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  1. This is interesting, I don't really have much to share, just saying thanks for sharing!
  2. lol, I don't really think that watching a potato is evidence of anything.
  3. I think it's just a coincidence, but you never know right? As for the Boston bombings, not as big of a deal as people are making it out to be.
  4. Femenism is really messed up, and doesn't make any sense to me. Cry for equality, but want thier meals payed for. All they want is to be spoiled.
  5. I am a christian, not like most other ones though. My belief system goes like this, love others, and be a good person, and everything else will fall in place. I have gay friends, I smoke weed, I don't have an issue with swearing, I just try to be a good person to other people. I do pray, and I do go to church, but not nearly as strict as other christians.
  6. It's all a mind game, what you have to do is start acting differently yourself, and see how she responds to it. Also, make plenty of Korean food, I have heard that Aliens have a non-deadly allergic reaction to it.
  7. I live in Canada, so everyone lives in Igloos here. I am fortunate enough to actually have a computer and internet in my Igloo! There are very many creative things like that picture here.
  8. Hahahah! I would have shit myself! That's hilarious man!
  9. I think to an extent, I don't think it is as severe as many people have explained it to be, but there are obvious changes to ur environment that are happening. Hoax? I don't think so, Overdone? I think so.
  10. This is interesting, may I ask where you got the letter?
  11. I deleted my facebook account, I just didn't like it. I can honeslty say that after getting rid of it, I am a happier person.
  12. Hitler was a terrible man. I do not mean to be offensive to anyone, by any means. But, I think a lot of what americans "know" anout Hitler is just propoganda. I am sure there are stretches in the tet books, about things he said and did possibly too. I feel like it would be great to learn German and listen to his speaches and see what he had to say. Again, he did kill jews, and was a terrible man, I just think we might not know the real truth about Adolph Hitler.
  13. Call me a terrible person, but I salute Dorner. He may have gone about it the wrong way, shooting a retired officers son or something like that, but in all honesty, Dorner, you are a friggin bad ass. Thanks for making Rambo come true. I think he set an example that might bring attention to corruption in the Police force. I am not against police, don't get me wrong, but, there are too many corrupt police.
  14. Guys, Hitler is still alive. It's true.
  15. Woah woah woah. I beg to differ from that alone. Logic and emotions are basicaly opposite. There is nothing logical about anger in my opinion. Of course, it happens, but I think it can be controlled. I think with enough time, and enough effort someone can train themselves to rarely get angry. Look at the monks, not saying we should shave our heads and get orange robes, but, look at the monks.