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  1. This article claims they discovered a Roman mosaic in London----'once-in-a-lifetime' discovery London archaeology breakthrough: 'Once-in-a-lifetime' Roman mosaic found next to Shard | Science | News | the Roman mosaic was 'discovered' next to a building called The Shard --which is shaped like a tall Pyramid--of course " The building features 11,000 panes of glass, "--wiki 309.6 m high= 3+9+6= 18= 666 floor area 110,000 sq m the spire is 66 m high 72 floors= 9 the Mosaic dis
  2. This is how I proved my theory that Globalists use numerology to signal to their minions about up-coming staged events I knew something was afoot when the West boycotted the Beijing Winter Olympics for no good reason Then I remembered reading an old post in 2014 about how Russia invaded Ukraine 4 days after their Winter Olympics in 2014 And how Turkey invaded Syria 4 days after the 2016 Rio Olympics So I calculated the date 4 days after the Winter Olympics & found it was the 55th day Globalist favour signalling with multiples of 11 &a
  3. Putin works with NATO In this brief 2013 video commentary--Kissinger agent & psychological warfare expert-- Pieczenik reveals that Putin works with NATO Among other things--by providing services for faking assassinations for dictators THE DIVINE RIGHT OF KINGS- - YouTube He reveals how Putin provides exit strategies when the Globalists stage regime change By faking the deaths of Puppet leaders deaths--who retire to secluded luxury compounds in Russia--Switzerland-- Spain etc--- where many 'dead' heads of state live out their lives in luxury Idi A
  4. Globalists staging Mock Resurrection of Christ On June 12 Danish 29-yr old soccer player Christian Erikson collapsed dramatically during a match from a heart attack His heart stopped beating---'he was gone' Then he was taken to hospital & recovered Christian= Christ came back to life June 12= 6-12= 6-66 Mock resurrection is part of the Globalists Anti-bible script
  5. The Cicada symbolism is interesting---emerging after 17 yrs underground I wonder what happened 17 yrs 2004--Dec 26--- Tsunami hits Indonesia killed 200,000 people (water) Dec27--Largest Gamma ray burst hit the earth (power outages) Measured at time 21:30:26= 9-3-8= 9-11
  6. In 1997 Australian rockstar Michael Hutchence supposedly 'suicided' 83 days after Lady Diana 83= 11 Diana was killed 47 days after Gianni Versace 47= 11 Hutchence died 22 Nov 1997 34th anniv of JFK murder Nov 22= 11-22= 11-11-11 He died in Hotel Room 524= 11 Body found 11:50 am Clock hands pointing to 11 & 10= 11-10=111 Funeral held 27 Nov= 27-11= 2+7--11= 9-11 Suicide by hanging= MI6 calling card Murdoch Press spread the sex angle Lie Just like in the murder of mathematician Gareth Williams Sexual strangulation Hum
  7. Stonehenge is obviously fake If it has been standing for 4000 yrs-- then why didnt the Romans mention it Stonehenge apparently remained in private hands until 1915 How does a 4000 yr old ancient monument fall into private hands in the first place Then for some strange reason--in the middle of WW1-- it was sold to a man named Cecil Chubb for £6,600 Cecil Chubb = CC=33 33= FreeMason numerology Why was an ancient structure ever privately owned & even sold And why wouldnt the owner sell it to the nation Why d
  8. Soy Lecithin E 322 322 Skull & Bones Why was this particular number chosen for soy lecithin Why have Globalists pushed Soy since the 1930s They forced farmers to grow it China uses it as feed stock--for pigs poultry fish They use it as a cheap emulsifier in baked goods-- chocolate etc Dont eat foods with soy lecithin Causes aspiration Fluid in windpipe Soy Emulsifiers prevent the epiglottis closing properly Water droplets from saliva enter the wind-pipe-- causes persistent dry cough Soy-lent Green Not a coincidence they used soy in the nam
  9. 47th G7 summit Jun 11= 7-11=77 2021 21=777 47=11 G7= 7-7 IllumiNazi numerology The G7 logo shows waves= Water Wars That’s what they’re discussing The next Global Crisis event they intend to stage Engineered droughts & flooding Food shortage Engineered Famine One of Britain’s favourite tools Indian Famines