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  1. Mark Alan King is the heir to the throne and the fake crown of England knows this.....proven through gematria MARK ALAN KING - KING DAVID CODE GEMATRIA CRACKED! - DAVID REINCARNATED! MARK ALAN KING December seventh a code cracked - SAME CODE CRACKED WITH MY DAY OF BIRTH *GOD YHWH said via gematria post that * The owners of gematrix website wrote a custom script to hide my name "Mark Alan King" from many search resul
  2. The Matrix is mentioned 5 times in Bible meaning womb......we are living in a divinely created by GOD YHWH simulation reality world...

    My name is Mark Alan King ......I am King David Reborn.....the cia, fbi, nsa, dhs and usa governments and world governments are suppressing the fact that I with GOD YHWH have returned in the flesh and the entire nation of YASHARAHLA is being held in captivity....YHWH GOD WILLING...soon this information will be made public worldwide and I with GOD YHWH and the elect of will have the financial resources to bring tremendous positive change and balance to this world.