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  1. Must be doing something pretty Hoover Dam good with a bounce of 2% in his appro,val rating, which is based on everyone, not juat Dems. May not hold, but for the moment the GOP look and sound like fools, in a lot of cases. Especially when they open their "stupid" mouths, as Jendal says. He should know, he's one of you. The "stupid" party.
  2. BigBuster. CNN confirmed Gallup's poll that had the President's poll numbers up by 2 points. The GOP needs to let this man do his job, the people are sick off their dim arses that keep trying to repeal Obamacare and other things that impede progress. Do they ever listen?. Who the freak cares, Obama was refreaking elected by over 50% of the people. They are really the "stupid" party as Gov. Jentry said. If they have a case, go for it. Put demented McCain or traitor Romney, who does not pay taxes, in to lead them.
  3. I don't know, but it is hard for me to believe that North Korea can do anything that succeeds. They finally fired off three more missiles, they all landed in the water. Their people are without electricity. So?? We also learned recenty, that the leader has two children by two different mothers. It's kind of a joke in a way.
  4. Externally you may not, but why misspell his name? Are you sure? "o) Have you heard the latest news, the President's poll numbers are going up, now at 53%. Let them keep it up. I am LMAO at this. The GOP con artists keep trying and missing, guess they will try to repeal Obamacare for the 38th time. The are idiots. All groups filing as 501-C4's if that's what they are, should be reviewed. It is wrong to target certain groups. But Obama does not micro manage. The people need and want jobs not this distracting crap in a lot of cases. Let the man do his job. Issa is a crook, his background is g
  5. All groups filing these forms should be reviewed. The stupid thing was being biased in their reviews. These 501's hide a lot of garbage.
  6. Let's hope, if they test them, they will come. Better that than a bomb going off. Cheers.
  7. Bluemachine, if one of your happy leaders had stopped this economy from losing 750,000 jobs when they took office, would you not praise him or her forever. It just baffles me that the GOP and their supporters can't part their lips to give this man any credit. I am grateful for just that one thing.....which kept us afloat. But not them. It's like someone once said, if Obama walked on freaking water, they would say "Oh look, Obama can't swim". It's quite amazing.
  8. Very radical choice, even if they are all in some kind of PR campaign. The smoking is very stupid if she was worried about cancer. Now my thought would be, will she still smoke and if so, why have the operation? Will she remove her lungs next? Stupid question, but still. One thing I found positive was that the company providing the gene detection test will give it for free, or drastically reduce the cost for those who can't afford it.
  9. There seems to be a perception that people of color are the ones taking advantage of whatever welfare system, there is in place. But seriously there are only about 25% or so of the population who are African-American, so with 300 million people in the US, and most of the 25% working with some kind of job, then there must be more white people on welfare than people of color. But people love to continue the sterotype.
  10. I have heard many stories over the years related to Roswell and certain events. But I never researched it or anything. So the stories are just that to me. People do visit the place, as I understand it.
  11. Mercy, it is such a pleasure to read something from someone, who can see and know what the truth is. Reading other things that are filled with non-reality based ideas really is so sad to me. So thank you for being so fact based and open to the truth. The GOP and their supporters are stuck in the mud and cannot get out, because they want to bring Obama dowm, but they are going to wind up being the losers every time. You are such a breath of fresh air.
  12. The independent counsel appointed to investigate this, who is a Republican, stated that the IRS situation had nothing to do with, neither was the Obama administratin involved in any way. There is a firewall. So keep salivating at finally, finally thinking you found a sliver of shat, to smear this administration. You people are sickening, and really, freaking lame of brain. People want and need jobs, they don't give a cap about the noise of partisanship, which is so obvious.
  13. Always the negativity. The last job's report was not based on people giving up on getting a job, in the marketplace, there was real job growth. In additioin, there were many more jobs in the past months, than were reported. This intentional Sequester will certainly slow down growth, but Obama will not be defeated by the "stupid party" as a Republican, Gov. Jentry dubbed them. Which is very appropriate. None of the GOP, are talking about the deficit falling faster than expected, as it does not fit their negative agenda, against Obama. Dropped from 10,1% of GDP in 2009 to 0.4% now. Isn't tha
  14. Well, the manipulation must extend to the dollar, as it's value is increasing. Let the gold buying begin.
  15. No, it is not at all funny. The country is getting hyper-sensitive to anything that looks suspicious, and for my part let them have at it. If there is no problem, then fine, but the crap that continues to happen here, may be worth the stupidity in some cases. I am sure there are groups in the US planning today to do something that would maim and destroy as many Americans as they can. If a kidnapping was reported in your neighborhood, you would want to know why any suspicious car was patrolling your street. It's not funny at all, it's a bit scary that we are at this point. Some crazy terroris
  16. Quite an explanation of the Creator. There 's only one thing I would disagree with in your comment, that would be that God will sleep. I can't prove it, but I do not believe God will ever sleep. I can't see the powerful energy within Him ever needing to sleep. Cheers.
  17. Your stupid line of rhetoric continues with the s.o.s. Pease tell me what the Republicans have done for your donkey lately? Not a Hoover Dam thing. If you were honest, you would acknowlege that. But no, you play the "I'm like you" game, when you know they hate your behind and as they try to kill Obama figuratively,they are in essence trying to kill you. So you keep it up to your own detriment. It takes some people a long time to wake up, maybe never. It's insulting to my sensibilities to have to try to get your brain out of the washed in silt tank. Look around the Republican party and understa
  18. Obama is the President, did he order this crap? I seriously doubt it. These stupid GOP front groups should be reviewed as well as any other questionable groups, like the ones Rove and Gingrich set up to perform crap with and to steal from, on Newt's part. Obama does not micro manage crap, so they will search far and wide to try to find his fingerprints, as there are none. Only those who have such deep hatred in their hearts are salivating over this. It is a losing game for them and their friends. Keep searching through crapola.
  19. Mercy, we have these people with mindsets that are hades set on finding something, freaking anything to pin on the man, that they are about to lose their feeble minds. They care not that this country would have been stuck in one deep ditch if the Obama administration had not acted as they did. We were losing 750,000 jobs a month, a month, on our way to heck in a handbasket, now the amount of job gains is not as much as we need, but we are certainly much better off. Consumer confidence is very high, the deficit is falling faster than expected, and this bunch of ingrates sees nothing but negativ
  20. Before we start adding percentages of what race does what, who manufactures and sells the most guns, thus perpetrating the most violence? Also who is running the prison system? Seems to be one common denominator, besides the money factor.
  21. You were a good parent to do what you did. I thought that the boy may have killed her as well, I am sorry to say. He would not have been alive to describe the supposed intruder. I wondered as well, if there was a sibling rivalery situation, which should have been contained, or controlled, before the point of violent behavior. It is very sad for the enture family.
  22. Has there been any update on this crime? I still don't think I have heard a word about it. Thanks.
  23. The more fearful you are based on radical statements, or undefined situations, the more paranoid you become and the more vunerable position you put yourself in. Not a good place to be, if planning to survive whatever the future brings.
  24. From what I understand all those pictures were part of a drill. You can tell it's fake blood. Totally fake and set up for what they were doing in the drill.. Can we get a grip? But continue to have fun, there are people I'm sure, who are laughing their donkies off, as you guys mull over the injuries. "o) Wow!
  25. The 12 year old year brother of the 8 year old girl, who was murdered in California has been arrested for the crime. No information was given as to what evidence lead to the arrest.