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  1. https://definition.org/declassified-government-photos/ ?
  2. Judge issues stay against vaccine mandate for Navy SEALs seeking religious exemption The judge said 'there is no military exclusion from our Constitution' The judge threw the court-martial out, in other words.
  3. Sold alongside survival gear. I hate to say it, but a cell phone is a cell phone is a cell phone, and the "survivalism" aspect of these only lends to a vice on the part of the seller, >>> "I have beautiful daughters and I need to know where you are located at all times, but I'l only let you talk 10-20, 50 or 100 minutes a month, unless you're really rich."
  4. What is aquamation? The process behind Desmond Tutu’s ‘green cremation’ There's a gay Catholic BIshop with a lesbian daughter. I can't imagine that is even in the slightest bit unusual. But the refusal to perform a Christian burial is rather a posthumous defrocking than anything else. So who listened to these sermons all these years and what did they learn? Or who went to confession or what advice did they receive beyond the "ego te absolve" -- and if the priest is defrocked posthumously, does that not invalidate the confessions of the parishioners?
  5. https://www.ojp.gov/pdffiles1/Photocopy/140554NCJRS.pdf ojp.gov = Office of Justice Programs = fed-speak for juvenile delinquents. Satanic Cult Awareness. Horror stuff out of children's or young adults' novels. But the government has its own gun-grabbing angle on this stuff. The usefulness of satanic cult documents in court is dubious. Not very "educational" as such either. Which puts it in the gratuitous category of unredeemable filth. But why is it posted on a government website?
  6. Another Marine discharge. The communist Establishment is especially intent on purging the U.S. Marine Corps of conservative intellectuals. https://www.foxnews.com/us/marine-who-criticized-afghan-withdrawal-discharged.amp The now-former Marine said he received a general discharge under honorable conditions, which is lower than an honorable discharge. Which is a little bit of a technicality to say so because a Marine cannot really accept an honorable discharge under such circumstances. There was an illegal order for the Marines to lay down weapons and retreat.
  7. ===== Same highway, it was a different time. I was driving along and it was time to eat lunch, and I pulled into a gravel pit, a huge mining quarry as it turned out. I drove around and hid my vehicle in a remote area, turned around, keys in the ignition, ready to leave. There was a wolf there. I was thinking aloud, talking to myself — put the wolf as ease to hear the sound of my voice. Suddenly I realized I had unwanted visitors, unwanted human visitors, without having heard or seen them myself. It was the wolf. The wolf had warned me. I immediately started my truck, put it
  8. I was driving along the highway in a remote area, and I had a need to relieve myself somewhere. I pulled over on a gravel road and hid my vehicle behind a gravel berm. I was the only human being anywhere near that place, for miles and miles. There was a large raven, and a large wolf. I did not see or hear the wolf, but I sensed his presence, and I saw fresh footprints that I had not seen when I turned around. For some reason the wolf did not bother me, and so I decided to take a walk and explore a little. I climbed over to the other side of the berm, and I came upon an abandoned mini
  9. "7 TIMES HOTTER" No. The Bible says "one seven times" hotter. “Then was Nebuchadnezzar full of fury, and the form of his visage was changed against Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego: therefore he spake, and commanded that they should heat the furnace one seven times more than it was wont to be heated.” The ancient Babylonians had a place value system for numbers. The "seven" gets a place value of 60 here, and remember Hebrew was written right to left, numbers with the ones' place on the right, so that "one seven" means one plus seven times sixty, or 421. The king was really comman
  10. The provincial level administrative divisions (Chinese: 省级行政区; pinyin: Shěngjí Xíngzhèngqū) are the highest-level administrative divisions of China. There are 34 such divisions claimed by the People's Republic of China, classified as 23 provinces (Chinese: 省; pinyin: shěng), five autonomous regions, four municipalities and two special administrative regions. The political status of Taiwan Province along with a small fraction of Fujian Province remain in dispute, those are under separate rule by the Republic of China, which is usually referred to as "Taiwan". Every province on Mainland Chi
  11. Evidently we need more and bigger guns to say no to dirty doctors. The Bible tells us how signs and wonders multiplied throughout Egypt, but aren't departing and skipping over hot lava in our bare feet to cross the Red Sea like the ancient Jews did. Which means we have to dig in, entrench ourselves, and fight. 103 Marines booted for refusing COVID vaccine as services begin discharges: Up to 30,000 service members remain unvaccinated and could face the same fate. U.S. military moves to discharge service members who refuse to get vaccinated Covid vaccine: Can US troops be punis
  12. That's good if you have other choices, but there's something called "truck" in America. You either buy it off ebay or amazon, or shop locally, and I live in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere, and there's no delivery if it isn't USPS. Meanwhile I'm banned off the dumbass forum because "President Biden is correct – the consequence of the right’s reckless, irresponsible, unwarranted opposition to wearing masks and safe and effective vaccines." according to C_Clayton_Jones.
  13. https://www.fox35orlando.com/news/brother-to-accept-degree-for-sister-who-died-weeks-before-graduating-from-university-of-florida GAINESVILLE, Fla. - A University of Florida student who became paralyzed below the waist and lost vision in one eye from a rare and incurable blood disease died just weeks before graduation. But she still managed to finish her degree, so her brother plans to walk in her place during a graduation ceremony Friday. Mariel White's brother, Weston White, will accept his sister's degree in sports management and journalism while about two dozen family members w
  14. https://www.cinemablend.com/movies/florence-pugh-shares-funny-photos-after-passing-out-during-nose-piercing Septum piercing is either fake or the gal is snorting cocaine.
  15. Medical problems in the video sound like a nuke. Jewelry thieves, too. https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-59703523