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  1. The US is not the only country/empire to fall in the future by invading Afghanistan.
  2. Well thats the thing. It seems to be a pandemic in name only, if that makes sense (we are on the same page). Well, in our world line, we had many millions die off in a short period of time and in total roughly 2 billion. While I won't name specific names, we did have a virus come out of China. The Chinese elite and the Western elites were fighting over a power grab and the Chinese basically launched a bio-attack (sort of). From what I can gather about reading about your situation, ours is very close to how it started and some of the particulars. It was later found out that certain individua
  3. First, that is like saying, "Tell me what happened in Germany in the fall of 1991". Do you know detailed specifics? Surely not. I am not a historian. Also, your understanding of temporal navigation is slightly misplaced. In our world line, we are limited or constrained on our ability to travel back in time. The further back we go, the more inaccurate we are in terms of navigation. This means, that if we were to go back much further, I would end up on a world line that is vastly different. In our parameters, we can reasonably travel back up to 40 years with up to 3% divergence
  4. Hello Humans I am on my way home from observation of a particular computer, which is of interest to us. I had a slight navigation error, but nothing too serious. I am here for a brief moment of about 3 months. I am here to answer questions you may have about what the future holds