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  1. A real poll for Trump

    In the UK trump means to break to wind (fart) so I doubt trump deodorant would go down very well. lol Though we all have trumpy underwear!! Though joking aside. Mr Trump needs to focus on the exposure and destruction of liberal lefty fake news. They were taken by surprise the last time, I dont think they'll let that happen again.
  2. Cancer isn't real

    I agree with you in some respects. Treatment for cancer seems to be kill the cancer before killing the patient. I know someone who died of pneumonia while undergoing chemo, her body couldnt fight it off as her immune system had been destroyed. The radio therapy now days, is very tightly targeted at the cancer area. I know another woman going through this right now. So far she seems to doing very well. Interestingly they have said to her that surgery, then chemo, then radiotherapy is their preferred treatment plan with the best chance of success. We waste a lot of money as a society and I fear this will only get worse. So no cures for us. We choose to spend it on something else.
  3. Godlike Productions...

    There is far too many people who read the "God" name and think this is the perfect place to talk about their insane 2000 year old superstitions. I guess they have found that banning people generates revenue. Personally for me it just means I dont post anything. If that's how they want to run a forum, so be it.

    I understand Tor, but not i2p, which that page of links is for. Should Tor be used to view that link? Edit: It would appear not, as not a single one of the first 8 links on the page works in Tor.

    I had a look a few times, but never found anything of any interest. Is it a bit of a meme? Or has anyone found anything?
  6. Strange Message

    I found it again by Malcolm bumping it after almost a year.
  7. personal experiences

    What were you talking about when the internet went off?
  8. I wouldn't just limit this to one group. Think of the app Tinder. There was always hookup culture, but these apps might it incredibly easy and remove any stigma or chance of being found out. No need to risk bumping in to your neighbours grown up children at the hook up bar! Who promotes degeneracy? Any ideas? A quick Google shows Grindr 'invented' by Joel Simkhai and Tinder by Sean Rad. Both from a special {{{group}}}!
  9. Given the recent scandal about Facebook we have deleted our page / profile, and removed it from processing logons into the site. I recommend privacy minded people do the same.
  10. Coffee causes cancer?

    In my experience everything is claimed to cause cancer at some point, and later it will be claimed to be good for you.
  11. The question was do gay people have more money than straight people. No children is a common defining feature of gay couples, but much rarer in straight couples. and yes there are some who choose this, but nothing like the same percentage. You will notice I said "Anyone can enjoy this lifestyle, and more straight men are doing." Also, my personal experience with straight couples living the wild lifestyle is a desperate desire to conceive in late to mid 30s, often involving expensive IVF (there goes the money savings). Children are not only expensive in money to pay for them, but also in lost promotion opportunities (especially for women) due to their care, maternity leave etc.
  12. Microsoft will ban 'offensive language' and 'inappropriate content' from Skype, Xbox, Office and other services on May 1st 2018, claiming it has the right to go through your private data to 'investigate.' I have hated Microsoft for some time now, not just because of casual infringements of privacy, some might say spying built into Windows 10. But decades of wrong decisions made for greedy selfish reasons. That has made using their software an utter misery. Lets look at some of the new terms:- "Don’t publicly display or use the Services to share inappropriate content or material (involving, for example, nudity, bestiality, pornography, offensive language, graphic violence, or criminal activity)." Its also interesting that American Craigslist has removed their personal sections, with the following statement US Congress just passed HR 1865, "FOSTA", seeking to subject websites to criminal and civil liability when third parties (users) misuse online personals unlawfully. Any tool or service can be misused. We can't take such risk without jeopardising all our other services, so we are regretfully taking craigslist personals offline. Hopefully we can bring them back some day. To the millions of spouses, partners, and couples who met through craigslist, we wish you every happiness! I think it is time to consider again what Microsoft services you use (and other American companies such as Google, Facebook) and decide if it is your best interests to continue using them.
  13. A simple Threat Assessment I read online: Who is handing the UK military over to the EU ? May or Putin. Who is working to keep the UK in the EU by devious means ? May or Putin. Who is allowing hundreds of thousands of third world immigrants into the UK each year? May or Putin. Who is allowing hundreds of known ISIS terrorists to move back to the UK? May or Putin. Who has allowed thousands of little British girls to be gang raped in the UK whilst trying to hush it up ? May or Putin. Who gives away tens of billions of pounds in foreign aid whilst UK infrastructure crumbles? May or Putin. Who is the greatest threat to the UK May or Putin?
  14. Will the UK gov ban RT?

    The Telegraph used to be a mildly right wing conservative news paper and site. A UK paper, so is not really that strange. But it became very apparent around the time of the EU referendum vote, that their view points did not match the readers, and the stories in favour of remain had an overwhelmingly large number of comments destroying their points. So what happened? They removed the ability to comment from their site! The referendum was 23rd June 2016, ability to comment removed 22nd of February 2016 - what a strange coincidence. We can't have the plebs knowing that other plebs support each others views, can we? This lost them a huge amount of web traffic, and their web rating plummeted. I personally am not that interested in what the writer of a story says, I am more interested in the comments to get a general feeling of what the reader's view points are. They have now restored comments, but hardly anyone comments anymore and those that do appear to have real names against their comment - the last thing we want to do in authoritarian Britain were saying the wrong thing gets the police to come and visit. An interesting little experiment! We know the story of Lauren Southern who was recently banned from the UK due to something quite pathetic. Here is the story on RT, in that the temporary ban has now become life long permanent ban. I did a search on Google for 'Lauren Southern telegraph', nothing came up. Strange. So went onto the telegraph site and used their search, again nothing. Who is it, who is using propaganda? And who is it who is censoring the news to fit their agenda? As I have always said, Russians / RT don't need to spend time making up lies that could be exposed as such. Its much easier just to tell the truth that goes unreported in the UK.
  15. Will the UK gov ban RT?

    More pressure being applied today! Russian TV stations using UK bases to broadcast Kremlin propaganda And the top upvoted readers comments? "And the BBC is not a Ministry of Disinformation of course." "The BBC of course is absolutely not propaganda. Propaganda is only done by people the establishment doesn't like." ""Russian TV stations show propaganda using UK bases". Yeah? Well at least they don't extort money from the UK taxpayer on pain of prison in order to pay for it, unlike the ever sanctimonious BBC." "The latest Scl scandal has caught the govt red handed, subverting the democratic process in sovereign foreign states. Their credibility is in tatters together with the spiteful hypocrisy of the bbc who want a monopoly on propaganda." The traitors in downing street and the liars in the media might make us want to hate Russia, but the people are not falling for it. Oh no. They have over played their hand for decades, and now the citizens do not believe a single word they say.