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  1. Yeah i've heard about this. I don't know what exactly are they using, HAARP is an example. The worst part is that they know about this like since 1920, and people still don't believe this exists, and interacts with, not only the brain, but also metabolism, and the like. I know of people that is now getting spleen pain (known side effect of overexposure to EMR) and they diaphragm almost stopped working. And the human behavior control capabilities of this tech are very well known too.
  2. Yeah i know its "HAARP", or some similar facility, but what i'm saying is that this, and probably other EM tech, is being used NOW more than ever, to induce symptoms similar to COVID-19's, plus high blood pressure, irritability, etc, and that it's been more intense during confinement. It's explained in the link. There are lots of frequencies and each one affects different things, like metabolism, CNS, brain, etc. And btw HAARP patent also says it can disrupt the magnetosphere, creating holes and the like. They've been talking about magnetosphere holes getting worse since they started all
  3. Since everybody is looking where they tell you to look, and since everyone i know is feeling some of these symptoms in one way or another, i had to take a look further. Please read this post, even though the translation isn't perfect, references are at the end. I can tell you that this is 100% real where i live, and other countries that i was able to check. And before someone say some BS like "EMF" are harmless, there is A LOT of research saying the contrary. The thing is that this is not new, but it intensified since COVID-19.