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  1. A frontpage for the forum, similar to the simplicity of the DrudgeReport (a simple news aggregate), would be awesome. It would likely help to drive more traffic to the forum as well. It would be pretty simple to do, and requires no real design or coding. Keep it ugly and functional, like the DrudgeReport. Part of his success is the total simplicity of the page.
  2. In reading about the recent meteor strike on the Moon, I was surprised to learn that this happens quite frequently. You would certainly expect that it does happen often by looking at its surface, but you would also expect to hear more about them. I guess it's not exciting enough to get reported more regularly. Earthquakes are another example. This is why I love the internet because you can pretty much design the types of news you get exposed to. People that simply watch television for their news updates only know a fraction of what's going on in the World.
  3. FDA still hasn't given its stamp of "approval" on something as simple as Vitamin C. Yet, they green-light so many harmful chemical disguised as medicines. I can't hardly take them seriously.
  4. How about a section(s) geared toward positive things? I don't exactly know what those sections could be but everything conspiratorial seems to be negative. Is there a positive, lighter side to things? Some ideas: - Helpful aliens - Aliens helped me pass my SATs. Yay aliens! - The brighter side of the NWO - The Bilderberg Group has established a new world fund where everyone gets a free order of 2 Medium Pizzas (3-toppings each) every day for life! It could be tough, but there's got to be a lighter side to everything.
  5. News Flash: You're still a sinner. Most of this reads like the dream of someone who's read some things in the Bible, instead of having studied the Bible. Dead people are not in the ground in their grave sites, waiting to be resurrected.
  6. Make no mistake, Hitler was seriously bad. He was one of the worst. However, he was not the worst. Research Stalin, the Bolsheviks, etc. (no wikipedia research, please).
  7. I'm a Christian, and no I don't believe in the so-called Rapture Theory. An event will take place that fits the bill for the expected Rapture, but it won't be Jesus they will be running toward, it will be a trick of the Anti-Christ. This is well documented in scripture. But, too many Christians don't study, they read or worse, they simply follow the rhetoric of a preacher. The Biblical evidence that Rapture believers point to is taken out of context. When put into the proper context, it's quite clear that this Rapture event takes place AFTER the tribulation. It's right there in scripture (
  8. Well, this is a fundamental difference between us. I don't want or need my government to do a dam thing for me but get out of my life! We are supposed to be a free people, without the government telling us what we can and cannot do. We're supposed to be free, not slaves...get it? If people need help, that is what family, neighbors, and churches are for. Charities should be run by free people, not the government. You really need to lay off of the hate-filled music and culture. It's rotting your mind and soul. Thanks for the advice, but no thanks. I'm not really sure you
  9. Even Chris Matthews can't fake it anymore! And this is the guy that, according to him, got a thrill up his leg over Obama. ================= Chris Matthews sours on Obama 5/15/13 7:05 PM EDT President Obama "obviously likes giving speeches more than he does running the executive branch," Chris Matthews said tonight. Yes, you read that right: The MSNBC host who in 2008 felt a "thrill going up my leg" after hearing Obama speak has grown disenchanted. Tonight's episode of Hardball saw Matthews delivering a rare, unforgiving grilling of the president as severe as anything that might ap
  10. That's interesting, but not surprising. I think they've announced this sort of thing before, though. I've noticed that NASA likes to issue reports on a regular basis just to have some kind of presence in the minds of the American public. It's good PR. What I find more interesting is how this photo was taken. I don't see any kind of connection between the rover and the camera taking the photo. Does the rover have a unit that it can place on the ground to take remote photos? What is holding the camera?
  11. The American Dream is not free (is any dream?). It usually costs more than a lot of people are willing to invest (effort and time). Handouts are so much easier, and free. There are many that genuinely need help, but there are more that are just lazy excuse-makers. I've got one in my family (who's at least trying to do better), and I live in a city riddled with this type. I see it and hear the silly gripes everyday. It's a mistake to enable them.
  12. Maybe she just got tired of dragging around the large, fake boobs, and this is a way to get rid of them (or at least reduce the weight). Plus, this makes for a great story, generates sympathy, and could lead to books, a speaking tour, endorsements, a series of talk show appearances, etc. Remember, this is Hollywood. Or, maybe this is real and she made a good decision.
  13. I think they've graduated from drinking the kool-aid to smoking it. Tee-hee. I can't imagine what kind of trick of the mind it takes to not see these issues as serious problems.
  14. When there's an attack, the same people want to know how come we didn't have the information to avoid such a thing. Then, they want to punish those that "failed". So, the "torturers" are danged if they do and danged if they don't. It's better for the country if they're danged for doing.
  15. Zuckerberg got bitten by the money-love bug a good while ago. Now, the only thing left to acquire is more power and control...over others.