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  1. Astral Projection Remove the barriers to your subconscious mind. Make sure you have no spiritual binds or attachments that will restrict your mind. You can unlock it through self-hypnosis. Go into a trance, you will time travel and see things you could not see before. Its like a second self. The binah must be learned first to access Chokma or wisdom. It takes time, also spatial awareness and you have to pin the energy at certain thresholds. Like pinging to the tree of life/you have to ascend your body/gnosis through energy work. Clearing the different aspects of your aura, letting the wa
  2. I'm an unusual woman. I was born on Friday the 13th. Im an "INDIGO" and during psychosis I experience paranormal stuff because of who I am, not the disease itself. I dont experience psychosis anymore. I am working on finding a new treatment team so I can get on different medication than Abilify. I Just think I can do so much better. I can be a target for vampires because I am a "Generator" meaning I can Generate a ton of energy. When Im in the Gnosis I tend to project what happens so I can verify the crap is real. I have my energy toned down at the moment. Have no plans on what to us