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  1. Asks the President of the United States. Trump was reportedly speaking about Haitians and citizens of various African nations. 'Why do we need more Haitians? Take them out,' he told people in the meeting, according to CNN. Instead, he said, the U.S. should seek to assimilate people from countries like Norway, whose prime minister he met with a day earlier. This is possibly a question people throughout the Western world have been asking themselves for a couple of decades! Why are there people who want to import the third world, and turn our first world countries into third world too? Why? What is to be gained? The destruction of our society? Easy voters for the left? Perhaps at first this might have been forgiven for kindness, or maybe even simple minded thinking. But look now at the results throughout the West. No go zones. Rapes. Murders. Crime. Update to this story. Mr Trump has now said he did not say this.
  2. Las Vegas massacre shooter

    Wow. She survived the shooting, but could not survive telling the truth about what she saw!
  3. Another anon report bump "This is very unnecessary because why call the death of a famed guitarists son bullshit? Or any death of for that matter...this is very ignorant. " This is pretty much the only topic that gets such reports, makes you think! However, I have turned off anonymous topic reporting to save my time. If people want to post about this story, they will need to register like everyone else!
  4. What is better for their memories: To find out the truth of how they died and try to get justice, or blindly accept lies from our own governments. And if I did have a member of my family (or friend) who died in this event, I would consider that a real life issue.
  5. The gig is up, Santa Claus!

    Perhaps more worrying, is the fact that some places are opening Santa's grottoes for adults! Well, when I say adults I use the term loosely. Manchester Evening News “So many of our customers will remember visiting the store as a child, and so we decided to open to grotto to adults for the evening, to rekindle that childhood nostalgia and take a moment to enjoy the festive period without the stress of preparing for the big day, and endless to do lists. We want to bring merry back”.
  6. The greatest miracle of all time

    Civilisation will never advance as long as we have people who believe things like this. In fact I fully expect another dark ages this century.
  7. History has shown us this is not a good plan. Look at the French revolution, the dumb will kill the rulers they blame for the problems caused by their own stupidity.
  8. Amazon: The truth behind the click

    Some might remember this documentary I posted 2 years ago. Today the Daily Mail reveals nothing has changed. Amazon staff have been pictured sleeping on the job in Tilbury warehouse Staff claim they are shattered from having to meet punishing warehouse targets The revelations come at a time when Amazon has promised to improve the treatment of staff following accusations of poor conditions and low pay But one worker in Tilbury reportedly complained: ‘At my induction, someone was asking why the staff turnover was so high. It’s because they’re killing people. All my friends think I’m dead. I’m exhausted.’ Another is said to have written on a whiteboard for staff comments: ‘Why are we not allowed to sit when it is quiet and not busy? We are human beings, not slaves and animals.’ The problem with this situation, is everyone feels like money is short. With sky high UK taxes, and then another 20% taken off in VAT people rightly feel they need to get from the cheapest place to make ends meet. And if you look through the comments there are a lot of people who do not care about their fellow man's conditions. "Should have worked harder at school", "I worked longer than that" "Try being a fisherman / nurse / insert their job" "millennials need not apply"
  9. Is there such a thing as blood lines from a political party? But seriously looking at America, its not Nazi's that are your problem - in fact quite the opposite.
  10. Women shot up with rat poison

    You cannot choose your family, but you can choose your friends.
  11. Just read this article in the traitor news. Merkel says she fears a German Trump. Funny that Merkel, because American's feared an American you! And voted for Trump instead. The article then goes on to talk to two Germany women. Both who admit they voted for Merkel last time, but then go on to say “Under Merkel, inequality has risen, the gap between rich and poor is getting wider, child poverty is on the rise and there’s been no real effort put into trying to control rents in this area, which makes life really tough for many,” said Irmgard. “I don’t think Merkel is to blame for that, but I also don’t think she has much say over what happens. Democracy is very flawed.” If this is not an example of Turkeys voting for more Christmas, I do not know what is. They can see things are getting worse, much worse, yet keep rewarding the woman who made it worse by keep voting for her. Insanity. Petra Leitholdt hoped nevertheless that the shock to Merkel of having to stand again if new elections were called might “make her think more about interests at home. I get such a strong impression of a leader who is there for Europe but not really for the Germans. Maybe that would change.” Vote for someone who is there for Germans, like afD. Not hope that the obviously deluded traitor changes her mind.
  12. Their food is very tasty! Also I have found Chinese people to be a very quiet, respectable element of society. Problems with them are pretty much unheard of. So if they would like to invade, I welcome our new chinese rulers.
  13. Another report and therefore bump. "This is a disgrace and completely insensitive to the family of Conor. Legal action can and will be taken if this whole page remains up." We do not endorse any information posted here, nor is it our opinion. It is a discussion forum. On closely reviewing the post, it is mostly quotes from other places about the incident. I'm afraid there is no legal requirement to be sensitive, as the parents of Madeline McCann will tell you, or the Royal Family of the UK re the death of Princess Diana. I am sure it is hard losing a loved one, I lost a dog once who was a lot older than Conor , so had been a part of my life a lot longer. Though thankfully he died of old age, and not through any strange accidents.
  14. How and why can people ignore their God’s immoral ways?

    One thing you didn't mention, is the age of Mary when she became pregnant with Jesus. My research tells me she was around 12, 13 when she gave birth. Although I know she consented in the story. Was she old enough to consent? Our modern day morals say NO! That is nonsense. I have known many people who believed in a kind merciful god, who have lost family members to horrific circumstances. Believe what you will, but god will not help you in any circumstances, ever. He never has, and never will. Time to evolve and catch up with the rest of us.