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  1. Sir Keith Stammerer, Wraith Knight of the Ring, has dismissed Labour's Spokesman on Educayshun, Mrs Becky Short-Ass, after her refusal to removed an Anti-Semitic Tweet suggesting that Israel was somehow involved in the Yom Kippur War of 1973. In a prepared statement, Mrs. Becky Short-Ass stated, "Just because I criticise the Israeli Government does not mean that I am anti-semitic - Indeed, some of my best friends are Yids and Matso-gobblers. I wouldn't be a true socialist if I didn't believe in a fair deal and fair treatment for all people, whether they are paddies, gypos, wetbacks or nignogs."
  2. A nuclear device will detonate, vapourising most of downtown Seattle, at about a quarter to nine on the 3rd November 2020. Why do i conclude this? Consider, the NWO ALWAYS announce what they are planning way in advance in films, TV etc.. There is an hour long video online somewhere which goes through non-stop incidences of how the attack on the WTC and Pentagon was announced in films, TV, books, comic and even the INWO card game. However, a second attack has been repeatedly announced ahead of time, namely the detonation of a nuclear bomb in Seattle associated with the number 113. Even in the INWO card game this occurs. Further more, in all instances of this forewarning, the detonation occurs close to the sky needle and the CHOP-CHAZ are is close to that - just a few blocks away. There are literally DOZENS and DOZENS of forewarnings in films and TV of a nuke attack on Seattle. Also, in particular, consider the film THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. All the villains behind Bane are all wearing masks, just like everyone has to now. Bane takes over Gotham telling all the people that he is returning the streets to you the people. This sounds extremely similar to the chant by Raz in the CHAZ-CHOP area who has been clearly recorded calling out, "Whose streets?" to which the gathered crowd call back, "Our streets" After taking over Gotham, Bane has a nuclear bomb which has to be flown away to safety. Could this be warning us that there is a nuclear bomb being assembled in the CHOP-CHAZ area? Could this be why TPTB are doing nothing to take it down? It is also worth while considering, suppose you wanted to assemble a nuclear bomb in a US city what better that to empty part of it so one can assemble it undisturbed? This was indeed, the plot in one of the episodes of the ATV series, "The Avengers" with John Steed and Emma Peel and has been repeated since in other TV shows, including Dr. Who. In addition, there is a guy posting on Youtube that no-one is taking much notice of who has been claiming that he used to work for BLM-Antifa and was the man who largely organised the Ferguson riots. Although he has now left it, he says that he became unhappy as the old guard of BLM-Antifa left and were replaced with professional revolutionaries. He further said that it was common knwledge that there is a long planned mass uprising that will occur on 4th November some year... which, of course, this year, would coincide with the US Election. How better to disrupt an election than by vapourising an entire US city? And why at 8:46? Because all of a sudden, this number is turning up everywhere. ON the basis of overwhelming evidence, I am convinced that Seattle will be vapourised at 8:46 on 3rd November 2020, the day before the election, by a nuclear bomb planted in the CHAZ-CHOP area.