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  1. I have read that the government has patents on medical use of marijuana, so once it is legal in more states, the government will be the one to market it and make the money from it. Also, as they legalize marijuana use from state to state, one of the things that is part of the laws is that when a person gets a card to be allowed to use marijuana for medical use; then they have to give up their legal gun rights; o this is something that is going to sneak through quietly, and also allow the government to confiscate many guns that are now legally owned. I don't have the documentation for that a
  2. I was just reading that Obama has made an agreement with Russia to send something like 15000 Russian military over here to work security at any big event, such as the Super Bowl. Why we should need any military security, let alone Russian military, is beyond me ! But anyway, maybe the Denton checkpoint was a part of this new Obama project ? I also remember reading somewhere that there have been sightings of Russian troops just over the Mexican border , so Texas would not be that far for them to travel.
  3. That is an incredible video ! It certainly does bring up questions about what actually happened. They are now reporting that the pilot was blinded with a light at about 500 feet, and are saying that maybe someone on the grind shined a laser beam at the plane. I wonder how that fits in, if it is even true ? And the telltale sign of a drill being held that day certainly makes it all sound suspicious. This is something that needs to be looked into more, that is for sure.
  4. I think you are right on with this ! I remember when it happened, and I was reading the first reports from soe of the people that were there that day. They said that when they were doing to work, there were ambulances and a fire trick right near the building' in a parking lot, or someplace similar, and they wondered what ad happened for the emergency people to be there. Not seeing anything happening, they went on to work, it it is pretty obvious that the emergency fire and ambulance were there so as to be in place when the bombing happened. I have also read that the main people knew in adva
  5. Soon after SEAL Team 6 were given public credit for killing Osama bin Laden, they were killed in an ambush attack while being sent on another mission (which is also being questioned by many as not legitimate), and VP Biden is the person who released this information publicly, although it was under the orders from President Obama to do so. Then, to make it even worse, a Muslim Imam was asked to give the prayer over the funeral services. At the time, no one understood what he said, but the ceremony was recorded, and later translated, and it turned it that he condemned the SEALS, and said they
  6. I absolutely think the government might have been involved. There is a history of singers and actors being used in one way or another by the government, and then they die premature deaths. Even some of the ones that are considered suicides, like Marilyn Momroe, leave a person wondering because of all the unanswered questions about her death. John Denver, an experienced pilot, crashed his airplane, and Sonny Bomo died when he supposedly skied right into a tree. Even the death of Elvis might have been staged, it is reputed that he was working with the CIA before he died. When people are famo
  7. It is true that meteors are always being seen in the sky, however, we seem to be having a variety of unusual happenings going on with the earth and space right now . First, there have been sightings of what looks like meteors near the sun, and possibly striking the sun. Coincidentally , we have just had FOUR X-class sun flares in the last few days. It is not mormal for us to have such large meteors striking the earth, yet, we recently had the large strike in Russia, which came from the area of the sun, so we didn't see it coming. Then, there is the boulder-sized meteor that struck the moon
  8. I do not think that the bombing was related to North Korea at all. In fact , I never saw anything on the news that was actually stated BY North Korea against us, only the reports from our government officials, that NK was threatening the US and Japan. Then, the bombing occurred, and all the news reports shifted away from NK, and onto Boston, and that was the end of the government telling us to worry about NK doing anything. All the pictures that were on the TV, were the old ones that said "file" on them, and the ones that were supposed to be current, were taken at nite, and didn't show anythi
  9. I would love to have a section for information reports related specifically to the Earth and Space. We have had several interesting topics about the moon lately, and things like the hollow earth, HAARP weather modification , did we really have a moon landing, chemtrails, does HAARP create earthquakes like Fukushima , and several other important topics that just get shuffled here and there, because there is no good fit for them in the available topics. It might be hard to prove if some of these things are conspiracies, or just the earth doing its thing, but that still opens up the opportunity
  10. Reports are just starting to come in of a large meteor exploding and maybe crashing in Mexico, , and there is a report of one hitting in La Paz, so I am not sure if it is the same one, and they have the area wrong, or of maybe two have hit almost simultaneously . When I looked at the meteor web page, there are a bunch of sightings in the northeast US tonite, as well as sightings around Colorado. Just recently, the largest meteor strike ever recorded, crashed and exploded on the moon, and now the news of this new one in Mexico. I don't see it showing up on the earthquake sites yet, but I will
  11. Victor, as you can tell from my previous posts, I am against discrimination of ANY person, regardless of race or religion. I believe that there are heroes, and there are criminals, to be found in all races, and each person stands on his own integrity, not his skin color, or his past race history. What I was trying to say, is that most of us here in America, regardless of race, are descended from people that were forced to come here , rather than be executed, or face life in prison. Not just the black people who were taken into slavery by Muslim slave traders . Those people certainly had n
  12. In March, we experienced meteor showers, some of which were visible here in the US, and some that were seen in other countries. We were fortunate not to be struck by anything even close in size to the one that exploded over Russia. However, the moon was hit by the largest meteor ever recorded to strike there, on March 17 of this year. The explosion was so large that it could be seen from Earth without using a telescope or binoculars, of a person happened to be looking at the moon just at the moment of impact. We have had a large number of close passing meteors this year , and this fall, C
  13. There are other less radical treatments that she could have afforded, if she decided to do that. And it does not make sense that she would be as concerned about cancer in her family, and still smoke, or not be doing whatever else she can do to prevent cancer. It would also seem like she would want to have the check ups often, since she can afford any medical care she needs, and not have surgery until it was a final option. However, apparently, she did not see it that way, for some unknown reason. I know that surgery would be a last option for me, as long as there were other treatments possibl
  14. I see what you are saying , Victor, however there are some things that I have to disagree with . There is NO ONE living here in the US that was brought here as a slave. Anyone who is living here, WANTS to live in America. Yes, Muslim slave traders sold slaves to the early colonists. That was ended almost 200 years ago, so no, there is no one here that has been a slave, or was forced to come here . However, slavery has never been restricted to any one race of people, and , in point of fact, most of the early immigrants to America, were forced to come here from prisons, or as indentured ser
  15. There is a lot of evidence of weather modification, and also weather control by HAARP. Sandy was actually headed out to sea, and they kept telling us that it was going to "hook"(amazing choice of words even) left and go ashore, which is exactly what it did. Even before Sandy, when Katrina came ashore, it was turning a sharp corner in order to make landfall in the worst possible area. I remember there was a lot of speculation when that happened. And another hurricane ( can't remember which one) actually crossed Florida, and then came back across again. Richard C. Hoagland had a lot of informat