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  1. This interview featuring Alex Collier is about 2 hours but it's never a dull moment, especially if you are one who believes in extra-terrestrial life in the universe. I watched it yesterday and my intention was to watch about 5-10 minutes and move on to something else, but the interview captured my attention and I could not stop watching. There's also a documentary/interview that Alex did 14 years later, in 2009, sort of like a follow-up interview. What he's saying is hard to believe at first but when you see his passion and the knowledge he drops on you, it's really hard not to believe. He ta
  2. This is for those people who do not identify with Atheism or Religion. The mind is energy and has the power to change matter. Matter is the physical manisfestation of energy. Awaken and realize the Divine Nature of Yourself. Awareness brings realization. Realization causes an Awakening. Awakening will bring you to an enlightened state. In the "Light" you will find your truth and finally you will know that the POWER is within YOU. Go beyond where you are told to go. For those that refer to themselves as Christians, Muslims, or any other Theist: You are creating your future by buying int
  3. Government cover-ups and corruption is nothing new. It's been going on for the past couple hundred years, if not longer. The last president that tried to do right by the American people was John F. Kennedy. Kennedy abolished the "Secret Government", better known as the Special Operations Coordinating Group within the National Security Council. This is the group that denied Carter, Clinton, and any other president who requested information about UFO documents. Dwight Eisenhower informed Kennedy that this "Special Operations Group" is the area where he lost control. So after taking office, one
  4. Either this individual has studied Alien history on Earth, since the supposed Alien crash, or she's telling the truth. When she talked about how they operated the spacecraft, she said it was more mental, telepathic, or interactive. A documentary of the UFO Disclosure Project, one person is quoted as saying, "The primary reason these universal entities are far more advanced than we are is because Interstellar civilizations use technologies that interface with consciousness and thought." She says they were scientist sent here to observe why we were setting off nuclear weapons, which is exactl
  5. Since pictures or videos are not what you want to see as proof, how about an image taken by Hubble Telescope. This image does not show any type of Alien Being on Earth, or an Alien space vehicle, it's simply an image of our Galaxy - Milky Way - and our place (our place or location consist of our Solar System - the Sun and the surrounding 8 planets) in the galaxy. Look at the image carefully and where we are. Then consider the fact that the human species is about 150,000 years old. Then consider the fact that the Milky Way Galaxy itself is 13 billion years old. Also, it took over 4 billion
  6. Very interesting. Most people believe the crop circles to be fake but when there's been no evidence of anyone having been in a large field and the fact that the legitimate crop formations have been created in a very short span of time, indicates it was not made by anything human. There are quite a few hoax, but those formations destroy the crop in and around the area. Whereas, legitimate crop circles do not destroy the wheat and in many cases have actually stimulated growth. It's bee said that when you first walk into a crop circle you lose any type of signal and it's like walking into a foot
  7. You may have a point Victor. I watched a show I had recorded a few weeks ago, forgot that I had recorded it, but watched it this morning. The show is called, "11th Hour". It was a documentary about what humans are doing to the ecosystem on planet Earth. It was very in-depth. One of the things that was mentioned is that homosaphiens are a very young species compared to the actual age of planet Earth. Life evolved some 150,000 years ago. When you compare our age - 150,000 - to the age of planet Earth, lets say its age is equivalent to a calendar year (Earth being approximately 4.5 billion years
  8. I agree with bluemachine .. Mark David Chapman murdered Lennon for popularity, and the fact that he was a lunatic. The government would not have been interested in killing Lennon because most people who worked in the US government, at the time were Beatles fans, and most probably were admirers of John Lennon. The government would only be interested in those people who are able to move and assemble millions to rally for peace, such as a Dr. King or a Ghandi, Lennon was much more of an entertainer than he was an activist. You can hear it straight from the horses mouth .. Mark Chapman himself
  9. The images that the Hubble Space telescope (that sits about 350 miles from the surface of the Earth), has been able to provide us is not "outdated." These images give us glimpses of distant galaxies, like our own Milky Way Galaxy, except those galaxies are a few billion years older than our Galaxy. The James Webb telescope will be stationed almost 1 million miles from the surface of the Earth and it will be more powerful than its predecessor. The fact that these galaxies, consisting of billions of stars and planetary systems like our own, are older than ours means that "Thinking Beings" are qu
  10. To piggyback on what "TwistedReality" stated... Shamanism dates back to 1250 BC, and is one of the oldest spiritual systems, and healing arts known to mankind. Shamans used psychoactive plants, such as the Peyote Cactus, and related substances, to not only heal, but they provided a gateway into the spiritual world. The primary ingredient in these psychoactive plants is a substance called dimethyltrptamine (DMT). Humankind loss the ability to connect to the spirit world, to literally speak and engage with Divine Intelligence when conquering Spaniards replaced Shamanistic rituals and practic
  11. Your comment is offensive and incorrect. Here are the facts. United States Cities by Crime Rate: (Crime statistics are listed for U.S. cities with a population of 250,000 or greater. Rates are based on cases per 100,000 people for a calendar year) .. Albuquerque, New Mexico Anaheim, California Anchorage, Alaska Arlington, Texas Atlanta, Georgia Aurora, Colorado Austin, Texas Bakersfield, California Baltimore, Maryland Boston, Massachusetts Buffalo, New York Charlotte, North Carolina Chicago, Illinois Cincinnati, Ohio Cleveland, Ohio Colorado Springs, Colorado Columbus, Ohio Corpus Christi, T
  12. When I first read the story it sounded fishy; I thought the 12-year-old may have been guilty from the start. Of course, he's not had his day in court yet, but it doesn't look good. If this "tall, long-gray-haired" man, who was supposed to be the killer, were a non-fictional character, instead of a fictional one, he would not have left the 12-year-old boy alive to identify him as a witness. The 12-year-old will probably be confined until he's 18 or 21-years-of age, then he'll be released. It's a sad story all around. When my son and daughter were adolescents, even though I never left the
  13. Even if we disregard David Icke's paranormal experiences, and his 20 plus years of research, if you consider the FACT that planet Earth is like one grain of sand, on one beach, and the universe is like all the sand on all the beaches in the world, there is certainly intelligent life outside of our solar system. Life that is far more evolved than we could every imagine. Are some beings able to "shape-shift"? I have no idea, but I would not discount it either. Most people who look at the world from a three-dimensional, biblical, archaic, limited perspective, whatever they cannot comprehend a
  14. Sorry ... maybe you guys can delete this post... I was trying to add another topic, didn't realize this was out of the scope of what we could post... I'll just stick to responding ... thanks for the heads up ...
  15. **** DISREGARD THIS TOPIC **** Not a conspiracy per admin ** I can't delete it *** Almost 99% of the mass of the human body is made up of the six elements: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus. These elements are constantly combined and uncombined with other elements to form essential and nonessential compounds for life - including the human body. H2O is the chemical formula for the water molecule. Water is the most abundant compound on Earth's surface, covering about 70 percent of the planet. Water exists in liquid, solid, and gaseous states, and is, always has been, an