't know enough either way but anything is possible. If one day we find out that Aliens built the moon I won't be surprised!
  9. There is symbolism in almost everything we see however since bills need to be complex there is a greater opportunity for hidden messages etc. Because of this I also think it is possible to see things that may not be there purposefully. I didn't know you could fold all of the bills and see the towers. That is very interesting.
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    I am angry that the governments are lying to the public and withholding information. Powerful people are making irresponsible decisions that negatively effect the masses. The more they lie the less control we have over our lives and the way our society functions. I think anger is a normal response but it doesnt mean that people are incapable of calmly looking at the situation. Perhaps the anger will help us turn things around...
  11. I think these stats are off and the article is incredibly racist. Perhaps more black men are charged with rape (how many go unreported?) but there are many white rapists out there too! There are lots of assholes out there and they come in every colour.
  12. Here is a Harvard study on water flouridation and the effect it has on children's IQ. “In this study we found a significant dose-response relation between fluoride level in serum and children’s IQ…This is the 24th study that has found this association, but this study is stronger than the rest.” ”Fluoride readily crosses the placenta. Fluoride exposure to the developing brain, which is much more susceptible to injury caused by toxicants than is the mature brain, may possibly lead to damage of a permanent nature.”
  13. It is so dissapointing that we have known about the negtive effects of Asbestos for over 100 years and are still dealing with the fallout! Companies and governments need to put more importance on health and less on money. The money game screws us over everytime and innocent people pay the price. I didn't kow most of these facts, thanks for sharing!
  14. Because they can. Because the people in power do not seem to have a concience or ethical morals. It doesn't make sense to me. Criminals deserve to serve their time but in a humane and ethical way. The fact that innocent people are enduring this torture is ridiculous!!! "Absolute power corrrupts absolutely"
  15. I understand that people don't want to believe that things are messed up and their government has been lying to them for decades so I try not to get too in their faces about it. I try to pick my best point and leave them with one good piece of info before dropping the subject. No one will change their views overnight so all you can do is try to share some insight and wait for them to figure it out.
  16. I think more people died from swine flu than average but I agree that they made a really big deal about it on the news. Unfortunately the vaccine that they were urging people to get was not effective and possibly aggrivated the issue. Viruses that move quickly from animals to humans tend to be of the super virus variety and stronger than average.
  17. If you haven't seen Run From the Cure here is a link to it! I highly reccomend watching it...
  18. Sorry I didn't read through that whole site before I posted... I have watched many documentaries and read different articles about it. There are many studies that show flouride to be harmful and/or unnecessary to have in the water supply. here's another article:
  19. Freedom of speech should exist, although lately I have been doubting whether it is something we can maintain. Online censorship scares me. The internet was created with the idea of free information. It has liberated our generation in ways we never could have predicted. As soon as we censor people we are working in a realm of misinformation and possibly brain washing. The Skype issue makes me think of the movie Minority Report.
  20. I know that in my province there is no added fluoride in the water however most states in the US are not so lucky. Fluoride is poisonous and has been shown to effect brain development amongst other things. If there is fluoride in your water you should invest in a filter and switch to natural toothpaste!
  21. When a large group of people devoutly believe something it has a greater chance of coming true. I don't think any of these things are real predictions. I believe the bible is a work of ficticious stories based on true events. People are always picking and choosing parts of the bible that help support whatever cause they are promoting. The words get twisted and the real meaning is lost. Perhaps there are some coincidences but I don't think you should look to the bible to fortell the future.
  22. We surely need to learn how to live with nature and not destroy it. Emissions are important but this carbon tax is a hoax. Basically big companies just trade carbon points now, it has turned into a tax thing. The idea that cow farts are effecting the ozone layer is the most riddiculous thing I have ever heard!...just wait till they try to tax your farts!
  23. Building 7 was a controlled demo for sure! The other two towers i can argue either way all day long but I feel like the elevators were blown out for sure. There is too much misinformation sorrounding the whole incident but I think there are too many questionable choices and weird coincidences for it to be a real terrorist attack. I hope we learn the truth one day!
  24. I think that phenomenom has been attributed to the gravitational pull of the earth. God is not keeping people from falling off. One day when we understand the universe better I'm sure all the current religions will sound riddiculous! Just like we laugh about people believing the world was flat. When you know more some of the old theories don't make sense anymore. For me religion is outdated and discriminatory so i don't follow it.
  25. I would say that packaged and processed foods are slowly killing the population. Between the sugar, salt and gmo food we are not getting the nourishment we need. If you eat potato chips everyday you are probably eating too much salt. I personally am more concerned with sugar and gmo foods but i don't eat a lot of salty pre-packaged food. At the end of the day we should all be eating organic food.