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  1. Sir Keith Stammerer, Wraith Knight of the Ring, has dismissed Labour's Spokesman on Educayshun, Mrs Becky Short-Ass, after her refusal to removed an Anti-Semitic Tweet suggesting that Israel was somehow involved in the Yom Kippur War of 1973. In a prepared statement, Mrs. Becky Short-Ass stated, "Just because I criticise the Israeli Government does not mean that I am anti-semitic - Indeed, some of my best friends are Yids and Matso-gobblers. I wouldn't be a true socialist if I didn't believe in a fair deal and fair treatment for all people, whether they are paddies, gypos, wetbacks or nigno
  2. A nuclear device will detonate, vapourising most of downtown Seattle, at about a quarter to nine on the 3rd November 2020. Why do i conclude this? Consider, the NWO ALWAYS announce what they are planning way in advance in films, TV etc.. There is an hour long video online somewhere which goes through non-stop incidences of how the attack on the WTC and Pentagon was announced in films, TV, books, comic and even the INWO card game. However, a second attack has been repeatedly announced ahead of time, namely the detonation of a nuclear bomb in Seattle associated with the number