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    Human Being for the time being, trying to understand his reality. Not a "Conspiracy Theorist"
  1. wow thanks for that info ..never heard of that. This is why I never trust anything all. Wow. Anti 5G stuff...radioactive.. hm........tsk tsk tsk. BUT THEN AGAIN..coming from the BBC(MEDIA = One of the 7= telling you GS IS "sAFE" i STILL do no trust that info. Hm...*shrug* Still though.....i WOULD NEVER personally buy anything off Amazon or any site claiming to PROTECT ME from DANGEEEEEEERS of 5G. That is just not on. lol I would just live and w/e happens happens. DIVINE protection. ;)
  2. Aum.Ohm.Om. Hari OM.HOTEP.Shalom.Irie.Namaste.In lak ech ala kin.

  3. Check this out folks :