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  1. Freedom of speech is very important to me, and I fear it is slowly dying in our society.
  2. Police making up the law as they go along. "Where is your exemption certificate?" They demand! Here is the government's website on Exemption, I've highlighted the relevant parts. Exemption cards If you have an age, health or disability reason for not wearing a face covering: you do not routinely need to show any written evidence of this you do not need show an exemption card This means that you do n
  3. THE OFFICIAL THOUGHTS OF COVID-19 7 QUESTIONS TO GET THE UNCENSORED OPINION OF THE WORLD I thought this was quite interesting, and leads you to this
  4. 2 years in prison for having an opinion that the authorities do not agree with!! Tyranny.
  5. A very dark time for America and The West in general. Cannot allow the election to be stolen by cheats, what they will do does not bear thinking about. What saddens me is that it was obvious the forces of evil would stop at nothing this year to beat him. Measures should have been put in place years ago. I said at the beginning of the year the whole plandemic was to make Trump look bad.
  6. Here's the moment it happened. As state sanctioned scum punch an old woman in the stomach.
  7. Today we see them assaulting old people during a peaceful protest in London.
  8. Test. It looks like it doesn't work retrospectively. If you edit your post and then hit save it will work. I just did that one the Hervé Ryssen post you linked to and its now showing correctly. Ive done the same here too
  9. I have had a look through all the settings, and it would appear that an update has turned off the following feature: I'm glad you replied to me, as the post I read on the IPB support forum implied it had been removed and was arguing for its return. But obviously that is not correct. "To claim that BBCode is deprecated and an old technology is fine, but forums are right up the same alley. People who still use forums, are people who also still use BBCode. BBCode is simple, it's like writing Markdown and everyone loves that. Suddenly taking that away from everyo
  10. From what i gather, you are posting in BBCode which this forum software does not support. So things like [IMG] are just ignored. Its fully html, so for instance if I take one of your images and add it to this post. And then click on the Source button (top left of the reply box) it shows me the html it created. Which is <img alt="Whale-2-C-1281.jpg" class="ipsImage" data-ratio="93.75" height="750" src="" width="750"> It looks like people were complaining about BBCode being removed back in 2019 in
  11. Sorry for the recent down time. I only realised this morning that no one could log in. If you do ever notice a problem and need to contact us, then you can reach out to the staff via e-mail please use trinity@ of course at the As part of the fix, I have upgraded to the latest version too.
  12. You have to ask yourself, what sort of society makes children (young adults) take on huge level of debts just so they can learn skills ideally to become contributing members of that society? I am not in favour of all education being free, as much of it is worthless lefty brainwashing anyway, but if a young person wants to be a doctor , nurse or any other profession society is crying out for, then I would support tax payers paying for that education. It will be worth it.
  13. Well if god created us in his image, and he is eternal, doesn't that mean hes a furry?
  14. Over? Its only just begun. The devastation and hardship brought on by Corvid plandemic will last for a decade, if not longer.
  15. Over? Do you mean on? Are you being sarcastic, or is your position that this random white woman should be beaten for the crimes of other white people? That is a pretty radical!
  16. It is quite ironic given that in their beliefs god created man in his image, yet we should feel ashamed of what god gave us and cover it up? If it was so shameful why didn't he give us fur like all other animals? In the 21st century we should try to leave religion behind.
  17. My understanding is the woman and her husband are tenants who live above the shop. Doesnt say its their shop or anything. They were probably thinking it would be set on fire and their home obviously would burn.
  18. Totally unacceptable. Thankfully the lady is alive and well, but unsurprisingly has suffered from a concusion.
  19. This gives a real flavour for whats going on in America right now! Thank you Regg.
  20. Well you might like to know you can get SSL for free now. Its called 'Lets Encrypt', which is what we use here. It means you get a new certificate every few months and occasionally it hiccups.
  21. I recommend watching this, its already been deleted by the censors on YouTube once, so watch it while you still can!
  22. Who are we and what is We Were Never Asked? We are a group of volunteers who came together on 24 August, 2019, to find out what people think of one of the United Kingdom's most hot-button topics: demographic change. The issues of immigration and demographic change top the list of issues most important to Britons. Based on UK census data, the UK government estimates that White British people will be a minority (less than 50% of the population) by approximately the year 2060. We wanted to know what people think of this, so we went out to several major centres in England to survey over 2000 p
  23. Its difficult to take it seriously, we have been here so many times before and everyone panics and no one dies. Then we just carry on out-breeding the world's capacity to support us. Wake me up when millions are infected and millions are dead.