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  1. It reminded me of Kill Bill. Kill bill with slaves and slave owners. Blood spurting everywhere, where in Kill Bill people would get stabbed or bits chopped off, in this film they were shot or bits shot off. Like Neo says you were rooting for Dhango, his wife and the german guy I didnt get his name. I dont think I heard the N word so many times before either.
  2. That's one theory that even I don't believe in! Or did the films do such a good job of brainwashing me not to believe. hmmmm
  3. It will be manufacturers. i hope you have read Neo's post about what soda does to your body. It disgusts me that people sell things like this, just like the cigarettes of my grand parents generation. THEY knew they gave you cancer and still they sold them, I bet there will be big law cases against drink companies in the future, just like there were against the cigarette companies.
  4. What about all the cctv that is everywhere now days? What about how all the youths wear hoodies to hide their face? Is there a connection?
  5. Do you think we have the number of sections right, or should there be more? If so, what would you add?
  6. He, we are definitely open to suggestions. But didnt want to have too many empty sections at the start. What categories would you suggest? In fact answer this in the About forum, so we dont take this topic off subject.
  7. I spent a little time today creating a few link banner / advert images. Would you please vote for which you like the best. Image One Image Two Image Three
  8. This quote at the end got me. The world is like a ride in an amusement park, and when you choose to go on it you think it's real because that's how powerful our minds are. The ride goes up and down, around and around, it has thrills and chills, and it's very brightly colored, and it's very loud, and it's fun for a while. Many people have been on the ride a long time, and they begin to wonder, "Hey, is this real, or is this just a ride?" And other people have remembered, and they come back to us and say, "Hey, don't worry; don't be afraid, ever, because this is just a ride." And we … kill t
  9. Just watching this now. Part 1. How the Christian religion was totally copied from Egyption mythology. Really interesting and at times funny. Part 2. 9/11 . Its ok, but feel like Ive heard it all before. I think im a bit 9/11ed out. Part 3. How money is created and how JFk spoke against the secret meetings of bankers and then was assisinated. Pretty compelling stuff guys!
  10. None of the moderation team have any organised religious beliefs. Which is probably why this subsection has remained empty till you posted. Personally I see religion as an old fashioned way to control the people, it does astound me that any one in the modern day world still believes. But Im interested in seeing debate here, hopefully we will get some new members with strong beliefs who can explain why they believe.
  11. That's great. Im still not watching it tonight, its past my bedtime! lol
  12. Sounds interesting! I'll try and watch it tomorrow. I think governments have always manipulated the people, as long as there has been newspapers. Through the years it has gotten more sophisticated with radio, then tv and now the internet. But the internet gives everyone a chance to have their say which has made it impossible for the media to keep the lid on the truth and to share ideas with a lot of other people who see through the lies. This is why I have this feeling that the internet in its current format will not last forever. The wikepedia link doesnt work btw.
  13. I suspect that by the time I am able to retire the new limit will be 80 years old.
  14. Thats a very HD (aka big) picture! I wonder if the noise could be some sort of crowd control weapon? TPTB will need something like that in the future. Something that will make people disperse but does no physical long term damage.
  15. Did you find that this viewpoint was shared by a lot of the doctors and nurses? I thought I read that 50% of hospital staff refuse the shots.
  16. I hadnt heard about this (no pun intended). Very strange and a bit unnerving. Id be interested to see any animals reaction to the noise as they are more perceptive than us! As to HAARP, I had to look this up Id like to think there its noise from a cloaked space craft, but if you could cloak something visually it would seem unlikely that you couldnt cloak the noise it made too!
  17. More on this story at Infowars:-
  18. By Daisy Luther, Contributor Activist Post If you’re looking for a deeply scientific treatise on the flu shot, this isn’t it. I’m not a chemist, a physician or someone with an advanced degree in biology. I’m just a mom with an Internet connection. I’m a person who has researched and compiled an assortment of worrisome facts that point in one direction: the flu shot is NOT beneficial. Some of these reasons are backed up by science, and others are an acceptance of that little voice of reason whispering “Something just isn’t right about this.” As a reader, you are welcome to take my personal inst
  19. I really like the one at 3:00. What is that???
  20. The made me feel very uptight that I had to stop after 10 minutes. Deep breath Trin.
  21. The Telegraph is claiming that the Duchess of Cambridge's first portrait is a "picture of maturity". Now she is only a little older than me at 31, and quite frankly I certaintly wouldnt want to be described as "mature". I think they have made her look a bit like a relative of Morticia Addams! A shame as she is beautiful usually.
  22. Read the full story here:- No, its just you.
  23. It always really annoys me how there are certain new stories on the telegraph website that people cant post their opinion on or discuss. Its utter censorship! So lets start the ball rolling here, and make this the place where you can discuss these stories. A senior Scotland Yard counter-terrorism officer has been convicted of misconduct after she offered to sell information about the phone-hacking investigation to the News of the World. Read the full story here:-