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  1. The AI has to be improved in order to improve, and it will take a considerable amount of development time to get perfect. This work should concentrate on improving the AI so that it can allow computer-controlled players to play with ease on the court. The AI should not feel artificial or overly labored. Better, More Servers - Online gaming is an essential aspect of NBA 2K. Many gamers enjoy playing with their friends. However, the online experience can sometimes be unreliable due to spikes in lag and busy servers. 2K Sports have suffered from lag-related issues for years, and it's a sourc
  2. If I could, I would make the game larger and the cities more lively. It would make the city feel alive. Falador doesn't feel very city-like to me. Nor does Burthorpe. Quisque est barbarus alio. Jethraw is an interesting. Although I tend to be more in line with your views however, I don't believe that every spaces should serve a specific purpose and must be productive. This creates an environment like Burthorpe, which I find to be chaotic and unappealing. There are a lot of NPCs with ideas, concepts and abilities and it's difficult to navigate.If you want to know more about OSRS,you can vi