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  1. hi there, I would like to thank you for your very informative website. I have been a TI for 11 years now and would like to know if there is any sites/ forums i can share my story with other TIs. It started in 2009 and i have quite a story, I was followed by Black SUVs and Black Helicopters at the start, on one occasion i had a black helicopter hover in front of my window at my flat and the pilot or military personal spoke to my mind via some form of telepathy helmet. I was followed, street theater etc for the first few months, scared and confused i left london for the countryside. I was aware that people could hear my thoughts and had a mental breakdown. The reason for being targeted could be many at the time i was heavily in to conspiracy videos on youtube and also i am a very strong believer in Jesus and god ( can communicate telepathcally/ prayer with him and hear his reply - ive heard his voice way before the v2k perps started, have memories of jesus voice back when i was 12. i also asked god to naiviely at the time 'forgive' freemasons which i think conbruibuted to my targeting . I believe and know ive had past lives and also along with V2K and all other symptoms hear voices of the dead so i have a lot to cope with 24/7 for as i said 11 years. Iam seeing a doctor as feel this helps keep me 'sane' but also be diagnosed to DID/Schizopria. I feel i am protected by god for my good deeds in past lives - as a saint. I would like any more advice and also where to share my story or go on a radio show to express my views. any help would be appeaicated. king regards Finbar