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  1. It would appear that there is some very solid evidence that a Secret Nuclear War is happening right now behind the scenes, wherein scalar beam weapons are being used to create unnatural earthquakes in various target countries. Many of you in the USA may remember the 4th of July & 6th of July 2019 earthquakes (6.4 and 7.1 respectively) in the United States near their Naval Research base. They were the two highest magnitude earthquakes to strike the country for the whole of the year. The fact that they occurred right next to a major military base is no coincidence. They were an attack. Both earthquakes were artificially generated – likely by North Korea – who appear to possess scalar beam technology. If you evaluate the timestamps of the aftershocks of the low magnitude earthquakes that followed the 7.1 quake in particular, two of them bear the exact time stamps TO THE SECOND of 2 suspicious North Korean ‘nuclear tests’ out to sea, which actually appear to have been artificially generated earthquakes. They were testing their ability to strike targets at distance, with nuclear yield energy blasts which register as earthquakes. In the link attached, a very comprehensive video analysis is given explaining just how artificial earthquakes are generated via Scalar Beams, as developed by the Soviets after the end of world war 2. This is an outgrowth of certain exotic physical principles governing the science behind nuclear weapons. North Korea – with China’s blessings – would indeed appear to have already attacked the US in secret using earthquakes as a cover. See this video: A Secret Nuclear War is Happening Right Now