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  1. The Samoan government is shutting down for a short time, supposedly to allow for the mass vaccination of the population against a measles outbreak. Is that the truth? Or is it a cover for a mass euthanasia event being blamed on a natural virus?
  2. TruthSeekerG

    Some people are getting it

    So what are you getting at? There's a giant person over California? What do these supposed "hidden people" have to do with anything? What's your point with this discussion?
  3. I disagree with the "consent" thing. Being raised in a broken & corrupted system doesn't mean you consent to living in such conditions. Enter Democracy. If we wish to change this messed up system, we speak out. We vote. We serve on juries. And it's why many people own guns; as a last resort. And if 1 or more of those institutions is corrupted, that doesn't mean we consent to it. It means we're being screwed over. And that's why we fight for freedom.
  4. TruthSeekerG

    The Wisdom of the Talmud - Jews Did 911 .. Try & Execute!

    Jihadis did it in their 700+ year war on humanity, Bush & Cheney allowed it, Jesus was a Jew, you make all conspiracy theorists look bad by being no better than the KKK by attacking a whole race for something. Nobody chooses their race moron. It'd be like black people taking up arms against whites because of slavery & civil rights abuses or Native Americans doing the same or women turning on men because of "the patriarchy". Your racist bullshit hurts all of us so grow the fuck up & shut up.
  5. TruthSeekerG

    David Icke Video, The Dancing Israelis and the Spy Ring of 9/11

    Some say dancing Israelis, some say dancing Muslims. Js.
  6. TruthSeekerG

    Gemini man; Celebrity clones?

    Anybody see the the movie Gemini Man with Will Smith? They say it's visual affects but what if it's the Illuminati showing off one of their Celebrity Clones in plain sight? Thoughts?