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  1. Testing testing trin
  2. Full transcript of V. Putin's speech on March 16, 2022 We are meeting at a difficult time, when our Armed Forces are conducting a special military operation in Ukraine and Donbass. Let me remind you that at its very beginning, in the early morning of February 24, I publicly and openly stated the reasons and the main goal of Russia's actions.It is to help our people in the Donbass, who for almost eight years have been subjected to the most barbaric methods - blockade, large-scale punitive actions, terrorist attacks and constant artillery shelling - a real genocide. And for what? Only becau
  3. Fascinating insight and theory:
  4. Well of course you can. As this is literally where dogs came from, by domesticating wolves.
  5. I did a little search in her Twitter and she has kindly Tweeted when she had 2 doses. So ironic that these people are so keen to push their decisions onto others. I have screen-shot both Tweets just in case they vanish later: (Sources at bottom)
  6. This is pure tyranny. Not allowed to leave without being forced to take an experimental and in my cases harmful treatment, for a disease that 99.9% of people would survive anyway. I personally would not give in. Dead people do not have future wives! I am not being dramatic, my neighbour died 3 days after the shot. Someone who's blog I have read for years proudly told his readers he was fully vaccinated in June, dead by September, finally a good friend also had the jab because he wanted to be able to travel to see a girlfriend who lives abroad. 2 Months later he is diagnosed with a he
  7. Shocking story in the Telegraph: Teenage boys are six times more likely to suffer from heart problems from the vaccine than be hospitalised from Covid-19, a major study has found Children who face the highest risk of a “cardiac adverse event” are boys aged between 12 and 15 following two doses of a vaccine, according to new research from the US. Some very incisive comments on this article: If one teenage boy dies of or with COVID it is chance, a tragic misfortune. If just one dies of a reactio
  8. Dr Yeadon "Young people are not susceptible to covid 19. if they acquire the virus they usually have no symptoms and shrug it off very easily. They are not at risk. Its a crazy thing then, to vaccinate them with something that is actually 50x more likely to kill them than the virus itself."
  9. Very interesting discussion with UK undertaker who saw clear pattern with increasing deaths as vaccination started.
  10. I have said for a long time, that I did not understand how those responsible thought they would get away with it. When I saw those people trying to flee Afghanistan by trying to hold onto the underside of the plane, I thought to myself the traitors in our society will end up trying to flee too.
  11. We haven't faced one in our time line, there have been hardly any deaths. In lots of places more people died in 2017 or 2018 than in 2020. What we have had is a cynical power grab by evil elite and possibly depopulation event, time will tell if the vax kill many people in the next few months. I was hoping you would tell of significant events of resistance, or millions dying that anyone would know them.
  12. Great! Tell us the next few big things that will happen in the UK this year.
  13. I thought this was a very credibly theory, All credit to original author (QiAdmnb5) for this work. Stage One: Business as Usual The Covid-19 coronavirus was manufactured as part of gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in Wuhan, China. Gain-of-function research? That’s one of the currently hot fields of virus research, involving genetic engineering to make viruses more virulent in their effects on tissue cultures. It’s dangerous enough that federal regulations prohibit it in the US, which is why it was going on in China. Funding for the research, howev
  14. Courts will no more stop the extinction plan than they stopped Biden stealing the electon.
  15. I read this in another forum, but felt it so compelling I had to post it here to help get the theory out there. Every country on the planet is on board with the Injections. Even Sweden. When have all countries aligned on any issue? Never. Not a single MSM outlet is interviewing any of the expert dissenters – Yeadon, Bridle, Montagnier, Bossche etc… and the mainstream social media platforms are blocking them. Why? Conventional Oil peaked in 2005 Shale in 2018
  17. "Glenn Barrett, 51, died in the Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital in Grimsby on July 13, 2021 after battling the virus for three weeks. Mr Barrett's relatives said that he had not taken the opportunity to be vaccinated but his last words to nurses and doctors before he was placed in an induced coma were 'I wish I had.' " Well what a coincidence!! I guess the brain washed sheep are to believe that yes, the government should force
  18. Divisive. Discriminatory. Wrong. We need YOU to join the fight against COVID passes. We are crowdfunding to grow the greatest possible fight against domestic COVID passes - including a legal challenge as soon as necessary. We need you! Your donations will build the biggest possible campaign to prevent domestic COVID passes. We have recruited an expert team of human rights lawyers. If COVID passes do go ahead, we will seek to use these funds to bring a legal challenge to stop COVID passes in Britain.
  19. The following is a slide presentation given at a meeting between the US FDA and Phizer on October 22, 2020. Completely glossed over was one particular slide showing identified possible side effects of the vaccine as it stood at that time. It occurs at 2:33:40 for just an instant as it is hurriedly passed over by the presenter. You have to slow the video to 0.25 speed to catch it. But when you do, you will see that the possible side effects of this vaccine are very concerning and have shown themselves in thousands of actual cases since the vaccine has been rolled out. This is an actual
  20. I think logically a crash should be coming. A stock market at all time highs after a year of the pandemic hoax seems incredibly stupid. But here we are, and it keeps going up. I know a lot of people think it is the huge amount of money printing that all governments have done that is looking for a home, and they are no doubt right. But I think this is transitory until people realise the horror done to the economy in the name of a flu that 99.97% survive.
  21. Fascinating video!