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  1. Birth control, abortion, sterilization of persons deemed mentally ill. It's the usual deep state population control agenda. Well now everything is a felony, and it's years and years in prison for the slightest offense of any of their petty laws -- because they're giving those laws teeth, and all the government officials always have a job to do -- meddle and interfere in our day to day lives. So they're beefing up the petty laws and giving those useless officials more work to do.
  2. https://www.fda.gov/animal-veterinary/resources-you/blackhead-disease-poultry That's the government. 1. I don't believe in protozoans with complex lifestyles that allegedly cause disease. 2. Too many drugs and controlled substances are "recommended" for the treatment of the said disease. 3. Turkey meat makes you sleepy? No. Tryptophan? No. Come on, that's a common protein, an essential part of a normal diet. 4. Someone is poisoning the birds. People are picky eaters and prefer chicken, pork, and beef.
  3. At first glance it's not quite clear why the case of the worshipful football coach was ever brought up in court. Football (i.e., American football, rugby,) or even soccer or any other such sport for that matter is not a particularly religious activity. At the same time, if the coach happens to be a religious person, no one should question his right to bow his head or offer a quiet expression of thankfulness to God. https://www.nytimes.com/2022/06/27/us/politics/supreme-court-coach-prayers.html https://www.reuters.com/legal/government/us-supreme-court-endorses-football-coachs
  4. I mean like well, it sounds like professional cattle rustlers are hard at work. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/veterinarians-work-to-quash-misinformation-about-sw-kansas-cattle-deaths/ar-AAYCt7V Veterinarians work to quash "misinformation" about SW Kansas cattle deaths >>> Video of dead cattle has gained national attention along with confirmation that at least 2,000 cattle in southwest Kansas feed lots died from heat stress. The livestock experts say though the situation is rare, it isn’t unheard of and there is no big mystery or conspiracy. What happened can scienti
  5. 31 people with ties to White nationalist group arrested for conspiracy to riot near a Pride parade in Idaho https://www.cnn.com/2022/06/11/us/31-people-arrested-for-conspiracy-to-riot-near-idaho-pride-parade/index.html The Jewish Anti-Defamation League is involved. In other words, City Hall. People are white, they eat pork, they're sick of having their kids circumcised, etc. and the Jews are cracking down on us in America. Some sort of "Pride" parade, a man can't have a normal intercourse with a woman. Doctors screwed people up as babies. The arrests are state and local only, typic
  6. To the extent that such a "club" exists in any particular place or locality, and we're pretty sure it does, whether it's formal club or just a group of "friends" or whatever it's called or wherever they meet. We have reason to believe they do something to little girls with artificial and/or bovine growth hormone to "raise" new members, and some sort of FGM rite of "induction" when they come of age. So it's a "nightclub" of sorts where they go to have fun, maybe play bingo, do their knitting, gardening etc., where husbands, boyfriends, and significant others are specifically excluded.
  7. It's a question of medical malpractice, traditionally defended at civil or common law, to include such practices as routine "bris" circumcision of boys, female genital mutilation, mandatory extraction of wisdom teeth and tonsils, grooming and cutting hair for supposed reason of the health and hygiene of boys versus girls, rather than their own preferences when they are of age to express themselves, and involuntary mental health care for children and adults. The ancient Babylonian jurist Hammurabi punished the doctors and dentists both eyes for an eye, and five teeth for a tooth, because h
  8. Who say what? This is actual mainstream media news. A real federal investigation! Anaheim federal corruption probe: Who the heck is Company A? By Teri Sforza, May 24, 2022 https://www.ocregister.com/2022/05/24/anaheim-federal-probe-who-the-heck-is-company-a PAYWALLED ARTICLE. According to Google/Wikipedia, [The Sforza family] ruled the duchy of Milan from 1450 to 1535. Rising from peasant origins, the Sforzas became condottieri and used this military position to become rulers in Milan. The family governed by force, ruse, and power politics. Anaheim mayor resigns amid
  9. HAARP, from Open Street Maps
  10. An interstellar object exploded over Earth in 2014, declassified government data reveal By Brandon Specktor Classified data prevented scientists from verifying their discovery for 3 years.
  11. That's horse sedative, just like the good old boys bet on a horse race and slip a tenner to the stable boy to dope the other horse. They've tried cyanide on me, and attempted lethal doses of coumadin and insulin, bad vaccines, plutonium-239. Shot of hard liquor instead of the usual syrup in your espresso, it doesn't take a "lethal" dose of the drug, whatever it is, to be lethal behind the wheel of an automobile. Slashed brake hoses, shot wheel bearings, liquid nitrogen or propane dumped on a wet road, heavy body shop slicks of oil and grease and acid on ice and snow. That's
  12. Yup. An ex-husband or an ex-boyfriend is to blame. She's not sleeping with her husband and she's got something to hide on her side of it, too. Too many righteous l€sbians downtown, "sisters" running front with the justice system at the local courthouse. Gaslighting husband avoids jail despite installing cameras at home to check on his wife and groping her breasts as she slept after female judge sympathised with him because a previous partner cheated
  13. NCIS is a television series that revolves around a fictional team of special agents from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, which conducts criminal investigations involving the United States Navy and Marine Corps. Mostly the stuff of "thriller novels" if not public broadcast television. NICS offers instant Background Check Records - Just Enter a Name & Search Now. Background Check, Traffic, Police, Criminal & Court Records, Contact Info and Much More! Anonymous Searching - See Anyone's Public Records. Enter Any... There appears to be some level of grounding in rea
  14. Biolabs got to go, man. The Army docs need to stop their circumcisions, vaxxinations, routine extractions of wisdom teeth and tonsils, mental health care and gender mutilation. Psychologists and psychiatrists got to stop calling common people dumbasses and stupid idiots in a court of law. The ATF/NICS system in the U.S. is but one of such pogroms.
  15. This is true. They should be brutally exposed, without mercy, for what they have done to us and will continue to do to us until we stop them. However, I don't want to see the U.S.S.R. come into existence again. Russia-Ukraine war: Israelis plan to fight alongside Ukrainians Israeli ex-soldiers want to defend the country they emigrated from as Ukrainian Jews come under threat Volodymyr Zelensky is the Jewish president Ukraine needed In a country with a history of antisemitism, it is encouraging that his Judaism has not been an issue ... He has transcended the eternal statu