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  1. This post is about econemy that any God so want to make everyone have a good life let alone food and fresh water to drink... Africa. If you read this post please forward it onto the African and government's as I was being held hostage by CIA and ASIO but can do premonitions as I'll prove with live Facebook post saying there would be an earthquake after I caused the New Zealand volcano...Crazy I know. First I'm Psychic and the people in the afterlife told me the brain is an Computer? Proof please. Yes it is because an quantum computer has electrons and atom's in them just like the brain does
  2. Best econemy idea ever. What we do is borrow as much money as possible....say AU $2 trillion dollars debt for only 1.2 years before we repay debt. What you do is self fund every or as many public departments as possible by going into debt, but paying debt back with bill money. So rich public 30% pay $14,000 - $9,000 pa in power bills. 35% Mid class pay $7,500 - $4,000 dollars pa. 35% Poor low $4,500 - $1,200 pa. Seen as if rich class is only 12% we can times the % because they pay 10* more for power and bills. To we average it out. To coculate an average of $14k
  3. So do you people remember the Iraq war turn around? It happened 4 years into the Iraq war disaster after 4,500 dead troops and 250,000 dead civilians. I sat at home watching the disaster on the news and consciously fort I could send in strategy's to turn that war around. Here I'll tell you top secret strategies unknown to people. For a start it was a huge fire. The underground tanks court alight "another miracle that the underground tanks didn't blow up" and fule tanker exploded in a huge fire ball. The fb page link is on my wall showing everyone the huge fireball that loads ins
  4. The Jewish did it to themselves from the afterlife. The brain is an computer no different from an quantum computer with electrons and atom's in brain and quantum computer. The brain takes an wavelength signal to the receptors called the hidden frontal lobes. My point is when your put on mind control wavelength receptors called the hidden frontal lobes you can't get sick or can eat off food. Hitler got 9 years of Parkinson disease in 4 weeks as we seen in last video footage of him shacking none stop from Parkinson disease. That's because they new he was going to comit suicide by
  5. Proof of an afterlife and God slit shot test is consciousness and I can do premonitions. First I'm Psychic and asked the afterlife how we get there. They said what's an quantum computer made of? I said electrons and atom's. They said what's in the brain / made of? I said wtf electrons and atom's also. I then asked them how we get to the Afterlife? They said looks at the hidden wavelength receptors called the hidden frontal lobes as photo below shows them. Now they said what does a microwave do to cells? I said what? I then said make them cook/jump around and move from the heat/wavele
  6. There is an afterlife and I'm God. We are uploaded by the signal hidden wavelength receptors called the hidden frontal lobs. Here is proof I can do premonitions. I did the New Zealand volcano because the CIA and People in the afterlife couldn't believe I could do them...It come true. I got pissed off when I said do you want people to die and they said yes. So I made another premonition shortly after the volcano 4 America. I said there will be an earthquake in this area in America to them and an ok size one....It also come true. Medium earthquake so it 4.7 s
  7. Proof of of an afterlife and God slit shot test is consciousness. First proof I can do premonitions. See attached photo and original FB post is on Oblique weapons fb page. Dated and time just after NZ volcano because the CIA and Jewish in the Afterlife can't believe I can do premonitions so they asked me to do one and I did NZ volcano. After I said do you want people to die they said yes "there is an afterlife" I was a bit angry they wanted people to die so I said an earthquake would happen in America...Just to show the CIA what will happen if they don't stop murdering people...photo.belo