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  1. Very well said, BrianWolfe. Angelina Jolie has gone to this extreme for good reason. She may have had many sleepless nights wondering if she may fall into the same fate as her mother, leaving behind several children. We, as parents, do go to extremes for our children. I honestly couldn't say if I would pass up the opportunity to have that done as well.
  2. As right as you are with everything you stated, its unfortunate that most people will not understand what you're saying. We may say we understand but that would be superficial to a more profound understanding. Once we get to the point of knowing exactly where you are coming from there would be no point to play the blame game.
  3. The headline is a little deceiving. Its not really about reporting people who 'hate government'. Most of us hate the government, in fact, I have never heard anyone say they actually like and appreciate them. Leave it to the media to, once again, distort the truth of the subject. Rick Bradshaw has been a pretty good sheriff overall, much better than ours in Indian River County. We will never agree with everything they say or do though. Anyway, the point of this particular program is to make all citizens aware of their surroundings. If you notice, see, hear, or have that gut feeling t
  4. HAHAHA Victor! That just backfired on him. It gave me a good chuckle to see that.
  5. Government using and testing weather modification is very interesting and I have to admit that I have not thought about it. I've been reading more about the Sun's effect with the Coronal Mass Ejections, Geomagnetic Storms and Solar Radiation Storms. I believe this also has an effect on the massive animal deaths around the world. I can clearly see why weather modification is not discussed publicly. If there is truth or at least some truth to this, the world is not ready to hear it. I'm not saying I do not believe this to be true, in fact, I'm sure the government has some role play in thi
  6. What was that guy thinking? Did he seriously think the President and Senators were going to open up their own mail? Mail does not even go directly to the White House. It is processed, opened and examined at a nearby military base which will then be sent to the White House Staff.
  7. Then the question is 'What is causing the gas leaks'? From what I have read and understand, all the earth's changes are caused by the sun. Coranal mass ejection's cause solar flares from the sun. The effects of the eruptions happen near-Earth space. The explosion's from the sun create space weather events, geomagnetic storms or solar radiation storms. The magnetic storms have great effects on the Earth's magnetosphere. Because of the possibility of the solar hyperactivity causing weakness to the magnetosphere it then creates a radical contortion of the Earth's jet-stream. This results i
  8. I heard about the Earthquakes but have not brought myself to see it on the news. Your theory is pretty interesting though. Natural and man-made devastation seems to keep escalating. I've been more focused on the Geomagnetic Storms and its effects on earth and us. There has been studies of these storms effecting human behavior. There could be a connecting relation.
  9. If you watch carefully in front of the guy walking, you can see it blow away slowly. Not only that, the color is a little bright to be blood. Compare the color to the rest of the blood on the ground. I'm sure there will be several deceptive photos and videos making its way around the internet. Like the one picture of the man standing alone on the rooftop.
  10. I thought the same thing. Your vibe was the same one I got. It gave me an eerie feeling and I couldn't finish watching it. When you watch it, don't take your eyes off his eyes.
  11. School lunch help is temporary. Every school year you have to re-apply. Food stamps is temporary. Every six months you have to re-apply. Its all temporary. There will always be people who do abuse the system and that sucks. Its not even about the system. Sometimes parents do forget to add money to their kids lunch card. It happens, we are human. The school should have still fed the children and added those meals to the parents bill just like all the other schools in the country. When the comments start taking a turn about 'paying taxes for other children topeople's eat' is when i
  12. My son is also on the reduced lunch program. How in the world could this one topic end up with such harsh accusations??!! Did you know that school lunch is the ONLY meal some children eat in an entire day. There are even some kids who rarely get to eat on weekends and cannot wait to have a warm meal at school. How can you all deny INNOCENT children food? They are the real victims. These children have no idea why they are being punished because their parents were not able to pay the school enough money for food. I honestly pray there will NEVER be a time in your life when your child
  13. Demonic Possession is most definitely a phenomenon. Years ago I attended St. Rita's Catholic Church in Wellington, Fl where they performed an exorcism. They even aired it on ABC's 20/20. I was home alone (only 12 or 13 yrs old) and watched the first half before getting totally freaked out. I think possession is possible but it is not a subject I want to study. I attached a video if you are interested in viewing it yourself. The video is in 4 parts. Do NOT watch it if you have kids around or are sensitive to the subject. On another note, I can't believe that's Barbara Walters! *
  14. Its very interesting that you said this. As this was happening, I was called to pick up my son as he was in the clinic at school with a bloody nose. Once I got there, the entire elementary school was in a code red lockdown drill. I honestly think if the news did not cover tragedies like this, it would not happen as often or at least not as drastic. I can just imagine the culprit is intently watching the news while laughing as people are scrambling to safety and trying to figure out who and why.