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    Rocky got a reaction from warmweatherwoman in Is there Flouride in Your Water?   
    I know that in my province there is no added fluoride in the water however most states in the US are not so lucky. Fluoride is poisonous and has been shown to effect brain development amongst other things.

    If there is fluoride in your water you should invest in a filter and switch to natural toothpaste!
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    Rocky got a reaction from peacemom in Anger   
    I am angry that the governments are lying to the public and withholding information. Powerful people are making irresponsible decisions that negatively effect the masses. The more they lie the less control we have over our lives and the way our society functions. I think anger is a normal response but it doesnt mean that people are incapable of calmly looking at the situation.
    Perhaps the anger will help us turn things around...
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    Rocky got a reaction from Merkaba in And they said that Auschwitz was a horror camp   
    Because they can. Because the people in power do not seem to have a concience or ethical morals. It doesn't make sense to me. Criminals deserve to serve their time but in a humane and ethical way. The fact that innocent people are enduring this torture is ridiculous!!!
    "Absolute power corrrupts absolutely"