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  1. what happened, is during the 2008 crash,,,,,Banks, Pension plans, Insurance companies and other institutions that depend upon Interest income to stay afloat ( ex: US Treasuries) started to have difficulty since the interest on T bills was almost nothing. So what they did was monetize STUDENT LOANS as a way for Institutions to earn 7% interest on loans that were backed by the US gov. So institutions are staying afloat thanks to student loan interest. This is why they will never be bankrupted. If you are in Student Loan debt,,,,,Call Dept of Education and tell them that you want to enroll in an INCOME DRIVEN REPAYMENT PROGRAM. You only pay what you can afford,,,,no bullshit, I been on it for 10 years.
  2. Wayne Greene ( Founder of Byte magazine) was on a US sub in ww2 and met natives in the area she crashed, who told them that Ameila and Frank were beheaded by the japs
  3. I was a computer tech from 83-97 and the Hindus pushed me out of a job. Went to medical school and guess what,,,,,Hindus blocked me out of a residency. The gig is up, the globalists have won as they have the people brainwashed.
  4. Too many good artists to mention but Eno, Fripp , Yes,, ELP. I met Dr.Robert Moog in 1975 at the Annual Music Expo in Chicago. Built my first Synthesizer from a PAIA kit in 1973. Check out SOMAFM.COM their Drone Zone is very good ambient.
  5. Money when older,,,,,Sex when younger
  6. The DEEP STATE are the worker bees of the DARK STATE. The plutocratic families comprise what is known as the "The Shadow Government" or Dark State.
  7. Get some Blue Light Glasses while on the Computer, they will save your eyesight.
  8. I got a tip about Ripple crypto and bought some for .17 cents on GLP. Problem was, Coinbase would only let me deposit 100$ so I could not buy more.
  9. Nice to see that Im not the only refugee here from GLP.... Been posting on that site since 2007 and am finally fed up with it. I think they want you to pay money to prevent bans.
  10. Dont forget about the Bali Nightclub NUKE ATTACK. Watch this video to see what a nano-nuke will do. Download this vid as it is very hard to find. This attack was used to get the Australians on board with the War on Terror. Tell me if a van full of fireworks creates a shockwave over 1 million meters per second and throws cars 300 ft.
  11. Wow, of course its berserk Berkeley. How about "Rainbow Holes" instead of Manholes ?
  12. This article is years old, Arnold was gov of California at the time.