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  1. So, this is opening up another possibility. Perhaps the government is not directly involved in the bombing in Okhlahoma or what happened on 9/11. Perhaps all they did was allow it to happen, for reasons best known to them. That still makes them guilty, right?
  2. Somehow I get the impression that we are hearing what they think we would like to hear. So we have this story about the two brothers and their connection with Chechnya. That makes for a plausible story, doesn't it? I am not saying that they are fabricating the stories but I believe there is such a thing as being innocent until proven guilty. So far we have only heard one side of the story. And we haven't seen whether this version of the story can stand up in court.
  3. That reminds me of something that's happening very much nearer to where I live. In South Thailand, the terrorists are pretty good at making bombs out of fertilizer and cooking gas cylinders. No, I don't mean using both together. The urea found in fertilizer has been used to make many car bombs and cooking gas cylinders, filled full of butane, of course, can be very lethal when set up properly. Also they used a lot of mobile phones as triggering devices. So far, I have not heard of any action being taken against people who buy fertilizer or use cooking gas cylinders or mobile phones.
  4. Wait, this forum is monitored by the government? No, it isn't? What proof is there that it isn't? I mean this forum puts a little cookie into my computer every time I log in, right? So what exactly is in the cookie? I mean other than the red bean filling.
  5. Are they really targetting Obama? I read somewhere that they are actually sharpening their knives to get Hilary Clinton. She may or may not run for president after Obama but, from what I read, they are not taking any chances.
  6. Where I am living now, there's not much evidence of any conspiracy of any kind. Just groups of people trying to make a good life for themselves in one way or another. Some groups think that their way is better but that doesn't stop the other groups from thinking the same way, too, about the other groups' way of life. I am still searching for a universal way of life that's applicable to everyone everywhere. Maybe there isn't such a thing but that doesn't stop me from searching. If I stop searching then I feel I would be passing through this life no different from all the other animals.
  7. I have no problem reading the article in that link. I am using Firefox on Xubuntu. The article doesn't raise anything startlingly new to me. I have already seen how the Red Line has become a parody of a game I have seen little kids play. You know, one kid draws a line in the sand and tells the other not to cross the line or else... Then when the other kid steps over the line, the first kid draws another line in the sand further away. Talking about Red Lines is a lot easier than drawing lines in the sand but it's just as childish. Anyone who has the slightest clue about warfare knows th
  8. I think if we were to think really objectively about it, we must come to the conclusion that Hitler could not have done what he did, all by himself. No idea about all those banker types who are said to be financing all kinds of wars but it is a certainty that what Hitler said must have resonated with the feeling of the majority of the German people. Those people believed in him and followed him. They were the ones who actually committed all the atrocities attributed to Hitler. They were just as guilty as he was.
  9. How about a section on survivalist, survivalism and the whole preparationist thing? There may be more to it than meets the eye. which would qualify that niche as a conspiracy of sorts. What do you think?
  10. Thank you, @happyflowerlady, that's shatters another of the myths I had about the US. I thought that the majority of the early colonists of the US were people who went there of their own free will, to seek a better life. Now I know better, thanks to you. Well, live and learn. That does kind of change my perception of the American people. It's like instead of being a people imbued with a pioneering spirit, now they have become a people harboring a grudge against whoever forced them to be there in the first place. Could it be possible that this might be the reason we see those unexpected out
  11. @happyflowerlady, thank you for that illuminating new version of American history. I suppose you should know better since, I presume, you are living there. What I learned about American history must have been inaccurate. About those people who were taken from prisons to American, I always thought that happened to Australia. Now I know better. Maybe I also learned wrongly that the black people of the US were descended from slaves. Just curious. The bias, as I noticed in the media, against colored people in the US may also be a misconception created by the media. I suppose the truth could be
  12. Come now, just because some people get paranoid about pressure cookers doesn't mean that everyone is just as stupid. To the normal rational person, a pressure cooker is a pressure cooker. That's all. You know something? I am sure cars have killed a lot more people than pressure cookers. Have you ever met anyone rational who thinks that cars should be banned?
  13. One question, though. After all the obviously odd things about the airport, what has been done about it? Are the people just going to take it as it is and let things pass? Maybe that's how they can get away with all kinds of things in the US. Because the people do not really care enough to make any changes. Right?
  14. I don't live in the US but I have the feeling that the problems of the black people there are somewhat different from that faced by the Orientals. For one, the black people are not there by choice. They were taken there as slaves against their will. The Orientals, generally speaking, are there by choice. They chose to go to the US because of the hope of a better life. Of course, the reality, in many cases, was a far cry from the dream. Anyway, studying this situation from the racial perspective does not seem to be the right way to go around it. Whatever happened, whether it's shootings or
  15. Just wondering. Did they have a chance to make a fair living? Or are all the better-paying jobs out-of-bounds to them, forcing them to take jobs at slave wages? Would it have been better for them to just go back to wherever they came from?
  16. Just curious. Couldn't she have done something simple like resign from the military? Or is she contracted to serve until she grows old or gets killed, whichever comes first?
  17. Are you talking about those people who sit in an air-conditioned office and fiddle around with knobs and switches and joysticks like little kiddies, while guiding drones to fire weapons on targets thousands of kilometers away?
  18. No, it's not illegal to eat rice out of the cooker. Not yet. But it's rather ill-mannered to eat rice that way. The proper way to eat rice is to scoop it out of the cooker and serve it on a plate or in a bowl, depending on your preference. Yes, this is getting really funny. If it's on a comedy show. You know what the terrorists are going to try next? They are going to pack the next bomb in a lunch box. Then we are going to have a lot more funny scenarios.
  19. I see. So, are we saying that the end justify the means? If, in the end, we get the perpetrators of the crime, it doesn't matter what methods we use to get the information to get the perpetrators? This requires a bit of a revision of concepts for me. The last I checked we are supposed to be different in that we are civilized and we used civilized ways to get things done. If we keep on going downhill along this slippery path, how long will it be before we are not any different from them?
  20. Ah, baby steps, baby steps. This is his first few tentative moves in the new world of politics for Mark. So don't judge him too harshly. Eventually he will find out that the world of politics is made up of more than 256 shades of gray.
  21. I don't know about Muslims but the terrorists in South Thailand, who are supposed to be Muslims, are doing a pretty good job. They have been able to use home-made bombs to blow up armored military vehicles and when they shoot, they shoot to kill. There are even reports that some of them went back to the people they have shot and shot their victims again in the head just to be sure. News from other parts of the world where terrorists who are supposed to be Muslims also show a better kill rate than what's happening in Boston and now New Orleans. btw those terrorists I am talking about ar
  22. I think it all comes down to something very simple. Hitler lost the war. Now, consider what happens if he had won the war instead. How many millions of those deaths would have been re-classified as collateral damage?
  23. Now, isn't everyone happy that the two suspects have been confirmed to be Muslims? So the riddle of the bombing is solved. They had to bomb because they are Muslims, right? So, to prevent further incidents of this kind, just get rid of all the Muslims, right? What a simple solution! For simple-minded people.
  24. That's very possible. I mean the part about most aliens would be indifferent to us. Perhaps indifferent in the same way as we are indifferent to all kinds of bugs on the ground. Which we step on, squash and kill without even realizing it.
  25. Facebook is a Mossad front? That cannot be true. I heard that Facebook is actually a front for the Kuomintang. No, that was last year's news. The latest news is that Facebook is the front for the re-election of Musharraf. You don't believe that? Why not? I mean if you can believe that Facebook is a Mossad front, why can't you also believe that Facebook is the front for Kim Jong-un? Did I just say Kim Jong-un? What I meant was Ahmadinejad.