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  1. This guy also talks about it at 11:20 and 13:19 as well as some other points in the video
  2. I personally doubt the Iranian's made these themselves without outside funding or influence. I'll bet if you analyzed the schematics of that missile the design would match up with whatever nation provided it. I don't know though.
  3. Okay so first off, if it wasn't painfully obvious already, I'm pretty new here, so forgive me if I violate some forum etiquette or say something dumb, if there's a different place I should put this just let me now. But I just wanted start a thread to see if I can get some help developing a timeline and hearing thoughts regarding this. The following is my basic outline: December 4, 1979 The Soviet–Afghan War begins after the Soviet union Invades Afghanistan to prop up a communist government to exert greater Soviet control over the middle as they did in Korea and Vietnam to great