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  1. Well more crazy thing happens every day, it's getting out of hand now...
  2. I'm a agnostic. To be honest, there are many arguments say that there is God and many others that say there isn't. But I've been thinking that there must be 'God' because if there was no mastermind creating this universe how on earth did people manage to develop talking? Because even if it was the big bang theory that created the universe, I doubt it helped create life without the work from God. But then again, if God was real, why does he not help people from dying? Or is it because that he wants to see how we humans behave on our own and allow us to develop his creation on our own.
  3. If they really did visit earth at some point, that would be interesting. Just saw a a bit of the video, looks quite good I'll watch it all when I have a bit more time. But imo these alien theories are just people imagining.
  4. Hey just joined, and thanks for the welcome. Should be something fun on here, but you should add more forum categories for more things to talk about