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  1. There are a lot of theories that can be contributed and debunked to this kind of crime. Firstly, this could have definitely been an inside job. The parents could have paid someone to do this. Although that is plausible, I just don't believe it as being a good theory. So here's my next one: This guy has been watching this little girl for a while, stalking her, figuring out exactly what her schedule is. It could've been a teacher, a busdriver, a friendly neighbor. Regardless of who it was, he could've known her. My last theory is kind of what you see only on TV shows. A man who enjoys murdering
  2. You're absolutely correct, as far as mentioning the fine. I know, that if someone ever threatened to kill me, I'd want justice, not for him to have jail time. He is a self-proclaimed troll, did his father even have any weapons? I know, the nation is shaken up over the sudden events that we've had so far. What I'm not understanding is why they're taking a 17-year old kid so seriously, even if he doesn't even have access to weaponry. Like sidney said, community service would be a GREAT BIG PAIN IN THE ASS for this kid, so that seems like the perfect punishment to me.
  3. More specifically, a natural catastrophe? Just to get us back in shape? Honestly, I don't care what you think about my opinion, but sometimes I feel like this nation needs a catastrophe to whip us all into shape and get us to work together. Prime Example: Boston Marathon. You know, only 3 people died yet we have other countries working hard to support us and our loss. Another example: Hurricane Katrina. Everyone helped out! I can just imagine what would happen if we some how all lost our homes to a flood or something. I mean, every single person on the planet. I feel like sometimes, we
  4. 5amMarks, you must've come across the wrong research, buddy. You don't understand Satanism, you didn't go into depth of your research. Go here:, tell them that they don't worship anything and see what happens. I get what you're saying though. Atheism and Satanism are apples and oranges, but they're both fruit and they're both in the same basket. PS. When you use the term "Satanism" you're using it loosely. There is LaVeyan and Theistic. Theism, if I'm correct, is the opposite of atheism. Um, hello. Satanist here. I just want to s
  5. Uhm, I don't know. It's kind of like saying "I'm not going to throw my money in the trash can, I'm going to throw it in the ocean. Maybe some sea monsters will find it and use it." I guess kind of shooting blindly in the dark? However, if there was a significant amount of reasoning for this, if there was some viable evidence that there was, indeed, alien findings, I'd let them take all the taxes they want (not literally or too seriously!)
  6. The thought of this makes me shiver and get really excited with the thought of this. Yes. I believe that there are many versions of me. Some are fat, some are skinny, some are white, some are asian. I definitely like what you said. The thought does tend to drive me crazy, and I do wonder how my life would be like had I lived in another dimension. I doubt there'd ever be a way for us to prove it, because had there been a way, another dimension probably would have already figured it out by now.
  7. Dear soko, Everything you post reminds me of World War II propoganda. Don't ask how, it just does. I agree with what you're saying. It actually sickens me, how much we pay for such unnecessary things. We, as a nation, are only digging ourselves into a deeper hole as far as national connections (I know it has a political name, it slipped my mind)
  8. Of course, this is nothing new. On any given day, all of our money could be taken and used in the event of an emergency or, God forbid, a new depression in our country's economy. Nobody knows when or why, but it could definitely happen. It doesn't take a news article to alert us about that.
  9. Watching this episode really made me chuckle. Note, this isn't an attempt to trample on anyone's faith or beliefs. I just thought this was a very interesting video. I'm still split down the middle, when it comes to this. I want to believe that this video is 100% true, but what about the people that actually have real experiences with the board? Are all of them really faking it? At one point in my life, I'd read a few stories about Ouija boards and I actually wanted to experience it, but then I watched Paranormal Activity and I immediately threw the idea out the window. After watching
  10. Whoa, this sounds super amazing. If we were to all by micro-chipped by birth?! Well.. I'm already born, so I guess it wouldn't apply to me, but as for my children? Amazing. Imagine if we could all have tracking chips that could tell us where we're located and what we're doing. It'd be very easy to find a kidnapped child, or an escaped criminal. But think about all the people that would oppose the government prying in on their privacy. Personally, I wouldn't care.
  11. I typically don't give into the whole "alien autopsy" video scene. It just seems so fake to me, and I can't believe anyone would even think of believing it. When the President of the US can stand up on his stand, and admit that we have discovered something atypical in our system, then I'll believe it.
  12. Hm, you, r. zimm and Lilley1 could be equally correct. Money is a very important and effecting factor, but I was looking at it at a more technological standpoint. One thing banks don't have is our money. What if technology companies were to also partner up and eventually take over banking companies as well? I mean, it'll become far more severe than it is already. We still have our liberties right now.
  13. I tend to keep my mouth pretty shut as far as religion. I won't spit on yours as long as you don't spit on my beliefs, and even then, I like to listen to what people say and take their words into consideration. I don't like the negative people that always shoot down other people. It's like "Oh my gosh, let these people think what they want and believe what they want. It won't hurt you.
  14. I think anything is possible, given the time, money, and necessary preparation. As far as cloning.. I mean, we've come a long way scientifically and technologically. Why wouldn't it be possible in a few decades or a few centuries? I don't think that we will be able to wake up and clone ourselves for breakfast... I think it'll only be for governemnt and militaristic uses. +
  15. Google Glasses is most likely just another way for Google to keep track of its users. I really don't understand how it will work either. I guess I'll just have to do my research before I say anything to negative about it.