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  1. You might have seen this video a few weeks ago, where a 17 year old lad was kicked out of class for stating in quite calm reasoned manner, that there are just two genders. He then went on to record his teacher, stating that the authority states there is more than two, and therefore Murray is wrong. Well the update of this story is that Murray has now been expelled. And Gofundme page created to help him has been deleted because it breached some rule, but not what the rule actually was. There is a further video and a fundly campaign here: Breitbart has picked up the story here: I personally would agree with him. Gender is not the same as identity. I have zero problem if a man is more feminine, but that is not a different gender. Also transgender move from one gender to the other, not to a third or fourth. I do find this quite scary that this is a place of learning actually clearly trying to brainwash its students, and when that fails removing them. What next?
  2. The middle east is like hell. Much better to leave it alone and let it contain all the demons than let them escape. Did we not learn that from Iraq?
  3. The is censorship plain and simple. I would say stop using YouTube - but this is hard as they have been allowed to become the de facto website for video. If nothing else, hurt them by always using a ad blocker on their site. There is an extension called "Ad Block for YouTube" which I recommend.
  4. Trinity

    Some people are getting it

    This sounds like it could become an interesting topic. But I am not sure what I am looking for on the first earth pic?
  5. Lets start this new section thinking about the VW story. Let me first off, start with a few predictions. This scandal will not be limited to VW. There are a lot of car manufactures out there, which will have been playing the same game. In 6 months time, this will be seen as the tip of the iceberg. Another few facts.
  6. His body was discovered at 07:30 local time (11:30 GMT) on Saturday at a facility in New York. He was reportedly on suicide watch following an earlier incident in which he was found injured in his cell. Epstein, 66, had pleaded not guilty to sex trafficking and conspiracy charges and was being held without bail.
  7. Amazing. The power cut started 4:58pm on a Friday, yet already they have had the time to investigate enough to deny a cyber attack. So experience tells us that is exactly what it was. It reminds me of the fire in Paris recently, where the authorities were saying it was an accident while it was still burning.
  8. Ah the bad old days, when Obama was in charge. How spirits have changed since then.
  9. Its very sad. Why should soldiers get all the fun? And I agree not a conspiracy.
  10. "The idea of tracing all our troubles back to a single group of people...I just coudn't believe it. But it pains me to say it.. it was right.. They are everywhere the banks, the media....."
  11. Trinity

    The Group Responsible For All Of Our Troubles

    Did you watch the video? She actually was referring to boomers.
  12. Trinity

    Welcome to The Real Conspiracy Forum

    I believe it is real, in the sense it is a metaphor for our life. I do not believe we are in a battery farm because the machines took over. But I do believe the parts about choice, about once you see the lies in our society it is impossible to go back, that belief that you can do something is paramount. The first one was filled with such gems, the second two not so much. And lets not forget how Neo's passport showed the date of 9/11 - including the year!!!
  13. I think this is a documentary that everyone who uses Amazon should watch. Can they justify using a business that treats people like slaves? That puts viable competition out of business by running at a loss? That pays no tax? Ex-Amazon workers talk of 'horrendous' conditions
  14. Trinity

    Amazon: The truth behind the click

    I fixed the link after you posted, but it appears to have been deleted again! Talk about censorship! They seem to work very hard, and I have heard they do not get paid for trying to deliver an item only for delivering it. So remember this and plan deliveries accordingly when you know you will be home. Personally I use Amazon Locker for a very easy convenient delivery.
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    So this strange facebook user messaged me

    Perhaps they just blocked you?
  16. A sad day for anyone who values truth over government / establishment trying to keep their crimes secret or outright lying. His legal team has made a short statement.
  17. Trinity

    Julian Assange's arrest

    Interestingly Labour has stated (both Corbyn and his home sec Dianne Abbot) that they would not support Assange's extradition to America. Abbot saying surprisingly 'we all know it's not about the rape charges' . Well yes we indeed do. I had wondered if the allegations of antisemitism levelled against Corbyn meant he was not on the side of the globalists. So perhaps he is a good guy after all. Shame about the socialism!
  18. Trinity

    The UK Christmas adverts 2017

    Interesting that someone bumped this topic. I don't watch broadcast TV due to that would mean having to pay for state funded brainwashing BBC. But a quick review of this year's Christmas adverts, reveals a bit less pushing of race mixing. How fascinating! Debenhams - Zero M&S - Zero John Lewis - Zero Morrisons - 100% race mixing Comments "Immediately you are pushing race mixing. I do all my shopping with you but not anymore, YOU LOST A CUSTOMER." "Morrisons and Tesco are trying to push the idea we are a mixed race country or that everyone lives in harmony. Not true. If you look at the census, mixed race is very low on the list." ""Did you get all you wished for".... " Yes a VISA, someone to bankroll all my relatives, a house, a comfy lifestyle, and no chance of ever being DEPORTED"" and my favourite "Ladies and Gentlemen here we have... 1). Cultural Marxism 2). Social Engineering" Tesco - Big mixed up mess Comments:- "I'm still not shopping at Tesco. They promote the Great Replacement of Europeans in their adverts." "lol The only racially homogeneous family was all black..." Also interesting. House of Frazer went bust this year, and has been taken over. Debenhams I predict will be bust in the next few weeks. This is a hard time financially for marxist pushing businesses to alienate their customers.
  19. What appears to be the common theme here? Debenhams (A big UK department store) M&S (A big UK department store) Morrisons - UK supermarket John Lewis (Upper class department store) Tesco (UK supermarket) So just to quickly summarise. John Lewis: Love at first sight - White woman with black man M&S: Race mixed family - White woman with black man Morrisons: Race mixed family - White man with black woman John Lewis: Race mixed family - White woman with black man Tesco: All races, including Muslims celebrate Christmas. You might be surprised to read that in our last census 2011, black people only accounted for 3.3% of the population, 86% being white. So you have to ask yourself, why the above adverts? Even if every one of those 3% were involved in a mixed race relationship this would only account for 6% - which obviously is not the case. So why is every advert of huge companies targeted at very small groups that therefore do not buy the majority of their products? Its even more strange with M&S and John Lewis, as these are more expensive shops which are 99% filled with white customers. It seems I am not alone in finding it strange, some of the comments:- "Politically correct social engineering and it seems that those of us that object to brainwashing techniques are racist" "Looking at all the adverts on TV and other media, am I still living in England?" And on YouTube "Does every Christmas ad this year have to promote race mixing?" "Of COURSE it's a white mother with a black dad. I mean. Of COURSE it is!" "Anyone else absolutely sick of this virtue signalling from all advertisers? This is not an advert, it's anti white propaganda." Update. Tesco faces backlash for "Racist advert" with many shoppers vowing to boycott the store.
  20. Although not a fan of Hillary, she spoke the truth here. 'You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for' I agree. The West is entirely split between those who want communism like Hillary, the EU, the media, and those who are against it. As we have seen, merely winning an election does not stop those who lost. We are heading towards a civil war, and when I saw we I mean America, Britain, EU etc etc
  21. Notice the lack of support from the enemies of everyday people in the parliament.
  22. A good plan, we can all get behind this. Which sadly means it is totally bullshit and will never happen. Sigh.
  23. I think this topic has gone as far as it can, and therefore is closed to further comment.
  24. This might go someway to explain what is going on, or how it will get worse "A leaked memo circulating among Senate Democrats contains a host of bonkers authoritarian proposals for regulating digital platforms, purportedly as a way to get tough on Russian bots and fake news. To save American trust in "our institutions, democracy, free press, and markets," it suggests, we need unprecedented and undemocratic government intervention into online press and market" I have just read that Disqus have also terminated all his accounts. I think when we look back on this time, it will be seen as a huge mistake to allow the left to have controlled such platforms and for us to have used them.