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  1. Trinity

    Julian Assange's arrest

    Interestingly Labour has stated (both Corbyn and his home sec Dianne Abbot) that they would not support Assange's extradition to America. Abbot saying surprisingly 'we all know it's not about the rape charges' . Well yes we indeed do. I had wondered if the allegations of antisemitism levelled against Corbyn meant he was not on the side of the globalists. So perhaps he is a good guy after all. Shame about the socialism!
  2. A sad day for anyone who values truth over government / establishment trying to keep their crimes secret or outright lying. His legal team has made a short statement.
  3. Trinity

    The UK Christmas adverts 2017

    Interesting that someone bumped this topic. I don't watch broadcast TV due to that would mean having to pay for state funded brainwashing BBC. But a quick review of this year's Christmas adverts, reveals a bit less pushing of race mixing. How fascinating! Debenhams - Zero M&S - Zero John Lewis - Zero Morrisons - 100% race mixing Comments "Immediately you are pushing race mixing. I do all my shopping with you but not anymore, YOU LOST A CUSTOMER." "Morrisons and Tesco are trying to push the idea we are a mixed race country or that everyone lives in harmony. Not true. If you look at the census, mixed race is very low on the list." ""Did you get all you wished for".... " Yes a VISA, someone to bankroll all my relatives, a house, a comfy lifestyle, and no chance of ever being DEPORTED"" and my favourite "Ladies and Gentlemen here we have... 1). Cultural Marxism 2). Social Engineering" Tesco - Big mixed up mess Comments:- "I'm still not shopping at Tesco. They promote the Great Replacement of Europeans in their adverts." "lol The only racially homogeneous family was all black..." Also interesting. House of Frazer went bust this year, and has been taken over. Debenhams I predict will be bust in the next few weeks. This is a hard time financially for marxist pushing businesses to alienate their customers.
  4. Although not a fan of Hillary, she spoke the truth here. 'You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for' I agree. The West is entirely split between those who want communism like Hillary, the EU, the media, and those who are against it. As we have seen, merely winning an election does not stop those who lost. We are heading towards a civil war, and when I saw we I mean America, Britain, EU etc etc
  5. A good plan, we can all get behind this. Which sadly means it is totally bullshit and will never happen. Sigh.
  6. Notice the lack of support from the enemies of everyday people in the parliament.
  7. I think this topic has gone as far as it can, and therefore is closed to further comment.
  8. This might go someway to explain what is going on, or how it will get worse "A leaked memo circulating among Senate Democrats contains a host of bonkers authoritarian proposals for regulating digital platforms, purportedly as a way to get tough on Russian bots and fake news. To save American trust in "our institutions, democracy, free press, and markets," it suggests, we need unprecedented and undemocratic government intervention into online press and market" I have just read that Disqus have also terminated all his accounts. I think when we look back on this time, it will be seen as a huge mistake to allow the left to have controlled such platforms and for us to have used them.
  9. This seems incredibly serious to me! Both Brexit and the election of Trump happened because the Marxists lost control of the internet. They will not allow that to happen again, and are already taking action against any website that tells the truth. We too (although being very very small fish) had two complaints from Google. (We used to run ads from them) The first one was saying that the pictures of the Boston Marathon attack were 'Gory' and gore is not allowed. Those pictures were literally everywhere! It was the top story for weeks on every news site. The second time they suspended our account because of a story about paedophilia in the Catholic church. Ironically saying we had child porn images on the story - we most certainty did not! At this point I choose to remove all Google things from the site rather than fight against insanity. Now in retrospect I realise it was probably part of a plan to silence conspiracy sites, as I know they have removed lots of them from Google searches. Its not just conspiracy sites though, its anyone who does not fit the left wing commie socialist narrative. Because if its not left wing, then it must be fake news, right?
  10. Told? Obeyed? When you use words such as " I hope you’re able" and "probably be rewarded" This is not telling, this is asking. And of course everyone wanted to help stop Hillary as it was obvious she was on a path to WW3 with Russia. So if Russians did "help" by preventing her from coming to power, you owe them a big thank you for not being dead or living in a nuclear wasteland searching for food and water.
  11. Trinity

    Space Sex

    These are all questions we will have to answer when we leave the broken empty shell of this planet to the scum hordes.
  12. I am very glad it has gained global attention, and the huge injustice inflicted on this man by the UK authorities has been exposed. At the end of the day this man is not a terrorist, or a rapist, or has been violent in anyway. His only crime is to draw attention to terrorists, rapists and those who committed acts of violence against children. The fact that UK traitor government is against him speaks volumes, and I think they were very unwise to reveal their true position by hurting Tommy. A free Tommy might have been heard by a few thousand. An imprisoned and brutalised Tommy speaks to millions.
  13. Tommy looks painfully thin, I hear he has lost 42 Lbs in just 2 short months. Katie Hopkins' view
  14. Trinity

    A real poll for Trump

    In the UK trump means to break to wind (fart) so I doubt trump deodorant would go down very well. lol Though we all have trumpy underwear!! Though joking aside. Mr Trump needs to focus on the exposure and destruction of liberal lefty fake news. They were taken by surprise the last time, I dont think they'll let that happen again.
  15. Trinity

    Cancer isn't real

    I agree with you in some respects. Treatment for cancer seems to be kill the cancer before killing the patient. I know someone who died of pneumonia while undergoing chemo, her body couldnt fight it off as her immune system had been destroyed. The radio therapy now days, is very tightly targeted at the cancer area. I know another woman going through this right now. So far she seems to doing very well. Interestingly they have said to her that surgery, then chemo, then radiotherapy is their preferred treatment plan with the best chance of success. We waste a lot of money as a society and I fear this will only get worse. So no cures for us. We choose to spend it on something else.