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  1. Now that I donated this service of recognition to these govocomcombitches what are they going to pay me in return for this personal sacrifice of allowing their intrusion and ruining my personal plans? How much is it worth to them because they havent paid me a penny in over ten years of sabotaging my life. I'm a service provider for ego boosting stars and power politicians (and in this case, one of the most retarded freeloading organizations to ever exist), but they expect me to work for free. Since I am expected to provide this service I expect you to pay for it. The shittiest
  2. CIA's Operation Mockingbird a precursor of US manipulation of world opinion Inside Operation Mockingbird — The CIA’s Plan To Infiltrate The Media Operation Mockingbird — The CIA’s History of Media Manipulation How the CIA Paid and Threatened Journalists to Do Its Work
  3. The structure on an administrative level would presumably be similar but the power balance is far removed and incompatable when you line up free states against those kind. Here in the US I like to think individual citizens have a special protection against socialist conspirators but the prevalence of them is sort of a fatal cancer and I fear for the patriots holding on with all their might when the infection reaches above their heads and into the top tier. In the 1950s and 1960s there was a blacklist against socialists in the US but now organizations like the CIA and FBI are run by them
  4. I was misinformed that she died some years ago. Strange.
  5. They're simply rhyming with numbers, using a specific set of numbers that probably arent so much a form of communication as they are a fun method to create an algorithm of events. What an inefficient and faulty way to communicate dont you think? Also, Ive yet to see and hear anything about a global invasion.
  6. Dramatic video. Not very informative but worth watching. You are also a head mod at other sites?
  7. And of course these sorts of observances were completely ignored during the 9/11 media pirahna frenzy. I blame the media mostly for making these conspiracies easy to carry out.
  8. I didn't know about this site or some of the other sites that were around for a long time because they never appeared in Google search but now that I'm using Swisscows search engine I'm discovering all sorts of stuff on the internet that they have been keeping from us. I started with the conspiracy stuff on ATS when I discovered that site in 2015, visiting that site for around a year and then nothing through to this last year. They changed ownership and the real conspiracy theorists are being given the big kick in the ass. Used to be a great site, not anymore. They deleted my topic and sco