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  1. Mostly city folks died of starvation because back then most all rural living people in the USA had a working veggtable garden, chicken coups for eggs, a milk cow....ect and hunted and fished for wild game.
  2. Robert55

    The Wisdom of the Talmud - Jews Did 911 .. Try & Execute!

    Arabs are Semitic also. Not that fire or even a airliner could cause those trade towers to implode but the fact is that Arabs do carry out a lot of world wide terrorism. 19 of the airline hijackers on the morning of 9/11/2001 were in fact Arabs and 15 of those Arabs were in fact Saudi Citizens. Important to remember that Arabs are Semites also just like the Hebrew speaking Jews. Also a thing that Jesus stated that there are those that call themselves Jews but are not. My thinking the terror that happened on 9/11/2001 was carried out by a mix of Arabs and Talmud following Jews. Not Torah following Jews but Talmud following Jews. There is a major difference there.
  3. Robert55

    King County warrant scam

    Doesn't matter if it's VoLP, telephone landline, cable or even cellphone. Any Phone# can be spoofed and the Indian scammers do it all the time. Most times it shows up just the City & State along with a phone# which if you call that number back it usually says non existent number. Now and a again though the scammers will spoof a legit business phone# in your local town/city. You pick up and you here the short burst of digital sound and some Indian guy is trying to sell you some BS product. If you hit the redial key on your phone to call that legit business phone# back it says non-existent but if you manually dial that number in on your phone key pad it rings up that legit business phone# and you get a answer.
  4. Because his career was building super structure sky scraper buildings and he knew back on the morning of Sept 11, 2001 that fire does not cause a skyscraper building to fall. He stated that in a radio interview that morning Sept. 11, 2001. He stated in that radio interview on Sept, 11, 2001 that he was given a grand tour of the trade towers the day after the 1994 trade towers bombing when those Arab Islamic terrorists tried to bomb the building columns in the basement car parking lot. He stated that in the 1994 bombing of the trade tower that a whole 1/3rd of the columns were blown completely out and the building was still solid as ever. Trump said that because of the way those trade towers were built that it's impossible for a airliner to strike it and cause the building to fall. Even with the fires ongoing. And we already know that all 19 of the terrorist airliner hijackers were in fact Arabs and 15 of those Arabs were in fact citizens of Saudi Arabia. None were Iraqi, Iranian or Afghan's. P.S. Just for geography and history note, Arabs are Semitic too. Come from the blood linage of Ishmael. One of two son's of Abraham.
  5. Many many sane people have moved out of California, in to Arizona and Nevada because of idiotic polices like that. The state of California itself at the state government level is a state house full of loons including Governor Newsome. Thos idiots are cutting off 100's of millions of gallons of fresh water from northern California and diverting it out in to the pacific ocean to protect a tiny fish that is not even doing well with or without lots of water. Causing Valley farmers to be starved for water to water their yearly crops.
  6. Heck, the FBI it self is a conspiracy theory because they sure do get a lot of secret warrants from the secret FISA court to spy on people, including Presidential candidates based on flimsy evidence at best. Using documents from foreign sources promoting a conspiracy theory.
  7. Robert55

    King County warrant scam

    Yea I got the back taxes scam phone call early last year 2019. They used a spoof phone #. When I picked up and said hello and heard the transfer computer sound and new it was another scam call. I waited and the dude said my name is John with his very strong Indian ascent was hilarious. The when he said he was a IRS agent and threatened to have me arrested if I did not go to the bank ATM machine and draw out $5,000.00 and send to him by wire service I flat out told him in my own faked Indian ascent that he could go suck a bag of soiled penises and hung up on him. The worst part of these phone scammers now is they spoof legit business phone numbers and you see it come up on your called ID and you think it's a legit phone call.
  8. Robert55

    Godlike Productions...

    Firstly the "God" in God Like Productions, is not about talking about religion hardly at all. That forum has threads on all kinds of stuff and the biggest threads there are about UFO's, Paranormal, Politics, Conspiracies and predictions of world wide doom(Which never ever come to pass ). Those sort of threads. Very rarely is there a thread about religion and specially rarely a thread about Christianity, Judaism or Islam. From what I have observed about the banning of posters to that forum is pretty much a issue of trying to push people over in to having to pay for a account to post but now in the last year it's moved on to banning anyone from even viewing the website at all unless you agree to $$ paying $$ for a account. The owner of that forum lies about why the banning is happening. Lies that they have to blanket ban whole ISP's because of supposed hack attacks, which is pure BS because when the your IP is banned from viewing website page shows up, it states in the text above if you have a paid account you won't be banned. So the whole blanket banning ISP's because of hack attacks is a complete and utter lie.