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  1. No, its things like shit on the floor (how do you get it on the floor). Used tampons that missed the bin, also left on the floor. Blood on the seats, not wiped up. Toilets not flushed properly, leaving poo and or blood. Nasty, gross, women stuff. There were also signs up from the company that provided the tampon bins, that they were strictly and only for tampons. And if they kept finding "other" things in there, they could no longer provide the service. So god knows what was being put in them to provoke such a response.
  2. Teresa May, the globalist controlled traitor puppet PM, has been having a hard time lately. She is lying to her people about Brexit, while slyly trying to sabotage it. She appears weak, indecisive, and not only a traitor to her own country, but not even a strong convincing one, her party struggling with sexual abuse allegations. Any one else would have resigned after the last election, but no, she clings on like a limpet. Labour, despite being run by a proud Marxist is busy preparing to take power. This will without doubt destroy what is left of the UK. And who does Mrs May bl
  3. Since I posted the above, the accusation culture has moved on to our Parliament. Now our law makers are having their lives ruined because a woman said they did something, often again without much evidence. Perhaps this will lead to the laws being changed? I would welcome changes such that someone accused has a right to privacy until found guilty, and those who make proven false accusations get the same prison sentences as their victim would have. The funny thing about this, is if you talk to cleaners they will reveal that women's rooms are filthy and women do many disgust
  4. I think a bigger question is. Do people have morals at all in the 21st century? As people have always said, the rot starts at the head. And our governments are the biggest liars, cheats, murderers, perverts etc. So why would the everyday people think there are things they cannot do because its morally wrong? Thinking of something you wouldn't do because its morally wrong. Now, ask yourself would you do it for $million? Yes? Those morals were soon broken. The other problem is, lots of things that are morally wrong, are things people want to do. Society has long since brok
  5. How does that work? As a free American citizen can he not go whether he likes?
  6. What appears to be the common theme here? Debenhams (A big UK department store) M&S (A big UK department store) Morrisons - UK supermarket John Lewis (Upper class department store) Tesco (UK supermarket) So just to quickly summarise. John Lewis: Love at first sight - White woman with black man M&S: Race mixed family - White woman with black man Morrisons: Race mixed family - White man with black woman John Lewis: Race mixed family - White woman with
  7. The whole flat earth business is a meme, implying that if people are so stupid to believe in xyz then they probably believe the earth is flat.
  8. Mormonism was only invented 200 years ago, so how can the' bible be very clear on what Mormons are supposed to wear??? There were a lot of horny young men in this fantasy. But actually this story is supposed to be about a young man wakened by a group of Roman soldiers "The young men". He used his bed clothes to cover himself to see what was going on. The soldiers thought he was likely a disciple of Christ tried to grab him and he was so keen to escape he fled naked. The story is one about showing no mercy for alleged followers of Christ and had nothing to do with being for
  9. Well of course many will vote for something, when half the population lives as parasites off the other. Students want free education. Pensioners want greater pension than they themselves earned. Those on the dole, will happily vote for increased services that someone else pays for. We nearly ended up with a communist government in the UK at the last election, because their leader promised students a free education. He had not worked out how he was going to afford this of course, but this was immensely popular with 18-21 year olds, they thought someone else should pay while they enjoy
  10. I have seen some of those documentaries where they show life as a new recruit. They literally teach them how to take a shower! With one naked demonstrating having a shower and everyone else watching. Pay special attention to arm pits and genitals lads.
  11. I live in a socialist country and in a city that always had a socialist council in charge. It is a huge disaster. Lets look at our fabulous free NHS, where I once had to wait 6 months to see an expert. Or where a friend died on the operating table during a routine exploratory surgery. Socialism is not showing care. It is taking money from those who work, to give to those that do not, and to provide sub standard services, as in the NHS or our public fool system. Why? Because those who run the system think they know how to spend peoples money better than those who earned the money.
  12. Someone has reported this post to me anonymously with the message "Please don't allow this bullshit to stay on your site. " I don't have any thoughts on this story, but I would say if anyone believes this or any other item to be bullshit then the best thing to do is argue your point and explain why it is wrong rather than ask the moderating team to remove it.
  13. its not. Socialism is the taking from someone who made something, to give to some one who did not. It usually means that those who work, cannot afford the things that are given for free to those who do not. Children being the best example, with most hard working people putting off children till their 30s when it is often too late. But those who do not work have no such restriction, in fact the more children they have the more money the state gives them. The poor, stupid and lazy will always vote for more Socialism, ie taking money from those who work to give to them.
  14. Reminder from me. If you use another account to circumvent that ban, they make work it out. But then just use a different account and IP address, clear any cookies. Their bans are meaningless. Obviously I wouldn't encourage any one to break another websites terms.
  15. So true! I just had to share this with our members. He sent me an email in which he said: "You are experiencing a system that has outgrown its usefulness for you: our government." Broken health care system (worst in the industrialised world) epic unemployment, corporate greed and unbridled competition have just about destroyed the middle class, horrific day-to-day violence, linked to the drug epidemic... Seemingly unstoppable immigration issues. Unfortunately, I don't believe President Trump can "fix" all that -- I don't think anyone can. I want to believe we're not circling the dr
  16. A selective breeding program is essential for our future. But we do the opposite just like in the film Idiocracy (a must see if you have not seen it).
  17. Many of you will have heard about these two cases, they perfectly illustrate the terrible injustice inflicted on men in the UK. Both cases involve heterosexual people meeting on the hookup app Tinder. Case 1: Woman is trainee doctor. Woman stabs man during date with bread knife. Woman avoids jail because "she is too clever for prison." Verdict 10 month suspended for 18 months. Case 2: Man is trainee doctor. During consensual sex, man is rough with woman's breasts. Is convicted of sexual assault and will have to sign on the sex offenders register as well as 180 hours of s
  18. The online shitiness of people. Something I have been thinking about lately. Online gaming has become totally toxic and cancerous. Some examples for you. I tried to play Street Fighter online. I had played it before years ago, but not for a long time and never online. My experience level in the game was zero. It then started matching me with other players who had a much much higher level than me, who then, despite my obvious novice status, used their best combo moves and crushed me into the ground. Again and again and again and again. I perhaps played maybe 1 in 10 fights with som
  19. There are a few new features to discover, and no doubt some new bugs too! As always, please post here if you encounter anything strange or interesting.
  20. The BBC journalist caused a stir with her direct line of questioning forcing Donald Trump to joke she had caused the end of the UK-US special relationship. Ms Kuenssberg said: "Mr President, you've said before that torture works, you've praised Russia, you've said you want to ban some Muslims from coming to America, you've suggested there should be punishment for abortion. "For many people in Britain those sound like alarming beliefs. What do you say to our viewers at home who are worried about some of your views and worried about you becoming the leader of the free world?"
  21. Three months after Secret Service agent Kerry O’Grady posted on Facebook that she’d rather accept “jail time” than take a “bullet” for President Donald Trump, the agency has placed O’Grady on paid administrative leave while they investigate the matter. The Facebook post was dug up this week and reveals that the 23-year veteran of the Secret Service was a strong Hillary Clinton supporter during the campaign who said that she didn’t care about the Hatch Act, which bans agents from publicly advocating for a political party or candidat Read the full story here
  22. Its a shame the date is wrong..... Someone doesnt check their work properly!
  23. I do not think he would survive such a revelation. People who tell the truth in America are not very popular.