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  1. Well my wife is a Dryad and she says the only way you can tame a wolf is to feed it with the milk of a sick cow mixed with ground corn and some pig fat. However, it is very likely the wolf you encountered was an angel sent from heaven.
  2. My wife is a Dryad, and let me tell you that the best thing you should do is wait for fall, and pick the apples from her tree! Then you should turn the apples into juice, and scatter the seeds around the tree in a circle. Then, repeat the chant three times Oro spiritibus terrae ut pervagentur haec dryades Benedicta sit humus a pede suo Sit baca virgulta After that, defeat the demons cursing her in hand to hand combat. Then she will be free to walk the earth!
  3. I think that Elon Musk is a Venusian who has come to infect our children with SATANISM and turn them into devils that will take our jobs!